Making Nutrisystem Meatloaf & Potatoes Taste Better

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I am just getting started on NS; I had the Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes last night and did not enjoy it; any suggestions for making it taste better? I am enjoying the lunches so far...

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Your question was: Making Nutrisystem Meatloaf & Potatoes Taste Better.

I followed a recipe and added it to cooked then eggplant slices to make it like an eggplant rolatini. It was ok, not bad...

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I kinda like it - I prepare in the microwave as directed - then separate the meat & potatoes - spray ICBINB on the potatoes, yhen add some sauteed peppers and onionsand & preferred spices in the the meat & sauce...

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This is one of my favorites! I add a green pepper and mushrooms...

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This is one of my favorite dinners. Try adding some chopped pickles (as shown on the picture on the box). Really adds to the flavor...

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.....SUCK! I have no idea what to do to make them better. There is an underlying taste to many of the dinners. That taste seems most strong in the S & S chicken so far. I will not be having that again. I like all of the soups that I have had so far and the pizza with sauteed mushrooms and onions is great!..

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I add onions and mushrooms to it..

You may want to try to add some spices like garlic, dill etc...

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Can you please let me know what the Shepherd's Pie recipe is? or how do I find the Recipe club??.

With thanks.


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Scroll up to the very top of this page to the gray bar that indicates the various segments of the Nutrisystem site. (You are in "Community - Discussion Boards" now.) Point to "Tips & Recipes", then click on "Recipe Club". You'll find some good ideas there.

Good luck...

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Wish I could help. I didn't like it because the tomato-y sauce spreads over to the mashed potatoes, which is gross to me.

I did not order it again..


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I also changed my order so I don't get it again; I think it is the sauce that I am not liking; I hope all the spaghetti type sauces don't taste the same. I am really wanting to follow this plan until I am at my goal...

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I just found the Recipe Club and they have a recipe for Shepherd's Pie; I will try that with my next Meatloaf dinner...

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I Also Did Not Like The Meat Loaf And Mashed Potatoes. There Is Nothing I Could Think Of To Make It Taste Better. I Did Not Order It Again. I Also Think The Pretzels Are Not Worth The Calories. Just Not Enjoyable...

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I really enjoyed the coconut almond bar, reminded me of Almond Joy...

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I like it. The ones I hated were spaghetti and sweet and sour chicken with noodles. Yuck....

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That's just one of the ones I don't like. Different entrees have different tomato sauces on them, and like all of them that I've tried. If you have some of the meatloaf left, maybe try putting some different spices in the sauce, some spray butter on the potatoes, or adding some sauteed peppers and onions in the the meat & sauce...

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I followed a recipe and added it to cooked then eggplant slices to make it like an eggplant rolatini. It was ok, not bad...

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