Medifast cottage cheese is good for how long?

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Silly question time. I have never eaten cottage cheese in my life until I discovered using it with the Medifast pudding. So that's why I don't already know this....

How long is cottage cheese good for after you open it?.

And... if you ate some that still smelled good, but you weren't entirely sure about, what would the results be?.

*as I eat my banana pudding with over two week old cottage cheese*..

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I am a big believer in cottage cheese and I kind of just ignore the dates and go by how it looks and smells. Trust me if it has turned you will know the instant you open the container. My theory is cheese never really goes bad it just transforms to a different type of cheese. The health department never checks my fridge so I am safe with this loose guideline. Only one warning, if the label on any food is "organic with no preservatives" do not use my method...

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In my experience, if it doesn't taste sour, it is still good. If you just opened it, it should be good for a while....maybe a week or so. Now, when it turns pink or green, it is most definitely time to throw it away...

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Oh, I just reread your post. If it has been opened for over two weeks, I would use it in the next day or two or pitch it by then. If you aren't sick and it tasted ok, you're fine...

Comment #3

At least a couple weeks should be no problem at all. If you could choke it down it wasn't bad. You'd REALLY know it if it had turned...

Comment #4

I think I opened it before Thanksgiving, but it looks fine and smells fine..

Of course as I'm eating my pudding, I'm imagining all sorts of weird odd flavors. LOL..

Comment #5 guys are so brave. I never go over the expiration date on CC, but I do on yogurt, so who the heck knows how my brain works...

Comment #6

Usually, it does not last long enough to worry in my house, I love the stuff. But, it does not smell so great if it is bad, and before it gets seriously, suspiciously stinky, the "juice" gets a greenish tinge to it, and it is slimy...

Comment #7

The expiration date is Jan 9, 2011, but I actually googled this before I asked you guys and the general consensus seemed to be to use cottage cheese within a week of opening it. Hence my worry..

But since you guys seem to think I would have definitely known if it was bad... then I think my chances are good that it was okay..

At least I still feel good right now!..

Comment #8

So how do I count cottage cheese as my lean? I love it and have given it up... would love to see some recipes or just a general lean exchange... I used to eat it with diced peaches.... or mixed with salsa and used with crackers.. ohhh, now maybe, I am thinking, I should stay away from it... =)..

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Kelly - Please tell details on using cottage cheese and Medifast pudding?? How much cottage cheese? Do you stir and eat or use blender?.


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Sara: Cottage cheese is on the meatless options list..

1.5 cups of 1% is a leanest option and needs 2 healthy fats.

1.5 cups of 2% is a leaner option and needs 1 healthy fat.

Sunshine: my pudding recipe...

Use the small blender cup.

Add 1/4 cup of water.

Add 1/4 cup of cottage cheese (1/6 of your daily lean).

Add 1 T of liquid, either more water or flavored SF syrup if you prefer it sweeter.

Blend for a few seconds to smooth out the cottage cheese (don't get it too frothy or the pudding mix won't fit into the cup!).

Add 1 package any flavor Medifast pudding.

Blend until completely combined, usually the blades eventually stop moving.

Enjoy immediately, or freeze for a while for ice cream...

Comment #11

You can print out the PDFs of the plan materials, including the meatless options, at Success Tools: Eat Right...

Comment #12

So you mix it with your pudding? What flavor? What's that like? This is the first I've heard of this!..

Comment #13

Add me to the list of people who totally goes by how it smells! In fact, I just this week opened a container of cottage cheese that was sightly past the expiration date, but looked and smelled fine. Ate it with no problems. I cook mine with spinach to get a casserole-y taste...

Comment #14

I spent my entire life looking at cottage cheese going "ugh - gross" ... "ugh - looks like something a small child threw up" ... but one day (right before I started Medifast actually) my dad FORCED me to try a bite because he knows how much I love cheese....


It's not ... THAT bad. It's actually pretty good. I've yet to use it during Medifast but plan on putting some in a lasagna ... maybe this weekend. Wish me luck!..

Comment #15

THANK YOU! I will be adding it into my mix.... thinking it will make a great dressing for salads... will have to work on it... but basically a tablespoon or two of that mixed with some salsa.... makes me sooo happy! Thanks ladies!..

Comment #16

Another reason to get cottage cheese lol. Adding it to the grocery list. I need another way to use up pudding!..

Comment #17

Sounded like an interesting idea so I did a little Google search. Most of them used Buttermilk (which sounds REALLY good - must try when I get to maintenance!) but here are a couple others:.


1 cup cottage cheese.

1 to 2 tbsp olive oil.

Fresh herbs to taste (I use fresh basil and dried dill weed).

Salt (optional).

Pour into blender. Blend until smooth. Serve with finely shredded lettuce.


1/2 cup Cottage Cheese.

1 tbsp Milk.

2 tbsp Lemon Juice.

1 clove Garlic.

1/2 tsp Pepper, Black.

Put all ingredients in blender and puree. Season more to taste, if desired...

Comment #18

I like it on pancakes instead of syrup. You can also blend it and it's like cream which you can use with the pudding, brownies etc. Sometimes I just cut up a bunch of cucumber, peppers and tomates and mix it in with the cottage cheese, yum. I have the nonfat stuff though. Tons of protein, really good for you...

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I can't EVER eat a whole lean portion at dinner, so I have 3/4 cup of cottage cheese with lunch, every single day...(1/2 lean). It keeps me super full and I feel like I get to have a "real" lunch. I doubt that when I move into T&M, I'll change that. 3/4 cup of cottage cheese is just enough to make me feel REALLY full. It's also good if you're struggling to find something on a menu that you can eat as a lean. Most restaraunts have cottage cheese as a side - you just have to figure out which one it is so you know about your healthy fats.

I had to throw two tubs of it sad...

Comment #20

My opinion is that Cottage cheese is good for about 30 seconds after you open it, or until the realization of what you are about to eat dawns on you, whichever comes first.....


Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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