Medifast Blender review of Ninja?

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(now I'm singing 'Baby Love' in my head except with Ninjas!!).

ANYWAYI'm thinking about getting a Ninja-it LOOKS way cool and who could refuse the slogan 'RULE YOUR KITCHEN!' right? I was just wonderingof those who own themAny downsides?? Problems?? Things I should consider?.


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The blades will chop your fingers off if you're not careful. If you forget to close the tiny lip of a lid you could put whatever you're blending all over the place. Otherwise, it kicks ***, and blows the doors off of most blenders, especially considering the price...

Comment #1

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Ninja. It is awesome! It is very sharp so be careful when cleaning it. Otherwise, I have had no issues with it...

Comment #2

Love my Ninja!.

If you can buy one, then do, it is the greatest!..

Comment #3

Love mine. No downside so far. Although, like the others said, be very careful when cleaning the blades. Owie... I sliced my finger the first day...

Comment #4

GET THE NINJA! I didn't for awhile despite hearing all the raves. Figured I'd just wait until my blender gave out. I've never been so happy that something broke. I should have purposely broken it sooner!.

Makes a major difference with the soft serve. I feel like it's less messy and of course more efficient...

Comment #5

The blades are sharp!.

The only thing I don't like about mine is that I can't drink comfortably from the mixing container. I do drink from it, but it's circumference is too big and not very convenient, so half the time I end up pouring into another cup, and that's more dishes for me...

Comment #6

Love my Ninja!! Only downside is that DH doesn't clean it after he uses it.. train your housemates better and you'll be all set! (also as others have said, have a care for your fingers - those blades are SHARP)..

I had purchased a magic bullet clone and regret wasting the money on it. The Ninja is in a whole new category of amazing :-)..

Comment #7

My only problem with it has been cleaning the little rubber gasket that goes around the lid. Shake goo gets stuck in there and it's not always easy to get it out. Eventually I had to remove it for a decent cleaning and now it won't stay in place; everytime I try to put the lid on, the gasket rolls up and the lid won't seat properly..

It's a PIA but I love the whole thing so much that I'll probably end up buying another one because of a nine cent rubber gasket...

Comment #8

When crushing ice, hold on to that baby, or it'll jump right off the counter...

Comment #9

I have no complaints about the Ninja...i love it. Walmart has them priced at $34. Not sure how long they will be at that price..

I might add that I no longer have any counter space in the kitchen now for all the gadgets I've purchased since being on MF...LOL, but I am loving it....


Comment #10

My only complaint is that I paid $50 three days before Target had them for $28!..

Comment #11

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