Losing weight slowly with Medifast as vegetarian?

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Hi everyone, I'd be really interested to know how the other vegetarians are doing. I'm a slow loser, thanks to a lifelong sluggish metabolism + midway through the fab 40s, and/but I've lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks. I'm wondering if vegetarians generally struggle more on the program, due to the greater restrictions - limits to the Medifast meals and the l&g. I'm not yet bored, but sometimes I do think aaaaargh not another shake! (I ordered mostly shakes and have very few oatmeals and puddings and feel I need to get through all these meals before ordering the next lot). Looking forward to hearing from more veggies!.


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I an vegetarian, though I do succumb to a craving for meat on rare occasions..

I've been doing Medifast for about 5 days and haven't had any problems. I've used low fat cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, and egg beaters so far..

With the free week they sent a box of chicken noodle soup. It doesn't have chicken in it. It has texturized soy protein. It does have egg yolks in the noodles. I'm lacto/ovo/veg. so it is not a problem for me.

Chilli uses texturized soy protien too...

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But be careful with the Cream of Chicken, Cream of Brocolli, and Cream of Tomato soup. ALL of these are made with chicken fat, and NOT vegetarian safe...

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I placed a new order tonight and I ordered the crackers so I can eat cottage cheese. I just can't eat it plain. I used to eat cottage cheese on pasta though. I think it's time to try that on the shirataki noodles. lacto-veg AND Medifast friendly mac & cheese!..

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Are the shirataki noodles really good? The idea of mac+cheese is almost overwhelming! I've never had cottage cheese with pasta - this is such a good idea. I'm pretty boring, the only lacto protein I eat is 50% low fat cheddar (veg-friendly enzymes), and I mostly tofu, some fat free soy hot dogs, some soy cheese. I go by the nutritional info on each package though, not by the official rules, either for the cheese or the tofu, as each one is different. I try to buy a pack of tofu that has a total carb count of 5 or 6, so I can eat the whole thing without having to measure it. Anything to save effort. I am incredibly lazy when it comes to food prep these days...

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I really like them. I still miss raviolis but I don't see any reason to eat any normal spaghetti or any other kind of pasta if I can have shirataki noodles. Be forewarned that I am notorious for overcooking my pasta anyways though. If you normally eat very firm pasta, you might find shirataki noodles to be kind of mushy. It's definitely worth trying though.

I just had them for lunch actually. half a serving of noodles, half a serving of broccoli, a cut up into cubes quorn chicken patty, some chinese bbq sauce and a little duck sauce mixed together and it was yum..

I'm aware the duck sauce isn't the best idea but I'm logging it and I'm fitting it in so...yeah...

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Thanks - I'll put in an order for the noodles today!..

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I see those shirataki noodles and consider them, but haven't gotten them yet. I think I may have to try them. My family eats cottage cheese and noodles (it's a Polish dish, Halupki I think- I get it confused with halushki though, which is cabbage and noodles).

I find in general that if I split my L&G into two portions I feel more like I can have 'more' real food. I split it into things like half a cup of cottage cheese (1%) with half a cup of tomato wedges for lunch or maybe ONE egg for breakfast with my shake and then half the protien portion of tofu or whatever with the rest of my G (I do overpack that cup or cup and a half with salad greens/other vegies(half cup total), and top with grilled tofu, or half a vegi burger on top is quite filling).

I totally love salads with 'stuff' on top, though a nice seitan roast and some green beans and a small side salad is also quite nice to break things up...

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I had no idea that cottage cheese & noodles was a Polish dish. My mom used to make it for me as a kid but we're not Polish. I had it tonight with the shirataki noodles. It was ok. I couldn't finish it though. I think I might not have been hungry enough for that many noodles though. Next time I think I'll do half a serving of noodles and maybe have some cucumber and vinegar or something with it...

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I don't know if this helps, but I checked w/MF and you can have 5 oatmeals instead of shakes. With the autumn weather coming oatmeal, chili and soups may be a little more appealing than the shakes right now..


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I checked with MF, the shiratki noodles count as a green, not a lean b/c they don't have enough protein..

I bought a bag of shirataki at Trader Joe's. I haven't gotten up the courage to try them. The prep info on the back says something about cooking them a certain way to help lessen it's "unique" taste. A little scary when the manufacturer warns that it's, basically, a little funky!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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