Losing weight slowly with Nutrisystem diet?

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I've been 100 % faithful & workout everymorning & walk most places instead of taking the almost 3 months i've only lost about 16 or so h says it's better than going in the other direction but i'm frustrated.anyone else out there a slow loser thru no fault of their own?.

I have about 25 pounds left to lose.i do take medication( but it's supposed to be weight neutral) & i'm almost 49.could these be factors?..

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Your question was: Losing weight slowly with Nutrisystem diet?.

I too loosing at a slow pace but I am totally okay with that. I'll take that slow pace anyday. And yes our age has alot to do with it. I'm here for the long haul this time! Just turned 54 with menopause and hypothyroid on my side but that is NOT going to stop me. Have lost 8 lbs in about 5 weeks with 25 more to go! As long as I can reach that goal, no matter how long it takes, no worries!!.


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I've been on the program for 3 weeks now and have lost about 2 pounds. I won't say I've been 100% faithful to Nutrisystem but I've not deviated much. I'm over 50 also and I know my metabolism isn't revving as much as it did when I was younger. I was nursing a broken bone in one foot when I started and just got the OK to begin exercising again, so I'm hopeful that will help move things along for me. Try not to get discouraged even though it is slow, you ARE losing!..

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Ughhhh.....9 pounds in 9 wks. Certainly wasn't what I was expecting when I joined and read most everyone seems to lose around 10 lbs a month (at least that was what my brain took in for figures)..

Oh well, a loss is still a loss, so I am going to keep plugging away. It's still 9 pounds less than I was 9 wks ago!..

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I lost on average 1 lbs. or less per week. It took me 8 months to reach goal (about 40 lbs). Does it matter? No. I got there.


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That's about 1.3 pounds a week. That isn't slow in my book. Using "only" in front of 16 pounds makes me cringe. Why not shout it from the roof tops? That's a lot of weight!..

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I lost 105 pounds, I lost an average of 1.18 pounds per week, I have no sagging skin whatsoever (and, I'm 61 years old!), I learned how to eat while I was losing, I've maintained my loss for 3 years come September..

Slow? I'll take slow anytime!..

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I'm only on week 1 but I anticipate slow loss just based on my body type and history. I've never blown up big but I usually go hardcore to lose weight every few years, regardless of my discipline or exercise it always seems to take a while, so far week 1 I don't think I have lost anything, maybe 1 pound... Hopefully week 2 shows me 3 lbs, we'll see. I know I won't gain weight so as long as I move in the right direction I'm okay with it. I really need to get some good exercise again this weekend, I finally feel like I have the energy!..

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I am a VERY slow loser! I was stuck at a 6 lb. loss for about 7 weeks (and I have A LOT more than you to lose)! I did get a little frustrated reading about all of the major losses here, but I am still plugging away. NOT going to give up this time. This week the scale took me down another 4 lbs.! UNHEARD of for me. I've been at this for 8 weeks. I know my body, and I know that since I've been through "surgically induced menopause" almost 8 years ago, I WILL lose slowly.

SO, <waving hand> I am here to lose slowly along with you!..

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10 pounds in eight weeks is within the normal range. Try to add as much exercise in as you are able, and keep focusing on the plan. You'll get there!..

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I was whining about 5 lbs in two weeks and realize slow and and steady wins the race. Thanks...

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It can take me as long as a month or more to lose one lb. I am currently on maintenance but have gained a few lbs so am back in weight loss mode and it is VERY slow. The closer you are to goal the slower it goes and also, every time I hit a decade year my metabolism slows down again. If I live much longer my metabolism will come to a standstill and I will be able to live on air because I will burn no calories at all...

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Hi there,.

Well you mentioned that you are working out every morning -so I ask: are you taking measurements as well? Sometimes you lose more inches than weight in the beginning- especially if you are working out regularly. So I would say, if you aren't taking measurements I would definitely start doing so! I do mine once a month (although I took a sneak peak at my waist measurement in week 2 )..


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A loss is a loss whether it happens fast or slow. The amount of time it takes to lose the pounds doesn't matter if you plan on eating this way for the rest of your life.

That's the way I look at it.

If I stay at the same weight for a week, as long as I know that I followed the plan 100% it is still beneficial for my body to be eating the right foods in the proper quantity...

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I'm here too 13.6 pounds in 14 weeks....but that is 13.6 pounds that I am not carrying around anymore!!.

Now....i probably would have lost more, but the weekends are usually a bust for me as I am only about 50% on the weekends.

But I know I will eventually get there!!!..

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Me too! I am losing much more slowly that I expected to, because I have well over 100 lbs to lose. People at my weight are losing 3 or more lbs each week. I lost 7 lbs the first week, and have been crawling along each week since. In the 8 weeks I've been on the program, I've had four where I didn't lose any, or gained a little. Then, the next week, I'll lose 3 lbs. So it averages to about 2 a week so far, but at this pace, that average will be going down.

But, I am over 50, in menopause, and KNOW that I HAVE to start exercising!.

It is actually reassuring to know that others are facing the same battle. I'm sticking to plan and do believe that the weight I've lost so far is so much better than the weight-gaining mode I left behind. Good work (no luck involved) to everyone!..

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