Medifast Chai Latte is good!?

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Got a box of this in my "Free week" package for ordering over $250!.

Was a little apprehensive as I've been reading what everyone else posts about.

This drink..

Well, I decided to just jump in tonight and try something different..

I mixed 8 oz water and packet of splenda in my blender for a couple of seconds..

Then I poured a frothy (but not lumpy) mixture into a large coffee mug and sprinkled the top with a touch of cinnamon..

Microwaved for 30 seconds, stirred and then micro for another 15 seconds..

Looking at it through the window, I could see that one has to watch the stuff or it.

Will "foam" over!.

Took it out and stirred and tasted it!.

Hmmmm.....It was pretty darn good!.

Of course, I'm not a Starbucks latte type, so maybe in this case, ignorance is bliss!..

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The Chai Latte is one of my favorite things on MF. Sometimes I have it as my second cup of coffee for b'fast. Try dissolving it in some weakly brewed black tea. Soo good. I also add a tsp or two of sf Davinci Egg Nog syrup. Yummy! I've never tried it iced but I intend to soon...

Comment #1

If you like the Chai Latte hot, you will love it cold! I drink it everyday. Ice, water, Chai Latte, blender and bingo! You've got Starbucks frappaccino!..

Comment #2

I too received the Chai Latte as part of a "freebie" package with my order. I love it!! It is my afternoon treat to myself, iced cold with cinnamon amd nutmeg sprinkled on it!!..

Comment #3

I love the Chai Latter too! Didn't think I would at first- but it's become one of my favorites. I've only had it cold though- got hooked on that taste. Gotta try it hot one of these days...

Comment #4

I really love it too.....gonna have to try and make it cold some day when I get tired of drinking it hot..

Comment #5

It's one of my faves for last-meal-of-the-day..

I mix it with cold water, just enough to form a paste and incorporate all the powder. Then I add more water slowly, stirring, and this eliminates any lumps without the need to blend it first..

Then I microwave for 1 minutes (yep, more than that tends to froth over unless you use a REALLY big mug)..

You could say that when it comes to Chai, I Love it a Latte...

Comment #6

Cute robyn! hehehe.

I just recieved the chai latte I ordered. I ordered it for use in the pumpkin spice muffins and WOW that really did make a difference....they were really good before substituting the vanilla shake with nutmeg, but now, with the chai they are absolutely wonderful!! After reading this thread though I may branch out and actually "drink" it instead of only using it for muffins, thanks for the ideas!..

Comment #7

Gina, glad you got your chai for the muffins! Makes a big difference in that pumpkin spice taste!.

Getting ready to put in another order and chai is on it (and it's on sale! yippee) plus I need more oatmeals to make those muffins!.

Have a wonderful Medifast day!..

Comment #8

Chai Latte Rocks!!!! I love it and the Cappucino! I can't believe that it's "diet" food! Very happy to have a nice comforting cup of Chai now that it is getting chilly! The real deal is sooooo bad for you! First time I had it, it was made with warm whole milk! It was like heaven to me. Then I looked at the cal and fat content of it and wanted to pass out. I'm so glad to have this as an alternative, and to me it's not like some poor substitute. Love it!..

Comment #9

I love iced chai latte but not Medifast iced chai. that stuff is disgusting. it's fine hot, but cold it has a very distinct aftertaste that drives me nuts...

Comment #10

I'm glad I read this post. I just ordered some along with hot cocoa. YUM!..

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