Medifast recipe for Lemon Poppyseed Muffins?

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I have been using this recipe I found on the other board. Full credit goes to Ruth in PA:.

Lemon Poppyseed Muffins:.

3 packets oatmeal.

1 packet French Vanilla Shake.

2 packets Splenda.

3/4 tsp baking powder.

2 tsp lemon or almond extract.

1 tbsp poppy seeds.

1/4 cup lemon juice.

1 cup water.

Mix, spoon into muffin tins sprayed with cooking spray, and bake at 350 degrees for 33 minutes. Makes 8 regular or 16 mini muffins. Equals 4 Medifast meals..

(Notes: I use maple brown sugar oatmeal & I prefer the almond extract for a more mellow taste.)..

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I'm bumping this post up in case anyone would like to try this muffin recipe - yummy delicious!!..

Comment #1

These sound really good. Can't wait to try them. Thanks for the post...

Comment #2

Ewwww....sounds so good! I'll have to wait until I place another order to try them...can't wait!..

Comment #3

I made these and used to them to help me drive 2000 miles. I ate them once each day. They kept well in baggies and they taste like "normal" food...

Comment #4

I made these over the weekend and had two for my first meal, today. YUM!!! I used the Berry Vanilla oatmeal and the lemon extract. Tastes just like lemon poppyseed muffins!..

Comment #5

Makes 8 regular and Equals 4 Medifast meals? So your saying 2 muffins = a meal?..

Comment #6

Yes, it is 2 regular or 4 mini muffins. The recipe makes approx 8 regular or 16 mini muffins. Since you use 4 medifast meals in the recipe, divide your batch by 4 and this will give you the number of muffins per meal...

Comment #7

I have tried making these and tried making the cookies and I ended up throwing them out they came out awful.... sigh... I wish that Medifast would make products like this already to go........ I would love it if they sold cookies and muffins... when out and about you just need to have something easy to take with you.....

Major do we get Medifast product people to listen????..

Comment #8

Kazie - I'm sorry that these didn't work out for you. Of all of the differtn cookie & muffin recipes these are the only ones I can stand & I think are close to the real thing. Just wondering what it was about them that didn't work for you & if there is something with the recipe I could help you with. Let me know if I can...

Comment #9

I am sure it wasn't the recipe... I am just an awful cook.... really I can follow a recipe exactly as written and it doesn't come out..... I am sure it is just me.... If Medifast wasn't so costly I would keep attempting the recipes but I really wish Medifast would come out with muffins and cookies already to go...... thanks anyway.


Comment #10

Sounds great I love lemon. I was disappointed when lemon bars were not available for my last order I hope these muffins really taste as good as you guys say. I have had problems making the muffins in the past they seem to end up with a strange, tough "skin" on top. I'll give them a try.....

Comment #11

I had a problem with my first batch of these but when I made them the second time (practice makes perfect), I used only 2 tsp of poppyseeds, a tsp of coconut extract with the lemon and only 2/3 cup water. They had a much better consistency and are wonderful. I look forward to my "real" breakfast every morning. Keep trying and just add the water in a tablespoon at a time until it looks like thick batter...

Comment #12

How do you count this on your My Plan section? Do you put it as an oatmeal?..

Comment #13

I keep it simple - since the batch makes 4 meals - using 3 oatmeals & 1 shake - I just log in an oatmeal 3 days in a row & a shake the 4th day..

Comment #14

Just in case anyone else out there is out of vanilla shakes and wants to try this... and convinces himself/herself that it would taste great using a banana shake instead...


I love almond extract in the banana shakes, but it does NOT work for these muffins! Blech!..

Comment #15

Okay, I just tried this recipe too and needless to say I will be definitely making more - LOTS MORE !! I did the same as quirky - I used the vanilla berry oatmeal and added lemon extract. Oh, and I also put them in the mini rose bakeware tins. So, not only were they tasty, but the rose design made it a little special too !!..

Comment #16

I, too, made these muffins today and followed the recipe to a tee..... BUT they were such a flop. For whatever reason, they wouldn't cook on the inside. The outside of the muffin baked and turned a nice brown, but the inside of the muffin was just like mixing the oatmeal in the bowl complete mush. I am so disappointed as I love Poppyseed muffins. I was so looking forward to placing these muffins in baggies for a car trip I am going on this weekend.

I hate that I wasted 4 Medifast products on this recipe...

Comment #17

Wow, there are some great tips for making these muffins in this thread! I like the idea of making them in the mini muffin tins. When I made them, I didn't fill the muffin cups very full and they cooked okay, but were a little soft in the middle. It didn't bother me, though, 'cus once they firmed up over the next few days they were fine and I gobbled up every single crumb...hee-hee...

Comment #18

I also had a terrible result with these muffins and also the cookie recipes I tried from this site. I made a few batches because I was going to be camping for a week and wanted the convenience....I hate to say this, but I threw them ALL into the campfire. The aftertaste was just horrible...and I'm a baker by trade? Luckily I brought extra packets just in case. I won't be trying anymore recipes...I'll just stick to what I like and order on the go shakes for traveling...

Comment #19

I'm sorry to hear that this recipe has not worked for some. I have made it numerous times from the original recipe with no adjustments necessary. The middles have never been mushy & I haven't noticed an aftertaste. Don't know what to suggest. Again, sorry that these did not work out for a few of you. Once again goes to show that what works for one doesn't always work for everyone!..

Comment #20

I wonder if the pan makes a difference. I made muffins yesterday for the first time. While they were not light and fluffy like most want they were good. I made mine in stoneware then put them in the fridge after they were cooked. Sure I ate them cold but I think I was wanting flavor more then texture. I will be making them agian!..

Comment #21

I made these last night. Followed Cowgirl's recipe to a tee and guess what?.

THEY are PERFECT!!!!!.

Thank you for the wonderful recipe! I'll be making these weekly !.

They are fabulous and have a wonderful texture. I do not see any room for improvement...

Comment #22

I also love these and the Brownie Muffins. I've made a number of batches of these up and put them in single serving baggies and froze them. This way I can grab one each morning and by the time I get to work and am ready for my second meal, they are defrosted and ready to eat. I also love them for days on the run and travel. My hat is off to all the Medifast chef's for working on these recipies and being willing to share them with the rest of us...

Comment #23

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