Medifast Chili is YUCK!!?

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me how they doctor up their chili to make it somewhat able to stand. I hate to waste it and would love any of your ideas...

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Now that I've figured out how to make it, the chili is one of my favorites! I saw the suggestion on the boards and gave it a try. It worked! Instead of making the chili with water, I make it with diet soda. So far I've tried Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper. Both were great! The board suggestion recommended Diet A&W Root beer, so I guess that could work too. I also add some spicy seasonings to it and it's great! I guess you should know, that I've always liked my chili a little sweet.

I hope this helps...

Comment #1

Diet soda and chili? are you serious? no offense that sounds nasty?..

Comment #2

I know that it sounds weird. I thought so too when I saw the suggestion to add the root beer to it. Since it was yucky anyway, I didn't have anything to lose by trying it. I couldn't imagine that it could make it any worse. LOL! Again, I like my chili a little sweet and spicy anyway, so this worked for me...

Comment #3

I add garlic salt or Adobo seasoning and chili powder,and some cumin..

I feel that all the soups I have tried need some kind of salt seasoning. I'd suggest onion salt, garlic salt, adobo seasoning -it's rather salty, and I've seen shallot salt at my spice store (Penzy's spices) that sounds lovely, have yet to try it out though.

I also use them in the Minestrone soup, as well as other spices (dill, tarragon, etc), and it's quite delicious..


Comment #4

Hi this is my first time doing this. Bear with me!.

Anyhow - I have a worse time getting through the Minestrone and Chicken with Wild Rice soup (be glad when I am done with those boxes) I've been having pudding for lunch to avoid it. I promised my husband that I would get through them this week while on vacation..

Anyhow - for the chili after it is stirred together in the bowl (before cooking) I "cover" the top with some chili powder (not hot seasoning, just for flavor). I also chop up onion and green pepper and put in there and then zap it in the microwave. It has helped me to get through it better. Since reading the other post of adding diet soda, that will be my next "try" too..

Hope this helps, and Good Luck to you all!.

God Bless!.

Lebaroness (in Delaware)..

Comment #5

I have found that for all of the soups, stove top preparation is the best. I also add a little cumin and chili powder. The chili is also my least favorite but it isn't that bad on the stove with some spices..


Comment #6

The first time I tried the chili I thought it was the most disgusting thing on Earth, after I learned how to do it my own way, I love it and would eat it all day long if I could. I put the chili in a bowl, add a bit of Lawry's seasoning salt, pinch of chili powder and a couple splashes Tapatio, add 5 oz. hot water, stir, put the lid on for about 2 hours, then when I'm ready to eat it, put in the micro for 1 min, stir, 30 seconds, stir, another 30 seconds, and it is perfect! It's more soupy than acutal chili but it isn't hard and it tastes really good. But you have to make sure to microwave it for the 1-30-30 because if you try to do it 2 minutes straight it will boil over...

Comment #7

I add about a tsp. of taco seasoning to my chili. It's so easy and quick and really changes the flavor to something I like...

Comment #8

Here's what I do and it really has helped!.

Mix it with 3/4 c water (not the 1/2 cup it calls for.

Microwave it for 3 full minutes (not the 2 and a half it calls for). Let it stand for 1 minute (like the directions say).

Then, stir in...I'd say about 1/2 tsp of Chili Powder and 1/2 tsp of Cumin (I shook in a, I'm guessing that's the amount it ended up being), some shakes of garlic powder and a few shakes of Essence of Emeril (or if you don't have it, try a pinch of salt and a little cayenne pepper).

Then, microwave it for 2 full minutes (not the 1 minute it calls for)..

Then let it sit for about 5 minutes.

At least now it tastes closer to the chili I (was) used to eating! Enjoy!..

Comment #9

If I've put this in twice, my apology. However, it really works for us. (Yes, I have to figure out all these things to please TWO people who are getting BORED with the choices offered..

Here's what I do to "perk" up the chili. We've actually come to look forward to the weekends when there's time to do this..


1 packet Medifast Homemade Chili.

1-1/2 TBL Gebhardt's Chili powder.

3/4 cup water.

1/4 tsp mesquite or hickory (your taste) liquid smoke.

1-1/2 TBL Yellow Mustard.

Note on the liquid smoke: Liquid Smoke is one of the most useful flavorings to make you feel like you're actually eating food. Using it in some soups (both Medifast soups and your own) can almost make you believe you've fried up that good ol' smoked sausage needed for real cajun cooking. You can also simulate a great BBQ flavor (if you don't have time to actually BBQ) by putting a little LS on your meat and then baking/broiling in the oven..


