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I am so new...trying different options. I have tried two of the oatmeals. Apple Cinnamon and Maple syrup. I even made cookies with the apple cinnamon. They were like rubber...awful! I have added splenda and vanilla extract to both oatmeals and have yet to finish them. Do we have to eat oatmeals every am or can we just have a shake?.

I am from the south...and we were raised on grits....not oatmeal!.


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You are not required to have the oatmeal on the program. Just make sure to get in at least 5 Medifast meals and the lean and green meal each day. I would recommend looking into the recipes for the Oatmeal to make them into things like cookies, pancakes, and muffins...

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Try the pancake recipeit is less mushy. Also, I found that if I heat the oatmeal, then let it sit for a long time (15-20 minutes), stir, and then reheat a little, it tastes better to me. It has a thicker consistency that way. I didn't like it at all the first time, so I understand where you're coming from...

Comment #2

I like the oatmeals. My fav was the peach. I made it with peach flavored water from Target, cinnamon, and a splash of vanilla extract. I added double the amount of water, let it boil about 5 min, then let it sit for 30 min. It was thick and delicious!..

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The first time I made the cookies they turned out rubbery too.

I only put in one packet of Splenda instead of the 3tbs the recipe calls for and they turned out MUCH better... I also add more cinnamon than it calls for.

I also let it sit on the counter for 15-20 minutes in a bowl before I spoon it on.

Haven't had any rubbery, weird tasting cookies since!..

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Hi I only ate the oatmeal as oatmeal for about a week. This past weekend, I made up 5 days' worth of Maple/Brown sugar cookies and put each day's in zip lock baggie and put in the fridge to grab in the mornings (I can stand the rubbery a bit more than the oatmeal consistency - I've never been much of a breakfast person). Anyhow I have also found that I really like using the Splenda BROWN SUGAR for the cookies. I also took someone's suggestion of adding not only baking powder, but baking soda (and I add a little extra of each to get more of a puffy cookie). For some reason, the Maple/Brown sugar oatmeal cooks up to a bit of a thicker cookie than the apple/cinnamon..

The first time I made them, I put the oatmeal and water in the bowl first (of course, after I was done, I saw where it said to add all dry ingredients first!) Well, actually it works better by putting the oatmeal/water together first it helps give it time to start that thickening process (well, as thick as it is going to get) while you are adding things. Then I put the bowl in the fridge for about 5 minutes to get a little thicker..

Good luck!! I know how you feel about trying to find something I am getting that way with lunch can't stand the minestrone, or the other soups and I am down to the Cream of Tomato and Chili (which I don't like that much)...

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Not a fan either. I made it work for me by mixing it with 1/3 cup of water and 1/4tsp of baking powder. Let it sit for a few minutes then put in a pan sprayed with nonfat canola on med-low heat. Right before I flip it, I add 11 choc chips. When it's done drizzle 1 tsp of SF maple syrup. Its really very good..

11 Choc chips 23.3 calories.

1.3 fat.

3.3 carbs.

Shake solution-Double the water and add a bunch of ice cubes in blender. I tastes like an Italian ice..

And lastly, I must confess that I treat myself once in awhile to a small bowl of grits!!.

It must be working because I'm only on the program 2 weeks (with 2 full days of cheating-not including the grits( I replace my oatmeal for the day with them) and I'm down 10.5 lbs...

Comment #6

I have found that the thickness of the oatmeal can vary based on the type of bowl I use. I have best luck with a larger cereal bowl instead of a small berry bowl. It comes out thicker in the larger bowl. I guess because of the way the microwave heats things...

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As you can see, I'm from the south too! We were raised on grits and oatmeal!. Try adding some cinnamon and a splash of vanilla to the oatmeal. Use about a tablespoon more water and zap it for 2 minutes, stir and let it sit for a few minutes. I think it is sweet enough without adding Slpenda. I thought I was not going to be able to eat it about three weeks ago, now I don't mind it so much...

Comment #8

Has anyone thought of trading? For example, I love the straeberry shake and hate the oatmeal and some people love the oatmeal but hate the shake - maybe we could start a trade program for those of us that got the 4 week program and will be stuck with things we do not like?..

Comment #9

I morphed the pancake receipe into a waffle receipe.

1 pack oatmeal.

1/4-1/2 tesp of splenda.

Cap of vanilla.

Cap of butter flavor extract.


1/4 cup water.

Dash of salt.

Spray the waffle iron with butter flavor crisco (or Pam).

I cook until it's slightly crispy because I don't like that mushy consistency you end up getting when you cook as a pancake..

I use a maple flavor syrup sweetened with splenda. I alway put my syrup in a separate bowl and dip my waffle in it because I tend to use less that way. Also, the syrup is really sweet and I can't tolerate alot of it..

Necessity is the mother of invention but we are the Godesses of the diet!..

Comment #10

I really dislike the oatmeals too. Last night I made pancakes and LOVED it!.

Mix 1 oatmeal packet with a little cinnamon and 1/3 C water (you might want to add an extra tablespoon or two). I sprayed Pam in a nonstick pan and spread the "batter" to flatten it a little. Give it a flip and you've got pancakes. I'm going to buy sugar-free pancake syrup to top it off..

For the cookies, keep trying new recipes. The recipe on the box sucks. The muffin recipe does too. I tried the lemon poppyseed muffin recipe that I found on this disc. board and it was pretty good. I think baking longer solves the rubbery issue (the muffins baked 30-40 minutes)..

That waffle recipe sound good, I think I'll try that too...

Comment #11

Just received a shipment with the blueberry oatmeal and it's quite good. To me the others have an aftertaste along with a similar smell that I was getting sick of. But, the blueberry really tastes good...

Comment #12

Just a tip for any of you who like me, dont like reading directions: For the first two weeks I was on Medifast I hated the I was cooking it all wrong which completely changed the taste. I was adding hot water to the oatmeal and trying to eat it like it was Quaker instant oats-awful! If only I had read the directions. So now I add room temp bottled water to my dry oats, stir really well, let sit a few min, microwave for a minute or so, so it thickens, then add more room temp water to it to make it less glue-like and it tastes much better this way..

Comment #13

Thank you, Dazing Dawg, for the delicious waffle recipe. It was a treat to make this weekend!.

Congratulations on your weight loss and keep up the great work!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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