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Here is a question I saw posted in a weight loss forum, and their responses:

"3 days ago I weighted it at 272.5, then the next day at 273.4 and then 273.4 again today. I know this happens here and there (and it sucks!) but how long without weightloss (or maybe even minor gain :( ) should I go until I wonder whats up.

I have 2-3 shakes a day, a bar, a L&G (usually with a boca burger) and fill the other 1-2 (depending on how many shakes I had) with supplements, and never eat more or less than 6 times a day, 3 hours between. Tall glass of water with each meal and another between each...

So yeah, how long should I want to wait before I worry?"


I'm thinking.... weigh once a week. If there is no progress at that point, then perhaps look at when you are having the meal replacements. When is the last one at night versus the first one the next day, and also, when you have the bar if you do.

I wouldn't stress over a 3 day period of slight fluctuation, but if this persists over a couple weeks, then you might want to look at what you are having for your L&G and what kind of Boca Burger that is... some have varying amounts of fat I believe

Just work the program to the tee and the weight has nowhere to go but off. Make sure you are drinking TONS and TONS of water because I know if I don't get in at least 64 oz of water, my weight loss slows down.

Have you taken measurements? Sometimes we are so fixed on weight loss that we forget that our bodies are slimming down even without the weight loss showing up. Please do so! Don't be a slave to the scale! Remember us women tend to retain water during certain times of the month and that makes a difference.

Keep up the great work! The Medifast Diet program works trust me!!

...or sometimes skip the bar altogether and opt for something with fewer carbs.

There are all kinds of reasons the scale could be hovering. If you see no progress going on 3 weeks, I'd say it's definitely time to revisit your program plan with your Health Advisor. Even though there's a book to go by (hence, "By the Book"), there's a fair amount of adjusting and tweaking that can make a lot of difference.

For me, it was drinking more water, then starting a walking program (to which I'm not 100% committed :sigh:), and cutting down on the higher carb selections.

Remember, all you can do is set up the conditions for weight loss. Your body determines the rate, etc. And every once in a while, your body kind of stops for a while as if to take inventory before it will continue with the weight loss.

Also, remember that the scale is not your only source of data (here we go again -- the "frustrated science teacher"). There are times your weight will hover while your body changes.

All this to say.... This isn't a straight journey (I-80 through the salt flats in Utah comes to mind). There will be lots of course corrections along the way. Attitude is everything; repeat after me, class, "Under no circumstances shall I beat myself up over a silly piece of plastic and metal which I can just as easily stomp on or chuck out the window."

Not that I think your beating yourself up... Just remember not to go down that road. So totally not worth it. There are tons of Medifast success stories, and you will become one of them!

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