Mix chili, chili powder, water, liquid smoke together in a bowl..

Microwave on high for 2-1/2 minutes (or until it comes to a full boil).

Allow to sit for about 2 minutes.

Stir and microwave on high for another minute..

Stir and cover for about 5 minutes..

Serve with mustard..

I hope this works for you...

Comment #10

I found I like to add some chilli power then 1/4 cup of can tomatoes with chillies. (remember to substract from green) bring to a boil then turn down and simmer for 10 mintues. It is thick and good..

Sometimes I add .5 oz of cheese on top and again remember to subtract from the lean part later..


Comment #11

Louisiana Hot Sauce is my answer to anything blah, bland or just plain yucky!.


Start 7-5-06.

SW 277.5.

CW 263.

GW 140..

Comment #12

Hi, I am only 8 days into the Medifast way, so far so good! I tried the diet Dr. Pepper in the Chili. I figured the worst that could happen was that I would throw it out. It actually tasted pretty darn good! I think the stove top works better if you aren't in a huge rush. I eat the chili almost every day, add some seasonings and find it filling. Love all the suggestions!..

Comment #13

I LOVE the, hated it at first. This is what I do. I add 1 oz. of chicken (subtracting it from my L&G) and 1 teaspoon of spicy salsa. Microwave for one minute, stir, microwave for another minute, stir, microwave for another minute. Let sit to cool a bit and eat.


43 years.

Start sate 04/10/06.


Comment #14

I thought I was the only person who thought the Chilli was's my LEAST favorite food...

Comment #15

I didn't like the chili either but now it's one or my favorites! I add water to it and let it sit for at least an hour. I heat it for 30 seconds four times (stiring in between) and add a packet of crushed red pepper from the pizza place (trying to stay "portable" at work). I also eat it with my snack - soy crisps. The whole meal is really filling and SPICY which I love. (I'll also have a diet soda - LOVE the Pepsi Jazz, Strawberries and Cream!!!)... so my whole lunch is a very satisfying experience!..

Comment #16

If you think Diet Dr. Pepper is odd with Chili Yesterday I opened 6 packs of the chili, sauted a little sweet onion with some Chili Powder then added 1 and 1/2 cups of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper before adding the Chili. I cooked this on the stove top and it did take longer than usual because of the soda wanting to foam up and boil over. Today I tried a bowl for lunch and it was the best!!! Yes, it sounds strange but wow, what a difference. It seems to have a little more "chili consistency" too. I really like the chili now!..

Comment #17

Thanks everyone for the suggestions - I was ready to give up on the chili - it's too sweet for me and the beans didn't soften. I'll give these suggestions a try!.

Are there any suggestions for the shakes? I don't know what it is about them - again too sweet, but I have to hold my nose and drink them fast. At least they fill me up!...

Comment #18

Hey there,.

I know it's crazy, but I read on the message boards once that some of the "old timers" (meaining, MFers, not age!!) swear that as the weeks go on your taste buds will change and things you hated will suddenly be things you LOVE. Case in point: Chili and French Vanilla Shake. For the chili, I did it on the stove top with this recipe that I found on the message boards:.

5 packs chili.

5 oz gr. beef or gr. turkey.

1 can Sugar Free diced tomatoes and green chiles.

Chili powder.


Garlic powder.

Onion powder.

Salt & pepper.

And the amount of water it says on the box times 5..

I put it in a sauce pan on the stove and let it simmer about 3 hours. I tasted it, and fell in love! I wish I could eat it everyday, especially with my Ranch Soy Crisps. Now there's a good meal!.

French Vanilla or Dutch Chocolate Shake.

I cannot take credit for this either, as I found the idea on the message boards. Add 5 ice cubes, 8-10 oz water, a pack of the Crystal Lite "on the go" orange or lemonade powder (I use a 1/2 pack to stretch it!), and blend for 35-40 seconds. It's really good, I promise..

Good luck. You CAN do this..


Comment #19

I hated the chili the first time I tried it but I gave it one more try after modifing a recipe on a board somewhere... Now I LOVE it! Just do this-.

5 pkts chili.

Lots of chili powder.

Onion powder.


Rotel tomatoes.

Put it all in a crockpot and let it simmer for 3-4 hours. Stir occasionally and add water if it looks too thick. Than divide into 5 containers and store until ready to eat. Yummy!! Tastes almost like homemade. (Don't forget to take away about an 1/8 c of veggies from your LG for the tomatoes). Enjoy!..

