Medifast recipe for Lumpy Hot Cocoa?

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Can someone help with a recipe for the hot cocoa?.

How do you make yours so it is smooth like regular hot cocoa and not lumpy?.

I followed the instructions exactly and mixed, mixed, mixed...but still lumps in my cocoa!.

Does everyone put it in cookies?.


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I make all of the hot drinks the same way.... measure the water into a shaker jar, add the powder, then shake like crazy. Once it is mixed, pour it into a mug and heat in the microwave for 1 minute. It comes out exactly like you're having Swiss Miss...

Comment #1

I use a blender to make all my drinks smooth!.

It really works well!!.


Comment #2

I agree. I have got all the foods down except the cocoa. If I use the shaker jar, it gets too airy and then boils all over the microwave. If I mix with cold water first and then microwave 30 sec, stir and repeat, it's thick and yucky. I can't remember if I have tried making it with boiling water after making into a paste, but so far my cocoa has been a flop. And I love hot chocolate - by the way, I know a great place in Paris where the hot chocolate is to die for - probaably a weeks worth of calories. Oh well, I guess I'll keep trying...

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I make my drinks/cream soups into a paste. Stir to get the lumps out then gradually add more hot water...

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I add just a little bit of cold water to the Hot Cocoa (Cappuccino and Chai Latte, too), just enough to make a watery paste and stir well. Then add hot water and stir until smooth. Very easy and nothing required but a spoon and cup!..

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I mix it with a little cold water in a shaker jar, then I add it to a cup of coffee in my commuter mug. Tastes like a mocha and is smooth.... yum!..

Comment #6

I use my handheld Braun stick mixer for the hot chocolate, and also the cream of broccoli and cream of chicken...

Comment #7

I would recommend using a mug for the hot products. The shaker jar is not designed for hot products. I find it beneficial to mix the hot drinks with cold water first to completely mix it and then heat it...

Comment #8

I bought a hand immersion blender from Walmart ($9), and I use that to get rid of the lumps. I pour 4 oz cold water into the shaker jar, add the packet of hot cocoa, and blend it for 90 seconds. I add water so that it is 6 oz total, then pour it into a mug, and nuke it for 90 seconds. It is completely smooth and frothy when it's done!..

Comment #9

This is what I do too and it works great!..

Comment #10

I use a bit more water than recommended for both the cocoa and the chai but I can't get rid of the lumps either. Luckily, they're chocolate lumps. So, they don't bother me as much as the ones in the soups did...

Comment #11

Thank you all for your suggestions!.

Still, it will probably be a while before I try the hot cocoa again!..

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