Medifast chicken and rice vs chicken noodle soup?

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I know before I ask, everyone's taste buds are different, but I have a hard time purchasing an entire box of something and forcing it down if I don't like it. I know most of you feel the same. So, with that said....

I absolutely love the Chicken Noodle soup and am thinking of branching out to the Chicken & Rice. How does the Chicken and Rice compare to the Chicken Noodle soup? Is the "rice" truly rice, or what is it made of and how does it come out? Do you recommend it?.

I am open for thoughts and opinions!.

Thanks a million!..

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I like it a lot, but then, I like most of the soups, even the cream ones a lot of people dislike. The rice seems ricey to me. You also get peas!..

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I think you would like the chicken rice soup... to me, there are alot of mushrooms in it... I am not a huge mushroom fan.... but I like it. I also like the beef stew.... thought I would not like it...

Only one packet left too.... =(..

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I like it, but I like the noodle one better...

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I really like the chicken noodle soup, the chicken & rice was ok, but I don't like mushrooms, and I pickup more of the mushroom flavor than chicken. The beef stew is a good change from the chicken, and I find they are all better if you add hot water and let them set for about 30 minutes before cooking. I do not care for the chili. I didn't like it at all using only 1/2 cup water , I use 1 cup, let it sit for the 30 minutes and then cook. But to me it is like a cup of hot water with chili powder and 5 beans.

I think the rice is really rice in the chicken & rice, if not it has me fooled. When I placed my 2nd order I only ordered the chicken noodle :-)..

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I love the chicken & rice (with a bouillion added). It think it's great. Love the beef stew too (with a beef bouillion). :-)..

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I like the chicken noodle. The chicken rice not so much because of the shitake mushrooms. I love most mushrooms but the shitakes have a pretty distinct flavor that I don't care for...

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I love the chicken rice soup because of the shiitake mushrooms! I pick out the peas though...

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I LOVE ALL SOUPS! Remember, weight loss is all in the mind. You can do anything you set out to do. One thing I have also is fuel for the body. It does not always require to be DELICIOUS. When feuling the body all you need is vitamins and minerals. So look at it this way, if there is a Medifast food you do not like, you have the choice to pass it over or to eat it and know that it is helping you achieve a goal. If it doesn't taste too good, then you will not OVEREAT it which is what got us all in this situation in the first place...

Comment #8

You can call up an order samples....,much better than getting stuck with a meal you don't enjoy...

Comment #9

Chicken rice is my favorite soup..

The other day, I had a lemon slice and some cilantro left and added them. OMG. Brought it to a whole other level. If you like shitakes, you too, will find a new fav...

Comment #10

Thank you for the wide range of replies. It has peaked my curiosity and I will try it this next week! I wanted a sample of what people thought and that is exactly what I got! Thank you all for your suggestions and opinions!.

I get my food each week from the Medifast center I go to, so I don't have the option of ordering samples, but that is a great suggestion. I have the option of trading my individual packets in on what ever happens to be in the trade in basket when I go in. This has worked great because I got to try blueberry oatmeal, one of the fruit drinks and 2 soft serves. That was nice because I discovered my taste buds were not ready for any of these yet without having to purchase a whole box of each. But, I do think I might try the oatmeal again and make muffins or "pancakes" out of them..

Thank you, all, again for you suggestions and opinions! I love this board!..

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I just have to say, I grabbed a box of the chicken and wild rice soup and absolutely LOVED it!! I am so thankful I got it. Thank you to everyone who gave suggestions and input!!.



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Okay I HATE mushrooms.... hate, hate, hate.... not highly dislike, hate! Do you get I don't like them?! And I never (swear) have seen a mushroom in my chicken & rice soup! Are we sure about these shrooms, people!? LOL what planet have I been on for the past 7 months!!! LMAOOO.

Well, I like the chicken and rice soup but still prefer the chicken noodle over it! I love all the cream soups... the only soup I don't dig is the chili. Give it a try!.



Comment #13

This is a VERY handy tidbit of info. that I did not realize! Thanks!.


Comment #14

Ok Lisa - This one made me lol for real....


Comment #15

Yep, they're in there all right. It took me a long time to figure out what the little brown chewy things were in the chicken rice soup and why I wasn't fond of the taste. I love mushrooms but not shitakes. Once I got smart enough to read the ingredient list on the back of the box, I figured it out...

Comment #16

THAT'S WHAT THOSE THINGS ARE?!!! I swore they were hard rice pieces LMAOOOO. Just call me Elle Woods for today..

Comment #17

Personally, I hated the Chicken and Rice soup as is, at first, so I added a condiment portion of hot sauce, with that, it was like Buffalo Chicken soup and became a fast favorite! Over time, I even liked it plain, but still LOVE it with Hot Sauce. Dan..

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I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so the soups are by far my favorite meals, especially the chili and beef stew. I like to add a little curry powder to the chicken rice soup...

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