Comment #20

Lots of great ideas here!.

Today is my second day on the program and was debating on having the chili...after reading this, I went into the kitchen and boldly went where ive never gone before!.

I opted for stovetop preparation, added water, some diced onion, cumin, hot chilli powder, garlic salt, mortons hot salt (its new, and great...spicy salt!), some taco seasoning...cooked til beans soft, then added fresh cilantro!! The cilantro made it delicious! Im definitely ordering more chili, and can't wait to try the other methods too!!..

Comment #21

I love the Chili. I microwave it for 2 minutes first, then add some taco seasoning, mix and zap it another 30 seconds or so..

MMMMMMM- good...

Comment #22

I cook it in the crock pot (3 servings L&G) all day with water, 3 envelopes of chili & chopped green pepper and onion. Later in the day I brown ground turkey. Put a bit of ketchup & BBQ sauce, chili powder and black pepper to taste. Count it as a meal and Lean Green with a salad or veggie. If you really want to eat and get fancy you can put some Medifast crackers with it and make a big meal out of it. I put the chili over a salad sometimes and have taco salad.

Lots of water makes it more soupy and more to eat. The thicker the better for the salad. I hated the chili until I tried it this way and experimented a bit. I absolutely love it and have it at least every week if not, every other week. You can use the appropriate amount of beef or turkey depending on which ground meat you use..

Comment #23

I just fixed the chili for the first time. I "pre-prepared" with the water. When I got ready to fix it, I added some rotel, two tsp. of ketchup, some essence, a little cumin then followed the microwave instructions. It turned out similiar to homemade chili. Hope this helpful!!.


Comment #24

I finally tried the chili made with diet Pepsi. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! At last, it's edible (for me, anyway.).

Still don't have any kind of liking for that cream of broccoli soup. I've tried the suggestions, but.... Gaaah!!..

Comment #25

2 easy things that really make the chili good:.

Cook it on the stove (bring to boil then simmer a few minutes), and.

Use beef boullion instead of water (or 1/2 boullion 1/2 water).

I tried this today and didn't need any other seasonings except a little hot pepper. Could add a little water at a time if needed...

Comment #26

I thought the chili was horrible. Well, 2 boxes came with my first order. I really didn't want to throw them away. What a waste... So, today I tried it again. I put the chili mixture in a big dish.

Then, I let it sit for 30 minutes in the microwave. The beans and other things were actually soft. It's still not the best, but it wasn't so bad that I could not eat it...

Comment #27

I still prepare it in the microwave, but agfter 1 minute 30, add tabasco sauce, freshly ground black pepper, and cook another minute. Then I wait a minute for dish to cool and cook for another minutebeans are soft using 8 oz. I add fresh hot(spicy) salsa made with diced tomato, onion, red pepper sauce and cilantro. You could add fat free cheese and heat for another 30 seconds, but I skip the cheese. I like it spicy!..

Comment #28

I made my best version of the chili last night and really couldn't tell it was diet food. I put in Better Than Bullion chili base and some tabasco, chili powder and cumin. But I think the thing that really made the difference was the Better Than Bullion. I just bought four flavors of it and it's really good. They even have lobster flavor. Yummo...

Comment #29

I tried the diet dr. pepper in the chili today. It is WAY SWEET that way. Not bad, just really really sweet like BBQ sauce. You could go half strength. I added a boullion cube and the standard chili seasonings to balance it out.

Just out of curioustiy I want to try it with diet root beer and diet pepsi.

I was worried at first that it wouldn't thicken up but it did and I got the perfect chili texture. (stovetop)..

Comment #30

I had chili for lunch today and it actually turned out good !.

I put the 8oz of cold water and chili in my shaker jar and shook it up and let it sit to "soak" for about 30 min. Then I poured it into a small pan on the stove and heated it on med-high. I added a little salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, and taco seasoning. Then I did a small chop of roma tomato and red onion- equaling out to 1/4 c.(which I subtracted from my 1/2c. veggies for later) and added it to the pan. Once it had simmered and boiled for a bit I put the lid on it and removed it from the heat and just let it sit for a bit..

Meanwhile in a bowl I measured out 1/2 c. lettuce (subtracted from my green) and put it in a bowl, and measured out 3/4 of an oz of fat free shredded cheese (subtracted from my lean for later). I put the chili on top of the lettuce and the cheese on top of the chili..

It was so good I can't wait to have it again!!..

Comment #31

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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