Medifast recipe for L&G plans or ideas for 12/3?

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I made my l&g some last night! I am having ground turkey meatloaf (cooked it last night while making my turkey burgers). Then I am thinking green beans with green onions for a change! Would have done cauliflower mash but I would have to go to the store for cauliflower.

What is everyone else having??????..

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LOL Pam I am having Trader Joe's chicken asada and green beans. I have had enough of the cauliflower for a few..

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All this talk of eggs is making me hungry for an omelette. with lots of green peppers and onions...

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We usually go out for dinner on Sundays. Tonight we are going to a local deli (with a coupon for buy one meal/get one free...are we cheap? Just frugal~) and they have the best grilled salmon. I'll get green beans and a small salad with my own WF dressing stashed in my purse. A bit of an overload on the greens, I know..

Everyone have a good, trouble-free week...

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Hey there. I'm having a Boca Flamed Grilled Soy Pattie w/ Carb Well BBQ sauce and sauteed mushrooms, cabbage and onions with a little FF cheese melted on top...

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Baked tofu, marinated lowfat italian dressing before baking, lemon-tahini cauliflower (see below), and grilled tomatoes.

Now that I know we can have tahini occasionally, I can make this favorite (adapted from Vegetarian Times):.

1 large head clauflower cut into florets.

Olive oil spray.

2 cloves garlic, minced.

2 Tbs. tahini.

1 Tbs lemon juice.

1/4 tsp salt.

5 Tbsp water.

1 Tbs chopped fresh parsley (about half that if using dried).

1 tsp toasted sesame seeds (optional but good).

Heat oven to 425 and spread cauliflower on sprayed cookie sheet and put on rack in top position. Salt lightly if desired. Bake until cauliflower is tender and slightly browned (at least 15 min.). Meanwhile saute garlic in olive-oil sprayed saucepan over medium heat. Stir in tahini, lemon juice, water and salt. Simmer 1-2 min.

(If using dried parsley insead of fresh, add it to this mix now and stir.).

When cauliflower is done, put in large bowl and drizzle with sauce; toss to coat. Sprinkle with fresh parsley and sesame seeds if using.

This makes more than I need for the G part of my L&G but my husband is happy to finish off the rest!.

BTW, I love this daily post about dinner...really helpful...

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Heya all...thanks Bettina for the heads up on Trader Joes...I'm ordering some food online...very nice looking stuff..

I figured out how to log my DH's special spagetti sauce he make now that it's winter..I used the AddFood tool...very handy to "spec" things out. I calculated the entire recipe...4500 calories worth.

Then I necked each ingredient down to my portion and this thing "knew" what was Lean and what was Green..isn't that cool? Turns out I can have a cup of the sauce with all the veggies he puts in it AND 4 additional oz of the ground beef/turkey he uses (I took that out before he mixed it all together)'s a wonderful noodles...however...I though I could have it with some soy white cheddar snacks...they might satisfy my starch gravings....

Love and peace...lynnann..

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After reading everyone's meal occurred to "reads" like we eat like royalty!!!..

Comment #7

Evening all!!.

When I have to go to work (night shift) I generally plan a lite and portable l&g. So, I made up a big salad with 2 boiled eggs. Highly portable, lol. Now work called and the patient load is down, so I am home for the night! boo hoo, called off on the last paycheck before Christmas!! oh well...more medi time for reading these boards!!.

Making the best of what I get dealt.......

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Hey Lynann, have you tried the Shiratakis yet? They would go well with the pasta sauce, although you might have to go half and half since they count as part of your green.....

Comment #9

Pizza Casserole.... Browned ground beef, summer squash, tomato, onion, garlic, oregano, mozzarella cheese.... yum!..

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Okay so my meal WAS going to be Trader Joe's chicken asada and green beans. BUT I got mad at my crock pot today so I threw in a bag of frozen chicken breasts, diet hot wing sauce, and cooked it to death. It was good. BUT the big news was the mashed cauliflower yes I traded out the green beans. Can't stop with the CF. Got a tip from Farrell's potato pie recipe and added some horseradish. Deelish...

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I had a salad with shrimp on it Yummy!!..

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