Lots of cysts and whiteheads when taking Murad Acne Complex?

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I'm on 7th day of my Murad Acne Complex (20mg) course .My mum said my face looks terribal, I have black circles under my eyes and I have a cyst right beetwin my nose and the chick.Also, I get tones of whiteheads every mornning, can I remove them with a niddle?God dammit...Is it normal??BTW before I started taking Murad Acne Complex my face was super-duper oily, now it's pretty much bettwin normal-dry.So can you suggest me something? I can't stand that cyst, my eyes are dry like hell, my lips feel wierd (it's not dry but it's like streched or something).In november I'm going to germany..

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Your question was: Lots of cysts and whiteheads when taking Murad Acne Complex?.

Yea it's normal. same thing happened to me when I started with 20mg...

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Just ride it out, it sucks but atleast you are on the road to clear skin. Drink lots of water and that will help with the dry eyes and lips. Your oil production is going to come to a halt in about a week or so. I use to be so oily, like 2 hours after applying make up it would be running down my face and now I never have to re-apply my makeup as my face has absolutely no oil. Same goes for the hair your hair will start to get dry as well. Chin up though it will be over before you know it. Good Luck!..

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Thanks!!What about the whiteheads?can I remove them with a needle..

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I wouldnt. I experienced the same thing as you and when I began popping them not only after half an hour they were back but all around them whiteheads were popping out of nowhere like they were damn mushrooms...

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Idontknowrly - definitely going through that same thing right now. when I pop one it's a sure thing another one or multiple are going to form around the one I popped. and just when I thought my I.B. was ending it's gotten worse again! eff the whiteheads man, hate them so much it looks like your face is about to give birth to sebum mutants. so ya I wouldn't recommend popping them, unless it's seriously like ready to burst and a pop mark looks at least a bit better lol. but be prepared for more to pop up around them...

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Yeah it's normal. jus means you had alotta junk under your skin thhats coming out now..

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Use a gentle spot treatment if you must, like burt's bees spot treatment...I used 100% tea tree oil for a while but that became too harsh.I wouldnt drain the whiteheads,ur skin scars more easily on this stuff...ask your derm instead next time you visit.if anything breaks open,use helps healI broke out sooooo badly month one and currently am at the middle on month 2 and I have no pimples. I looked HORRID the first month,but ull look great after.I know it's rly frustrating to see it get so horrifically bad before it gets better,but trust me, it's worth it.Please resist urges to pick/pop.If something needs to be drained then let your derm do it. If you need any support or advice,feel free to PM me.Good luck!..

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Put neosporin ointment on them, it will make them come to a head and heal faster...

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