Medifast recipe for Lemon Meringue Pudding?

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For those of you who hate the banana pudding, here's how to make it taste like lemon meringue. I was trying to down this pudding when I thought, hey I have a crystal light packet in my desk. Anything should help the flavor. Well it did and it tasted justl like lemon meringue pie. I was licking my spoon and scraping the bowl when I finished.

1 pkg banana pudding.

1/8 tsp of crystal light lemonade mix (you can add more depending on how much of a lemon flavor you want).


P.S. I'll be adding peach and rasberry to the banana pudding to see how it tastes...

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Thanks for the great tip. I am not a fan of the banana pudding so I will definitely give this a try because I love lemon meringue...

Comment #1

Now I want this but don't have any Crystal Light. I wonder how some True Lemon and Splenda would work? hhhhhmmmm ..I may just have to experiment this afternoon...

Comment #2

Cool! I was having a lemony craving (must be the warmer weather here) and was wondering if something like that would work. I was going to try a tbsp of the SF lemon or jello pudding..

Good to know. Thanks...

Comment #3

Holey moley, was that good! I did it with 2 pks of True Lemon (because I like a strong taste of lemon in lemony things) and 1 pk Equal. Dee-lish and so refreshingly vibrant on the palate. heh...

Comment #4

Two more suggestions for the banana pudding:.

Mix one packet banana and one packet chocolate with 8 oz. water, shake in the shaker jar until it doesn't slosh around anymore, pour into a bowl and put it in the fridge to thicken (2 meals)..

One banana packet, 4 oz. water, 4-5 ice cubes, coconut flavoring, a little splenda; mix it all together in a blender for a really smooth shake..


Comment #5

Thanks for the lemon idea! I don't care for the banana pudding, either. I mixed the Lemon Crystal Light & the pudding in my Magic Bullet and made a lemon mousse!..

Comment #6

Oooh. I don't have any pudding right now *sad* but I think I have banana pudding on it's way to me. I bought the shaker bottle of true lemon, I'm definitely going to try this when it comes...

Comment #7

Thanks for this wonderful idea, I have banana pudding, and dont like it by itself. I tried your idea, with two packs of true lemon and some splenda. It was really good. I just ordered some vanilla pudding, so I could put the lemon in it also. Keep up these great ideas!!!!! I love them~~..

Comment #8

DEEEEEEEEEEE-LISH! I hate the banana pudding by itself-thanks for sharing. I used 1/2 a to go packet of the lemonade. This is the same thing I do for the orange shakes thanks to OB! Now they are actually one of my faves!..

Comment #9

That sounds soooo good. I love lemon meringue pie or anything lemon flavored for that matter. I'm gonna try that recipe tomorrow!..

Comment #10

I had it again today. It's a new favorite...

Comment #11

Works in the "I made Ice Cream" recipe posted elsewhere, too..

I don't care for the fake banana aroma of the pudding or shake, so I place the finished recipe sit in an open freezer-safe bowl to become firmer. Seems to waft away the aroma..


Comment #12

Hmmmm... all I have is vanilla pudding... but now I'm thinking Key Lime Pie with my TrueLime.....

Comment #13

Wow, what a great idea! I think I will take the vanilla pudding, use true lemon and splenda. Take a spoonful of SF cool whip and there you have it (minus the crust).....Sounds delish. I knew there was a reason I signed on here today!.


Comment #14

I made the crusts last night (split everything between 4 muffin tins) so this morning I had two Lime tartlets for breakfast... YUM!!!.

Thank goodness for all you Medichef geniuses!!!! I am never bored on this plan!..

Comment #15

I love the orange shake with diet orange sunkist soda.. It is one of my favs...

Comment #16

The crust is from LoriannK's pie recipe: .

It's made from the Medifast oatmeal!..

Comment #17

Whoa! Great recipe!!!!!!.

Another one to try, AND VERY SOON!!!!..

Comment #18

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