Medifast recipe for Lower calorie no-bake brownies?

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I LOVE the no-bake Medifast brownie recipe floating around (I read on defrag's blog)... but I don't always like adding an extra 100 calories to my day from the peanut butter. So I came up with this leaner variation. It tastes a bit more chocolatey and (I think, anyway), is just as good!.

2 packs Medifast chocolate pudding.

2 packs Medifast hot cocoa.

Mix the powders in a bowl..

Then warm 2 T of fat free cream cheese in the micro to soften until runny. Set aside. (If you want to stick exactly to the Medifast plan as written, leave the cream cheese out. I count it as part of my low-fat cheese allowance, but that's me.).

Mix 1/2 cup sugar-free chocolate or Kahlua syrup with the powders.

Add 20 drops cappella chocolate peanut butter drops or double chocolate drops..

Mix in the runny cream cheese and up to 1/4 cup of water until it makes a big ball..

Warm it in the micro until it's soft and the chocolate color darkens a little..

Spoon it into a flat square dish, flatten it out. I sprinkled some granulated Splenda on top.

Chill in the fridge, cut into 4 pieces and enjoy!.

Each piece is 1 Medifast meal, plus around 8 calories for the cream cheese...

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Oh thank you thank you thank you....I hate peanut butter (I know, weird)...THANKS!!!!..

Comment #1

Gatita, my mouth literally started watering reading your recipe...

I'll have to try this one for sure..



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Comment #2

Gatita! I could just kiss you!! Consider yourself hugged at least! I couldn't print this out fast enough. It's off to the store I go for FF cream cheese. Gotta run !..

Comment #3

This sounds really good. This may be a dumb question, but does the cream cheese count toward our lean?..

Comment #4

Personally, I count the FF cream cheese as part of my lean cheese allotment.

But technically, I believe it's not allowed by NS. Since I never use the half and half we're allowed, I give myself that leeway plus I also count everything I eat every day..

You can also leave it out and I bet it'd still be good!..

Comment #5

Thanks for the great recipe... looking forward to trying it this weekend! )..

Comment #6

Mine are in the fridge as I type! I cut the recipe in half because I didn't want to have 4 pieces staring at me!! I am on day 8 and am doing well temptation wise...I just want to play it safe. far as the cream cheese...I didn't have great luck with the whole making it how long did you nuke it for? Mine must have been toooo long! It should probably be good anyway! I do recommend for all that try this to do ALL of the other steps first because it doesn't take long for the cream cheese to harden up again once it is soft!..

Comment #7

YUMMMMM. They are great. I couldn't wait for them to cool completely so I just broke into the fridge and ate a partially warm one. YUM! Satisfies my urge for some real gooey chocolate..


Comment #8

Glad you like 'em... big THANKS to defrag and whoever else perfected the original recipe I just tweaked it.

This has become my sinful indulgence every night now, with a swizzle of SF chocolate syrup over it..

As far as nuking the cream cheese, it takes about 30 seconds in my micro. Just enough to make it soft..

Also, in the last batch, I heated the cream cheese (and not the whole mix). Then added the drops, mixed well, then the other ingredients to the soft cream cheese in the bowl.

Made it MUCH easier to deal with and came out just as good...

Comment #9

Will the recipe be ok without the flavor drops?..

Comment #10

Bump..anybody know if they'll work w/o the flavor drops?..

Comment #11

Wow gatita....i'll be making these as soon as I get my ff cream chesse...thanks...davida..

Comment #12

Yes, they come out fine, but I think the flavor is just much better with drops and/or flavored syrups...

Comment #13

These are SOOOO yummy! I love it warm and gooey too! Like a previous poster, I had to cut it in half as there is NO WAY I could refrain from eating it all! At least if there are only two servings, I can remind myself I can have the rest later that day. Besides, my kids would eat it if I left it in the fridge for too long Thanks, Gatita and whoever inspired this tasty treat!..

Comment #14

YUM!! I think I'll cut your recipe in half and try it this week I find if I make things with 2 servings, I have a better chance of not blowing it, since I can have both servings on the same day. 4 servings is too much temptation. Thanks very much for posting this!!..

Comment #15

You're welcome... and thank defrag for the original PB recipe..

By the way, I am making this without the cream cheese now and to me it tastes just as good and with ZERO cooking...

Comment #16

Nutrisystem posted about the FF cream cheese....I'm looking for it....hold on....found it!!.

Cream Cheese.


I've been seeing recipes w/ 1 oz FF cream cheese - I know that other fat free cheese is allowed, but it looks like cream cheese isn't. Is that right? Thanks,.

Re: Cream Cheese.


We do not encourage cream cheese because of it's carbohydrate content and saturated fat content. Actually regular cream cheese is lower in carbohydrate (0.4 grams/ Tbsp)content than it's fat free counterparts(1.05 grams of carbohydrate/ Tbsp). We do try to support customers in acheiving success and also incorporating products that they desire to be successful and stay committed to the program. Cream cheese can be incorporated as a condiment serving. One tablespoon =one condiment servings.

While regular or low-fat cheese can be a meatless substitute, cream cheese must be used as a condiment because it is mostly fat and does not contain the protein content..

Thanks for inquiring....


Okay....looks like we can have it!!!..

Comment #17

This is so good you feel really guilty about licking the spoon! I tweaked mine just a bit since I didn't have the flavor drops and used a combination of Kahula and PB SF syrup together. I didn't get my cream cheese 100% runny but I got to blend and I am waiting for my mid-afternoon meal to induldge.

I made Orangebloods version and then ended up throwing the last two pieces away just because the calories were so high! It caused me to go above 1000 calories for the day which is just too many for me right now..

Thanks for sharing!..

Comment #18

Just now got around to making these, and all I can say is I wish I had done these sooner!!!! They are YUMMMMMY!!! Thanks for the recipe!.


Comment #19

I make these at least once a week. They're great for a quick meal..

Just yesterday somebody on here was having chocolate issues. I recommended this recipe to her. I hope she sees this! I love them!..

Comment #20


And by the way...fantastic job on nearing goal!! I know you are excited!!..

Comment #21

YUM! I'm cutting this in half and trying it tonight (I'm always afraid to make recipes with more than 2 servings, for obvious reasons). Thanks much for sharing!!..

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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