Medifast recipe for Lean & Green 12/4/06?

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Well it looks like my plans to cook went down the drain when I looked at my calandar and saw that I have to get two of my kids at one end of town at 4:30, and another at the other end of town at 6:00 and then go back to the other end again to pick up the two I dropped by 6:30 p.m. and then go back to the other side of town to a middle school concert by 7:00 p.m. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it!.

I guess with all this craziness going on today we will have to pick up something out. I am hoping to go to TGI Fridays if we go there I will get the grilled shrimp and brocolli, along with a side salad, or Outback and I will get the victoria filet with brocolli and a side salad. I guess we will take a vote and go majority!.

What are you going to do for your lean and green today?..

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Tonight I'm having some pork tenderloin roast w/Walden Farms sweet & sour sauce glaze and some Cape Cod white turnips and 3 ILLEGAL brussel sprouts (my hubby will eat the rest so I won't be tempted by them LOL)..

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Sue's a MediRebel with the sprouts. I just looked at them in the store and sighed. Every now and then they are great. I am having Trader Joe's carne asada and green beans with rice vinegar. Simple and easy...

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Brussel sprouts....I grow them in my "greenroom" that is built off the front of my house....I pick them when they are just the size of a marble. I would think that it would take 5-6 to equal 1 normal sized BS.

I throw them into soup occasionally...they give it a nice "dente". I'll have to pick some tonight. Thanks for the far as the lean goes??? Boneless skinless chicken thighs grilled on the Weber....I'm marinating them as I type. love and peace..lynnann..

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I guess I never got the word. I just assumed they were ok because cabbage is on the approved list. I just looked in my carb/cal book and I see that the little guys are a bit heavy on the carbs. Good byefor nowmy little ones.........

If I get over the loss of my brussel sprouts by dinner then I guess I will have a turkey burger and steamed green beans...

Comment #4

I asked Nutrisystem about this recently as brussels sprouts now have about the same amount of carbs as broccoli... They said they'd look into revising the guidelines. My rule of thumb has been to go with it even if it's not on the list as long as it keeps me in the carb guidelines.(85 and under)..

Comment #5

Oh my God The Trader Joe's stuff? I am too lazy and busy to be creative all the time with the L&G. Once a week I buy a big pile of the Carne Asada, the Chicken Asada and the Sirloin Tips (these are my favorite)from Trader Joe's, along with the veggies they have that are ready to nuke. They are SO flavorful and SO easy and NO added carbs. I would die without these. I can literally make dinner in under 10 minutes. Trader Joe's cauliflower 4 minutes in microwave and the chicken/beef is 4-5 minutes max on the grill. Doesn't get much better than THAT...

Comment #6

Thanks, bmoyles, for the heads up on the sprouts..

I don't often have them, but if know you can't then you want them. I will keep having them, but sparingly.

Thanks again..

Barbara BuckeyeGal..

Comment #7

Boo hoo! I wish there was a Trader Joes here. That place sound so wonderful!..

Comment #8

Trader Joe's rocks. By the way, Larbec, Tom at Capella was STUNNED about how fast you got that coupon code up for the discount. He thought maybe in a few days we would all get into this but he is getting backlogged from all the new orders. You are awesome gal...

Comment #9

I wonder if Capella has stock up yet? I wanna get on that right away!..

Comment #10

Greetings from another Trader Joe-less location. I would have to travel 2 hours to get to the closest one. It must be nice living in civilization....

Meanwhile, had a bunch of stuff to do just before dinner and no time to cook. I had some fresh spinach, some left over grilled chicken breast, some left over browned extra lean ground turkey, and I'd bought those veggie shreds everyone said were so good. So I sauteed the spinach in some Pam, added garlic powder, cumin, and ground coriander and the leftover chicken and turkey, until it was heated through. Threw it into a little casserole and topped with some of the veggie shreds and broiled til the cheese was melted. Topped it with some low carb salsa. It was great! My husband wants me to make enough for him to have it, too, next time...

Comment #11

I know Sue. I'm MA just outside of Pawtucket and I can't believe they don't have one in this area! I do love Trader Joe's tho' and try to make a pit-stop there occasionally when coming back from my weekly Cape Cod visits. Hard to do too much of the frozen stuff in the summer tho' (cooler is not that big! LOL)...

Comment #12

Yeah, I had a lonely box of brussel sprouts in the freezer and my hubby kept asking when are we ever going to have them again and on and on. Jeepers, you would think we were talking chocolate cake here! LOL After looking at the nutritional info on the back of the box I figured why not live dangerously and have 3 of them! They were very tasty and as mentioned pretty much the same as broccoli..

I do miss those chicken thighs though as I never really cared for chic breast all that much except for in salads. But I've learned different tasty ways to prepare it and the thighs will still be around!.

It's funny how you miss the craziest things (like brussel sprouts) if you can't have them. I think I pined over them more than not having cheesecake. Well, not really, but I can understand WHY no cheesecake!!! LOL..

Comment #13

My sister lives in Seekonk. I know there used to be a Trader Joe's in Boston. Is it till there? which one do you hit coming back from the Cape?..

Comment #14

Wow, I feel bad for you Trader Joe-less folks. I have 3 within 10 miles of me. You should send them an e-mail and tell them they need to expand their locations!..

Comment #15

I went to Trader Joe's today to look for the chicken and beef asada but couldn't find it. Where in the store do you get it? I searched the frozen section but didn't see it...

Comment #16

Lydiaa NOT in frozen section. In the cold section where the meat is...

Comment #17

Hmm, I saw some carne asada in the cold section. It was wrapped 12-16oz in sort of premarinated chunks. Am I getting warmer? Is it already cooked or still raw? Oh, and your mailbox is full, Bettina!..

Comment #18

I am having Tofu spaghetti with ground turkey. Translation, 1 package of shirataki tofu noodles, ground turkey and half cup of trader joe fire roasted spaghetti sauce, with 2 tsp of parma cheese. yumm, yummm..

Comment #19

Well, today being our anniversary meal out, we ate at Red Lobster. I had grilled shrimp and scallops with a salad and a few pieces of grilled squash. Very yummy!..

Comment #20

I go to the one on Rtes 28 & 132 in Hyannis next to the Christmas Tree Shops. The one in Boston's Back Bay is still there but I haven't been to Boston in years...

Comment #21

Thanks Susan. I go to Boston rarely, can't handle the traffic. If you're ever gonna be anywhere in Rhode Island, PM me, and maybe we can have a shake together!..

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