Medifast recipe for Lobster Bisque?

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I don't like the tomato soup; I bought it to make crackers but I'm just no good at the cracker making so I needed to find another way to use it. I came up with this and it was PDG..

Lobster Bisque.

I pkg Medifast tomato soup.

2 cups water (but use 1.5 if not simmering for long time).

1 tsp Better Than Bullion lobster.

2 tbs sherry.

2 tbs ff half&half.

Couple of shakes of paprika.

Dash of Worchester sauce.

Dash of salt.

Mix everything together, bring to barely just starting to boil, reduce heat and simmer, stirring occasionally. I let it simmer for at least an hour, probably longer, so that the flavors could really meld together. (that's why I used so much water).

It was surprisingly close to the real thing minus the heavy creaminess. The taste was really close..

Note that it might "seperate" a little while simmering but just stir it back together, it won't seperate in your bowl when you serve it...

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Mmmmm..... I will HAVE to try this tomorrow, I even have the BTB lobster already!.


Comment #1

I had to look at about a zillion stores before I found it, too. Then funny enough, I found it at a wee neighborhood grocery store close to my office. Maybe you could ask your local grocery that carries the other flavors if they would consider adding the lobster one...

Comment #2

I have some that I found at the Christmas Tree Shop. It's the only flavor I bought (and they only had odd flavors) but I haven't tried it yet. Too bad I don't have any tomato soup. Although, I really can't have half & half in the house. I always just want to eat it on cereal. I know it's gross but....that's probably what got me to gross in the first place...

Comment #3

I had to order it online:

I'm home from work with a cold today, so I am having this soup right now... it's lovely!!!..

Comment #4

This sounded so good I also went out to find it. My local Wegmans had Beef, chicken, clam, and veggie flavor but not lobster. I will have to try Gatita's link as the mushroom looks useful too. Thanks..

Comment #5

You saved me! I hated the tomato soup - I used your recipe (minus the lobster bouillon) and it came out great! Thanks - I had given up hope for the tomato soup!..

Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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