Medifast Chili Woes?

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I need some help with the chili! Yuck! I know if you all can turn the oatmeal into muffins, you have ideas for the chili. First of all 1/2 cup is not enough, no way. So please help me. Thanks so much!!!!..

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Hi, I never have eaten the chili plain. I am sure it needs some help. The best things I think are:.

Favorite Better Than Buillon Chili Base if you can't get it in the stores, then go to and order. Believe me, these items are worth it. I bought all the flavors for the soups. They have very little calories or carbs. I think 5 calories and 0.5 gr. carb in a tsp.

Taco seasoning mix packets just use a small amount. I like the cheesy taco flavor..

Molly Mc Cheese the cheese version of Molly Mc Butter. I got mine at

Salsa we are allowed some daily. You have to check but it's either one or two tsp. I think..

Mrs. Dash Southwestern Chipotle seasoning you can find this in the grocery store..

Instant Gourmet Southwestern seasoning Bought this off the internet at

Chili Powder..


I usually use some combination of all of the above. Also if you can it is best to cook it on the stovetop. I let it simmer really slowly for about 8 minutes, then cover it and let it sit for a bit..

Another trick is to toss in the Medifast soy crisps, white cheddar, or the crackers..

All of the stuff is good if you get used to flavoring it the way you like it. Good luck!..

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Thank you so much! Great ideas. I already bought the flavored syrups for the shakes, etc so now I will get the seasonings for the chili. What do you put in the other soups?.

I like the program. I lost 9 pounds and although my weigh in at the doctor isn't for 2 more weeks, I can tell I have lost more. So, it works, but I have to get used to the food..

Thanks again!..

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Woops! In my post above, I stated that 1/2 cup was not enough. I meant that 1/2 cup of water was not enough to prepare the chili. It was pasty. But, now I know to cook on stove. I am thinking it needs a lot more water...

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Here's what I do, very simple, and it makes a world of differnece....

ON THE STOVE heat chili and 1C water and 1/2 boullion cube. Let it boil/simmer 10-15 minutes or until it's as thick as you like. Keep stirring. I never need to add any extra spices, except maybe green onion or some red pepper. Hope you like!..

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The syrups are a lifesaver with the shakes. For the soups, I use the Better Than Buillon in ALL of them. It comes in Chicken, Beef, Mushroom, Chili, Lobster and Clam. I would not eat the soup without them myself. But if you don't want to buy those then just a regular buillon cube is fine. Also, in the Minestrone, you can get all kinds of italian seasonings.

Dash makes a garlic-tomato-basil that's amazing. The Instant Gourmet folks have an italian seasoning with chunks of sundried tomatoes. Salsa works in all of them. Some people make hot and sour soup out of the chicken noodle with soy sauce and hot mustard packets from chinese restaurants. I posted a thai coconut curry recipe that I use with the chicken and wild rice soup.

I think the best thing it to shake them with cold water first and then cook on stove over low just don't boil. I make "lobster bisque" out of them with the Better Than Buillon lobster flavor and some garlic powder and parsley flakes. Also if you got the broccoli soup then Molly Mc Cheese makes it into cheesy broccoli soup. There are SO many things you can do and the people here are so friendly and creative. I have not gone off the plan once and I am not hungry..

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I found this reciep for the chili and it is very good..

1Box (entire box) Chili.

4 cups water.

Bunch of spices (garlic, onion powder, chili powder, cajan (if you like cajun I dont so I did not use), salt , pepper ext....

Add 7 oz of lean hamb.

1 large can of diced tomatoes ( iused Italian diced).

Put all together and simmer 3 hours.

Divied into 7 seving and frezze.

Counts as 1mf meal.

Subtract 1/2 cup tomato & 1oz of beef from your lean and green. Hope this works for you...

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I had the chili today and really enjoyed it this way:.

Stirred soup and water with a fork. Microwaved for 1 min, stirred, another min, stirred. Then I added about 1/2 c. diced canned tomatoes with jalapenos added (DelMonte). Microwaved for another minute then covered tightly and let it sit for about 15 mins. It was very good and incredibly creamy..

I have found that whatever kind of soup you are preparing, you need to let it sit, sit, sit and then sit some more. this helps for all of the flavors to combine as well as the "dried" texture to go away..

While I'm at it. Did enjoy turning MBS oatmeal into a pancake this morning with sf syrup on top. And....

Just did a dutch choc. shake with an added tsp. of creamy peanut butter. Used an electric hand-held drink mixer. VERY good...

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Spices are the key, but I always prepare my chili ahead of time and let it sit in the fridge overnight. I just use some knock off Gladware containers and make up a few soups and chili and put them in the fridge for use as needed. It really helps not only the flavor, but the beans are actually like beans and in general everything gets much closer to real food...

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