Medifast cookie recipes????

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Anyone have a recipe for using chai in a cookie recipe... I can't for the life of me get the muffins to come out decent.... always come out undercooked in the middle, mushy like....

But would love a chai cookie recipe or a pumpkin cookie recipe....


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I would imagine that you could take that recent cookie recipe that everyone loves, with the peanut butter in it, and swap the banana shake for the chai latte. In fact, that's such a good idea that I am going to try it tonight. I am not big on the chai latte myself and would love to find something else to do with it...

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I've been making Chai cookies. Just the mix, an 1/8 tsp of baking powder, a tsp of peanut butter, and Walden's chocolate syrup, around 2 Tbls, but add it slow, so the mixture is really thick and almost crumbly- definitely not wet and sticky. I make four balls, flatten (on parchment paper) on a cookie sheet and bake 10 min at 350. It's still gritty, (what are those pebbles?) but I like it so much better than as a drink. I have as breakfast with my coffee.


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I did make that fabulous cookie recipe with a chai latte swapped for the banana pudding. I also added baking soda. They were really light and airy and tasted great. I think that they get drier because of the baking soda so might need to be cooked less time. I baked them for only 8 minutes at 350 and they were a little over done. But I think something is wrong with my oven.

1 pk oatmeal (I used peach).

1 pk chai latte.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

1/2 tsp baking soda.

2 pks splenda.

1 tbsp davinci gingerbread syrup.

1 tbsp crunch peanut butter.

Pumpkin pie spice.

1/4 cup water.

1 capful vanilla.

Mix dry ingrediants first then add wet. Roll into 6 balls and flatten. Bake at 350. The original recipe says 12 minutes but mine were brown at 8 so start checking at 8 minutes...

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Peanut butter is allowed but it counts as your snack for the day so don't use this recipe if you usually need to eat a snack...

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We are allowed 1 TBSP per day of peanut butter as a snack. So if the cookies have 1 TBSP then each serving of three cookies is 1/2 snack. I know, isn't that great? Love peanut butter...

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Mine are in the oven!!! After the muffin disaster earlier today..I forged ahead and made the cookies!!!..

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I just made these thank you, Krista!!! They are really, really good. They remind me of a chocolate spice cookie I make at Christmas sometimes. Nice consistency, excellent flavor I didn't even find any grit!..

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