Lightheadedness from Medifast?

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I have noticed this week on several occasions that I have gotten lightheaded. I feel as though my sugar level is low. Anyone else get this on occasion?? As a nurse, I am educated and conditioned to fix the problem. Today I was out shopping and felt this way, so I reached for a sucking candy. I know that piece of candy was not on plan, but under the circumstances, I had to eat it. I left the store and went home and ate lunch.

Definitely within guidelines...hmmmmmm..

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Holiday stress.... quicker metabolism? Tired? Not enough water? And the list goes on.... I have experienced that feeling earlier in the program. Remember to take care of yourself. Sara..

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Sometimes sodium levels too, maybe add some boullion in? I found it was usually salt for me as opposed to sugar, but we're all different.....

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I, too, had/have moments of feeling dizzy, light headed. Being diabetic, I thought my blood sugar was dropping too low, but after checking it when feeling like that, it's be perfectly in acceptable, desirable ranges (80 to 90)..

After recent blood work, I was told to increase my sodium because it was actually too low. Since adding some iodized salt to my food, I've noticed I'm not as lightheaded as before, though still Fluff Head in certain circles. (Nickname given me in the chat room, Fluff Head.).

May be worth looking into?.

8-(\ /).

=( '.' )=..

Comment #3

I felt that way until I started to have some of my lean and green at lunch and started eating more toward the 1000 calorie a day level. That took care of it for me. I know mine was linked to low blood sugar levels because I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia years ago and it was exactly how I felt back then...

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My light headedness was my BP dropping with my weight loss. Got my meds cut in half by the doctor and feeling much better. So thrilled, last time I did a big weight loss I had no change in BP and this plan actually has way more salt than my previous plan...

Comment #5

I too had problems with dizziness/lightheadedness. I increased my sodium and water intake, and within 2 days the problem was solved. It was as simple as salting my L&G meal and drinking a couple extra glasses of water. I thought it was my blood sugar too, but now I know it defnitely wasn't.

Hope you're feeling better soon!.


Comment #6

Same thing happened to me when I started! Some wise person (cannot remember who, but THANK YOU!!) told me my electrolytes were off and/or sodium. I combatted it by having 1 dill pickle spear (optional snack) and/or some bouillon. It DEFINITELY helped and eventually my body course-corrected itself and I don't need them anymore (unless of course I want my pickle LOL). Good luck! And stay hydrated!.



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I am on my first day and experiencing this as well. I am ignoring my cravings, sticking to plan, and trying to get through it!..

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I had same problems lightheaded, I lived on coffee as a paramedic, now cutting that back, I drink loads of water, having headaches now but I'm sure that is because of my lack of visiting starbucks, I'm sure my local Starbucks is going to file for bankruptcy now that I'm not doing a drive by...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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