Losing hair with Medifast!

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I know I read this somewhere so I am not panicking. I went to pluck my eyebrows and was shocked to see the middle was completely gone. I just plucked them 2 weeks ago and they were there. Also losing some hair in the front. I'm basically just venting. lol Hope it grows back. I'll suck it up and pay the price to be thin again...

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Biotin.... you can buy this supplement/vitamin to help with hair loss... I am taking it right... losing weight quickly can cause this to happen.... as always.... check with your Dr before you take anything new...... =)..

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I read that a low thyroid symptom is loss of some of the outer corner or eye brow....but yours is in the middle. I would vent too. No one one wants to lose hair....

Has this happened before? Do you have any idea the culprit?..

Comment #2

I'm on Fish Oil and 5000 Biotin and have been since before Medifast. I also think it's part of the losing weight deal...

Comment #3

Gosh I hope not :-( cause I don't have the last half of my eyebrows already...can't afford to lose anymore! :-P..

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Yikes, when I first saw your post, I thought maybe your Ninja (blender) went haywire. I was going to say "wow, it could have been worse, glad you didn't lose an eye". :P.

Hang in there, the hair will grow back and biotin does work...

Comment #5

Check out this article -.


I had lots of hair loss in the months following my gastric bypass 6 years ago. It grew back after - much healthier and stronger...

Comment #6

I'm glad to hear they will grow back. Whewwww!! lol Thanks everyone...

Comment #7

Lmao You are too funny. I'm thankful it wasn't an eye! I'll be grateful it's just an eyebrow...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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