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Unlike other diet pills, Lipo 6:

- Is 100% natural with no side effects
- Is used to burn fat and lose weight permanently.

Featured in many of those overnight infomercials, Lipo 6 Nutrex is an diet pill that is made of ephedra. Most people use Lipo 6 in combination with aspirin + caffeine (dubbed the ECA stack).

I know you guys probably have heard a lot of commotion about ephedra in the news and media lately. Some reports are true, while others are myth.

What it comes down to is that Lipo 6 is effective if you want to lose weight quickly. If you are interested in Lipo 6, you can get Lipo 6 for a discount.

The ECA stack has been helpful for some people in losing weight. Nutrex Lipo 6 contains ephedra + caffeine, but no aspirin. This might seem like a bad thing, but in reality this is a blessing in diguise.

Aspirin can create health complications for some people. If you have no problem consuming aspirin, simply add an aspirin while taking Lipo 6.

What do I think of Lipo 6?

Lipo 6 is one of the fewest diet pills I can honestly recommend to my visitors. Unlike other pills, there are no Lipo 6 side effects that are very dangerous. And unlike other diet pills, it works quickly and permanently in losing weight.

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What is it most effective for?

Lipo 6 is most effective for females, as it was produced specifically for women. In addition, you should only take it if you have trouble getting rid of fat around your thighs and stomach. Lipo 6 specifically targets these areas, so if you're looking to lose weight elsewhere in your body, you shouldn't be bothering with Lipo-6 diet pills.

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That said, men can still use this product, as it helps tones and develops muscle, and getting rid of fat around your love handles. Unlike regular supplements, Lipo 6 is pretty good and effective. It is quite similar to Sans Tight.

Here are some Lipo 6 customer reviews I have compiled regarding Lipo 6:

"Hi, I told you guys I started taking Lipo 6 ephedra free a month ago, well I'm back to tell you what I thought of it... I've taken it everyday for the past month, and I am so glad I found out about it. For the past 3 months, I've been eating only organic, and low-fat foods, and started an exercising regimen (yoga + gym).

My friend, Carol took Lipo 6 and lose 30 lbs after 5 months with it, so it's not just me. However, I've also know people who couldn't lose any weight with it.Anyway, hope this review helps."

-Jane Carter

"I've been using Lipo 6 diet pill for 5 months, and lost 20 lbs in 2 months with it. Overall, I am very satisfied with this product.. Previously, I did everything I could, and followed all the directions. I'm not one of those lazy fat people who just expect miracle results without working for it. For many years, I did a ton of exercise, and restricted my calorie intake. This is very encouraging, but let's hope this keeps up. I've tried too many products where I lost a few lbs initially, but after awhile all the weight I lost gradually came back.

-Diana Robertson

Lipo 6 is an extremely potent and powerful diet pill. I would recommend trying Lipo 6 burner if you have tried many pills/products and none of these work for you. Lipo 6 is also very inexpensive compared to other products. Potent, powerful, and effective.

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