Medifast Chocolate Divine Bars are crunchie?

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Well, Friday I recieved my new order of Chocolate Divine Bars. Instead of recieving a good smooth bar Divine bar that I love to use in the Chocolate chip muffin reciepe, I got a crunhie chocolate bar. It doesn't taste good at all and it does not work well in the muffins. I did e-mail Medifast but haven't heard anything yet. My frustation is in the fact they send me bars I did not order and did not even inform me first.

Anyway if you want a nestle crunch bar then order the new chocolate bar but if you want the old smooth great Divine bars doen't order them..


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I, too, was VERY disappointed with the Chocolate Crunchy Bars. I really liked the Chocolate Divine bars. They had a brownie-like texture, and were gooey and wonderful served warm. This new bar is OK at best, but I want the Chocolate Divine bars back.

I'm going to email the Product Development Admin folks and tell them to bring our bars back! Why fix something that isn't broken? Market this as a separate bar - they are not the same thing. Anyone else with me?..

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I wish I would have read this before I JUST ordered a box with my shipment on Thurs! Wow, I have read that they are changing various items without telling us and that is not good! I think a note or memo on the community page saying they have changed the formula would be appropriate. Maybe if enough folks e-mail or call in to give feedback, they will start letting us know. By the way, I have gotten several "bad" envelopes of oatmeal that don't cook into anything- it just stays as yellow icky looking water. I just pour it down the sink. (I think I got 3) Should I call and let them know I want 3 envelopes of oatmeal or just forget it? Anyone else have this problem? This has happened over the course of 2 weeks..

Thanks for the heads up on the bars, I hope by chance I like them!..

Comment #2

Hi. I didn't have this problem with oatmeal, but minestrone soup!.

I got a box that was all sorts of mixed up in my last order.... some of the packets had all the "crunchy" ingredients, but no to hardly any broth powder, and some had no "noodles" or peas!.

Quality control, people!.

I had never had a problem like this before, so I didn't write or complain (Just figured I got a bad batch...but if this is happening to many people with various products, perhaps the new manufacturing vendor is not so hot.

I hope this is just a fluke..

Comment #3

I got capuccino mix in my AC Oatmeal.... I called MF, and they quickly sent me a new box of oatmeals, no problem.

Do call them.... this is not cheap stuff, they will make good on your order...

Comment #4

I think that we should all continue to make our voices heard to MF. I love this program, but they seem to be making some changes that really are NOT working. I am really upset about the chocolate mint bars being changed. I am hearing now too that some boxes are coming mixed up, one has to wonder what is going on?????..

Comment #5

Noooooooo.......!!!!!!!!!!! They can't change my Choc. Mint bars!!! they get me thru the day........

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