Medifast Brownie Cookie recipe?

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I desperately needed something really cake-like. I think I did it with this..

1 pkt Medifast Swiss Mocha or Dutch Chocolate Shake.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

1/2 tsp ground flax seed.

1/2 TB SF Caramel Sauce or Syrup (or you can use the sweetner you want. You can also add more if you need it sweeter).

1/4 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder.


Mix the first 5 ingredients together then slowly add enough water until it just makes a dough. With hands sprayed with a little Nutrisystem spray, roll dough into a ball then pat out to about 1/2" on a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 until cookie looks crackly. (Oven temps may vary but it took about 12 minutes for my cookie.) Cookie will be soft while hot so let it cool completely before you move it. The ground flax seed really makes a difference in texture. The cookie texture reminds me of a Devil Dog cake without the filling..

Hope you like this!..

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Your question was: Medifast Brownie Cookie recipe?.

You're very welcome. Actually, I just finished eating it with a dollop of SF Cool Whip and big cup of green tea. I just yummed it up! Good luck with making it!..

Comment #1

I made this today (twice - cuz it was so good)..

I used hot cocoa mix, however, like I do for everything. For the syrup I used about half Torani coffee syrup and half Torani carmel syrup. I sneaked in a drop or two of Davinci marshmallow syrup and the rest was just like the recipe above..

Mine didn't crack, but stayed smooth. It may have been due to the different mix type. It mattered not...that was yummy!.


Comment #2

Hmmm too bad it's 7:00 PM - otherwise I'd be making these. Time to add this to my TO-DO list for next weekend!.

*I just made 6 batches of cauliflower pizza and 3 shake cakes. I'm done in the kitchen for today...

Comment #3

Oh wow.... I'm drooling on my keyboard... can't wait to try this when I get home from work. It looks like an awesome cookie!!..

Comment #4

Thanks for posting this recipe - will try this week - been craving the same!..

Comment #5

This is really good, IMO!! I would say when you add water, add less than 2 Tbsp. Mine wasn't as pretty as the picture, but it had a great flavor and texture...

Comment #6

Obviously the Medifast packet counts as 1 Medifast meal. Do any of the other things need to be counted in anyway? (ie, is the unsweetened cocoa powder a condiment?)..

Comment #7

I just made this, and it was really good. This is the first Medifast recipe I have made that has come out tasting anything like real food...

Comment #8

I made this today, and it was really good. I used the shake mix - wondering about the hot cocoa mix... also - mine was smooth too - nto crackly. weird..

Anyway - the ONLY THING is that "smell"!! It is that typical Medifast smell when you cook things!! does anyone else know what I am talking about? I want to bring these with me when I travel for work - but I am worried w/o refrigeration, they will smell!!..

Comment #9

I'm glad everybody likes the brownie cookie. It's weird that mine came out crackly and no one else's did. Maybe I let it cook longer or the type of syrup I used...I don't know. That first one I made with Smuckers sugar free syrup. They are good though...

Comment #10

Do you think this could be down without the flax? I really dislike the taste of flax seed and flax seed oil and the brownie looks yummy! I'd love to try it...

Comment #11

Hi, what do you do if you don't have flax?..

Comment #12

Just made two of these this AM. Not so much crackly but the still hit the spot! After pressing down a shook a little cinnamon and truvia (1/4 a packet) to give it a little extra cookie like factor. Delish!..

Comment #13

Just tried this substituting SF Almond syrup because that's all I had....

And YUM!!!! I didn't get the crackles... but it didn't seem to matter for the taste.

Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!..

Comment #14

I don't taste the flax when I make this, it's so ground up. I suppose you could leave it out but I think the flax contributes to the texture. Every time I make it I add the flax. Maybe you could try grounding up another seed or nut like almond (Kelly gave me that idea. She added almond syrup. Have to try that one!).

Kelly: You're very welcome!!..

Comment #15

I just tried this. It came out great...even WITHOUT flax seed. Admittedly it wasn't sweet enough for me....maybe because I used Torani chocolate syrup instead of caramel? I added a dollop of FF cool whip (as another poster suggested) and it is such a treat! Next time I think I will add some splenda. Great recipe and I'll def have this many more times Thanks!..

Comment #16

OMG! That looks delicious. Thanks for posting your results....and expecially the photo. Now I know what it's supposed to look like..

Comment #17

You're very welcome. Actually, I just finished eating it with a dollop of SF Cool Whip and big cup of green tea. I just yummed it up! Good luck with making it!..

Comment #18

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