Lite Firm Tofu and Medifast

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Hi Everyone,.

I spoke to Amy (the nutritionist) and I thought that I would pass this along. I use a light firm tofu made by Nasoya. Nasoya calls it Lite Firm Tofu. It has 50% less fat and 42% fewer calories than Nasoya firm tofu. I believe that it also comes in a soft version but I only talked to Amy about the firm as I do not have the stats for the soft. I was told that we can eat the ENTIRE package as the lean portion of the L&G.

Last night not knowing what to do I ate the recommended 5 ounces of firm tofu and it was definitely not enough. The stats on the Lite Firm Tofu are:.

Serving Size: 79g which is 2.8oz.

Servings: 5.

Calories per serving: 40.

Fat Calories per serving: 15.

Total Fat per serving: 1.5g.

Saturated Fat per serving: 0.

Cholesterol per serving: 0.

Sodium per serving: 25mg.

Total Carbs per serving: 5g.

Fiber per serving: <1g.

Sugars per serving: 0g.

Protein per serving: 7g.

So the entire package has 200 calories, 7.5 grams of fat, 0 cholesterol, 125 mg sodium, 5 carbs, 0 sugars and 35 grams of protein..

I asked the nutritionist if they could add it to the drop down section of the "add food" for the vegetarian lean portion of the L & G and she said that they only do that if enough people request it. I added the stats to my private foods. I also pointed out that firm tofu is listed as 0.25 block and soft tofu is listed as 1 piece while they tell us to eat 5 ounces of the regular firm and 7 ounces of the regular soft tofu. She was not aware of this and said that it would be corrected. Hopefully they will correct it soon.


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Hi and Thank you! Oops! I made a mistake (typo) in the Carbs per serving. According to the package a serving is 1/5 of the block. Each serving has 1 gram of carbs. There are 5 servings per package. The whole block has 5 grams of carbs which is why the nutritionist said to eat the whole block. Based on the stats, less than the whole package will bring the daily calories too low.

Sorry for any confusion that my typo may have caused. A few years ago I asked Whole Foods in my area to bring it in and they did. I also did the same with my local grocery store and Earth Fare. Is there some way for me to correct my original post? Thanks for pointing this out...

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Ok Thanks! I feel better about eating the whole block now. No worries, I am the queen of typos! I haven't figured out how to edit posts either, perhaps someone else can enlighten us?? I'm sure there must be a way to do it.

I love tofu and the 1/4 block well, just didn't seem to satisfy me (chincy serving). Now I am going to buy the Nasoya lite firm brand. Thanks again!..

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Ha. I realized that I bought this kind awhile ago and just haven't tried it yet. another great thing about it is you can buy in bulk, as long as you don't open the package, it won't go bad...

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Hi Jessica,.

The Nasoya Lite Firm tofu is in the refrigerated section and does have an expiration date. I'm not sure if you are talking about the same product since the one I checked with the nutritionist about has an expiration date. I ate the whole package the other night and was so full and happy. It is much better than the serving size for regular firm tofu.


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You are welcome! I am glad that I could help.


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Hmm, maybe it is a different one. the nutrition info is the same so you can eat the whole package and I bought it in the regridg section but it says on the box that it won't go bad if you don't open it so you can hang onto it for as long as you want...

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If you go to the Nasoya website you can see a photograph of the packaging and nutritional information. The url is Click on the Nasoya logo and go to "our products". On the drop down menu click on organic tofu. Towards the bottom you will see Lite Firm Tofu, if you click on that you will see a photograph and the nutritional information. I hope this helps.


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Nope, the one I bought is in an actual box - there's no clear wrapping. I'm at work though so I can't check the brand...

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Very few of us veggies here huh? I had always used the lite tofu and when I saw we could eat the entire package I was tickled pink! 14oz is a lot for one sitting, so I've been breaking it up into 2 meals and when the late nite hunger pangs come knocking, I'm like...oh yeah, I have another meal!.

I think one boca burger is a little on the low side, calorically speaking. Any suggestions??..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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