Meatless options for Medifast?

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I am looking for a little help. I am a vegetarian who joined Medifast today and am looking forward to my first full day on the program but I am a vegetarian of 21 years who does not eat eggs, and I do not like burgers or imitation meat that looks or tastes like meat. I know there are vegetarians for many reasons but I cannot eat imitation meat. I do like cottage cheese. Are there ANY options other than Boca type burgers or fake sausage links for vegetarians like me? Please help, anyone?..

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It is not easy Losn30! I have been doing this for 6 wks and have difficulty. And I eat eggs! But I don't like cottage cheese or the boca stuff. 6 wks of eggs and cheese! Some days are worse than others.

NS approved a yogurt I picked out with high protein but still said to use it as a snack only. Some people are 100% on program no matter what. I think you have to make it doable for you or you will quit. Just my opinion..

Watch your carbs and protein levels. Use the meal log and monitor it. Medifast meals will give you 72 g of protein a day by themselves on average. Most people get in about 100 and feel better at that level. Post to Nutrisystem with options you want them to consider and let them have a couple/few days to answer. Sometimes they have research or are backlogged. Good luck and watch for cottage cheese sales!!!..

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THanks you both! I see that I am going to have to be a little creative to keep me going on this diet. If you have any new suggestions for meatless items, please pass them along. Good luck! Janet..

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I am the tofu queen, and I've gotten pretty creative with the stuff. I add silken tofu to both shakes and puddings. Makes the shakes thicker and creamer, turns pudding into mousse. It's a way to get in the lean protein without having to figure out a new and creative way to serve tofu (plus it takes almost a pound of tofu a day to meat your "lean" portion!). I sprinkle tofu with seasoning and/or Braggs and bake it. I brush on some Walden Farms BBQ sauce and grill it. I dice it and stir fry it with veggies...

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Hi Losn30 - I didn't like the Boca burger the first time I tried it either, but I read about the Morning Star Philly Cheese Steak burger on the boards and decided ti try it and I thought it was very good. It has some onions and green peppers in it too, and it did not have that "card-boardy" taste I thought the Boca burger had. I will buy it again...

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If you are not eating the meat substitutes what are you doing to get the high amount of protein required for MF??? I have to force myself to eat 14 oz of Tofu in a 24 hour day...or eat two MSF Patties....

If you come up with some great ideas let us know!!..

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What did you normally eat for protein?.

Do you eat fish?..

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Thought you may be interested, since you like potatoes....

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For me, I have been consistently losing by having my lean portion be skim/lo fat shredded mozzarella cheese. it is a lot though, 6 ounces but it is perfectly in line with the fat/carb/calorie ratio. I put 1/2 if on my pizza (using Cream of Tomato) and the other half on my Green portion (salad with veggies). It's been working out perfect and it's a great non-meat/fish/tofu option. BTW, the Pizza is AMAZING if you have not tried it yet. It has saved me many of nights that I just yearn for real food and the recipe options with other Medifast meals are a close second to the real thing.

Good luckJanet..

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Salsa on top of cottage cheese is wonderful, and can eat with some Medifast crackers. Also like to add silky tofu in my shakes for a thicker, more substantial meal...

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I've found a way to make veggie lasagna OP. The tricky part is finding the SF spaghetti sauce (I get mine at a local health food store, otherwise I'd just make my own). But you slice a zucchini with a veggie peeler to make long "noodles." Then you create a blend of LF mozzarella and LF cottage cheese or ricotta cheese (I like mine with more cottage cheese, but some might like it with more mozzarella, so I'm not suggesting measurements here....just keep it in the guidelines) and OP spices. Layer that with the zucchini "noodles" and then dump 1/2-1 cup (depending on how much zucchini you used) on top of it and bake for about 15-20 minutes until bubbly...

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The majority of my leans are eggs or cheese. My greens are salad and if I'm in a hurry, I use canned green/wax beans..

I have tuna once in a while. I just had it tonight and instead of the whole 7 oz, I only had 3 so I would not overload and then not want it for a few wks. I am adding this back since being OP. I stopped eating it years ago. BTW, my 7 oz pouch only got me 3 oz and then another 2 1/2 oz! Could have been the cheap scale I used. So I will keep this in mind when I get a digital scale..

I do a ricotta bake. It's like the inside of manicotti. I use the 15 oz container with parmesan and an egg white. Bake until bubbly at 350, maybe 40 min depending on the depth of your container. I have split it in the little pyrex cups at 1/2 c each. Then I can have a half portion of this and then something else or I top the ricotta with mozzarella and brown the top.

It reheats well. I have had this with 1/2 c sauce. I also have been able to go to Olive Garden and eat the insides of the manicotti supper portion. Each manicotti is about 1/3 c ricotta. I have been able to stay OP with this even tho we don't know what else they use in the ricotta! BTW, it's what I do every so often and not recommended by MF..

I have eggs often OP. My cholesterol checked out the lowest it has been in a long time so the doc said I could have as many in a week as I want..

I use cheese on salads and spread over Medifast soup chips to melt. I just have to get a salsa I like! I like the Kraft twists, lower fat than protein so it fits in perfectly. If I don't feel like eating much in a day, I use the twists to snack on throughout and by dinner, I don't need much more protein..

I have been OP, for the most part anyway, since Mar 19 and I'm still shocked that I get by on eggs and cheese.

Which brand of tofu do you use? Trader Joes and Walmart are carrying a brand that really has more of a taste than I remember. I think I have used Mori-Nu in the past and used to mix their pudding packet with a Royal brand cooked type pudding box and I was able to extra protein that way. It tasted good. I tried to add tofu to my Medifast choc pudding and all I could taste was the tofu (only used a tablespoon or two). I think it was that 'other 'brand...

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