Medifast Cappella drops rock?

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I just received mine in the mail, and immediatly applied the blueberry cinnamon crumble to my french vanilla shake.

I could easily live on this..


Comments (9)

I love them too. Haven't tried that flavor yet though.

My current absolute all time favorite is the Raspberry but I do like some of the more decadent flavors too...

Comment #1

Double chocolate and Grandma's Apple pie do it for me.....

Comment #2

What are these drops? Are they flavored syrups by a company called cappella?..

Comment #3

The chocolate tangerine is heaven in the hot cocoa! I have 16 flavors. I love them all. The eggnog in my vanilla shake got me through the holidays...

Comment #4

Not syrups, the drops are just pure flavor without any sweetener. And yep, the company is Capella...

Comment #5

I love the chocolate peanut butter...and I have about 12 different flavors....I with ya!.They rock....later Prez..

Comment #6

The double chocolate drops in my cocoa made it amazing...

Comment #7

I have the chocolate peanut butter too. I got it in my newest order (also got ny cheesecake and graham cracker).

We need to come up with more recipes that use these...

Comment #8

This is the website:.


And I'll just add my two cents and say I have 13 flavors in the mini bottles. They are all good. My daughter uses them in her coffee, too. I use the marshmellow flavor in my hot cocoa. mmmmmmm and you only use a few drops at a time...

Comment #9

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