Magic Bullet for Medifast shakes?

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Just got a Magic Bullet for making the shakes. I love it! Have wanted one for a long time. It makes a great hot shake w/ little davanci,splenda too. Ilove the Dutch Choc. hot..

My question is - Do any of you who have one - use it for anything other than shakes?.

Something with FOOD wise???? (MF of course)..

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Lydiaa made a Shiritaki crepe recipe and I think she grinds it all up in the magic bullet. I am buying two this week one for house and one for office. I just use my blender but it sounds like the magic bullets are the way to go with the shakes...

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Yes, I use my magic bullet to make the shiratake crepes. Just had them for b'fast as a matter of fact ! I don't think there's too much difference between the taste of shakes made in the blender vs the MB. The big difference is convenience. The MB is smaller and easier to wash, IMO. I also use the MB to blend the Medifast creme soups. You could make your own salad dressings in them although I've never tried it. Once I reach goal they'll be great for smoothies, soups, salsa, all sorts of stuff...

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I have used my Magic Bullet with my broccoli soup. I steam the broccoli and then throw in the Bullet with the Broccoli soup mix and hot water taa-daaa......better broccoli soup!..

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I use mine for pudding, too. I put a tablespoon of cottage cheese into my magic bullet with a little bit of water and any flavorings I'm adding to the pudding. I blend the cottage cheese to get the lumps out and then add the pudding package and the rest of the water. Chill or freeze... Its a quick and easy "cheesecake". You will need a spatula to get all the pudding out.


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I use it with all my mixed that don't contain texture. The soups and oatmeals, I mix by hand, but all drinks and pudding I use the bullet. I've learned not to over-whip my hot drinks, though, because they get that froth on top that never goes away. I just pulse them 3-4 times, and we're good...

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This is so funny because I was gonna start this thread today. I blended a shake for the first time last night and loved it so much that I was gonna bring my blender to work but it was too bulky and probably too load, so I decided to bring the bullet instead. I keep it in my drawer here and just pull it out when it's time to eat/drink. I haven't used it for food yet, but I think I might use it for scrambled eggs or something...

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