Should I Try Leptoprin?

Leptoprin, also know as Anorex is a diet pill that many people have asked me about recently. It became popular due to a clinical trial that supposedly proves it works in reducing your weight. Its popularity has faded over the years, but recently it has become more known again.

What do I think of Leptoprin?

Leptoprin, like many diet pills are unsafe to taken, and ineffective. There are many claims, but unfortunately they are made from people who just want to make some money. If you want to lose weight, I suggest trying a diet program called Medifast, which has helped a million people lose up to 20 lbs in 1 month. Learn How to Lose 20 lbs in 30 days...


Before taking Leptoprin, here are some things you need to keep in mind when taking Leptoprin:

- If you're taking any MAO inhibitors, do not take Leptoprin at all as it can cause complications
- If you're taking Leptoprin for other reasons besides weight loss, stop taking it. Leptoprin is not designed to treat fevers or colds at all.
- If you have an allergy to aspirin, do not take Leptoprin as well.
- Do not consume Leptoprin if you are expecting a baby.
- If you have asthma or stomach issues, talk to your doctor about it.

But does Leptoprin work or not?

Like I said, I have not tried it at all, so I have no apathy towards the product. But here are 2 people who have had very bad experiences with it. If you read other reviews, you will see that Leptoprin is simply a bad product.

From Karl Walker:

"I heard about Leptoprin from some of my online buddies in this weight loss forum.. I forgot the name of it, but I think it was called 3 fat chicks. Anyway, I went online and bought a month's supply as a trial. I had the money so it didn't hurt. I took 2 capsules three times a day, with a huge glass of water. I'm always skeptical of these diet supplements but since I heard some good stuff about it, I decided to buy it.

Well, Leptoprin turned out to be quite a dissapointment. After 2 weeks, my weight stayed exactly the same. I still weighed over 200 lbs. I did everything possible in my willpower to stick to a healthy diet, and to exercise (Did some Tae Kwon Do). I had previously tried diet programs such as Weight Waters, but to no avail. Now it seems like diet pills like Leptoprin are no use either. The weight loss market is full of useful products out there.

I read more diet pill reviews afterwards and it seems not many people give it a high grade. Right now, I think I am contemplating trying WuLong (Oolong) tea to lose weight. It's natural, and completely herbal.. so it shouldn't have any dangerous side effects. Anyway we'll see how it goes. But for all you people that were looking to try Leptoprin, take my advice: Do not buy it.. or even consider buying it."

From Veejay Smith:

"Leptoprin was a pill that I heard mentioned a lot in infomercials. They changed the name from Anorex though. Now I know infomercials are a bad place to get advice from, but the testimonials sounded so tempting. The testimonials sounded so cogent and convincing as well, not scripted like most infomercials. I reached for the phone and proceeded to order 1 bottle.

My order finally came after a few days, and I was eager to get started. What were my results? I stopped after 1 week, because I experienced way too many side effects. When I ordered it, they claimed it was all natural and would pose no dangers to my body. Well, people will claim lots of stuff it it means putting more money in their pockets. After a few days, I had trouble sleeping, had night sweats, and my heart started beating a lot faster than normal.

At first I thought I would get over it.. maybe my body needed to adjust to Leptoprin. Well after 5 days, these side effects continued and I got scared. I went to my local doctor and he immediately told me to stop taking it. Leptoprin is not FDA approved, and there are no medical studies that show it has no side effects.. just a bunch of marketers with their false claims. Believe them if you want, but if you value your health, please stay away from Leptoprin. Stick to 100% natural diet supplements like Hoodia Gordonii instead."

Of all the diet programs, and supplements, I highly recommend the Medifast Program. You probably have heard about it before, and there's a good reason why it's so popular. Over 1 million people have lost weight with the program. There have been many success stories over people losing 25+ lbs in a couple of months, which is amazing.

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