Medifast recipe for L&G meal!?

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I thought I would share one of my all time fav recipies it's quick and very good. it may seem like it isn't going to be very good but anyone I have every gave this too loved it..

All you need is to add a couple cans of green beans and cut up one onion then add hillshire farms turkey or beef smoke sausage (i use turkey better for you I think). I cut it in think slices and through it in there. then onion is more for flav so I don't eat but a piece or two of it. let it cook for about 15-20 mins and boom it's done!! it's soooo goood! I make this alot because my husband and son both love it and I can eat it too. one meal instead of two. before Medifast I used to get the green beens with the new potatoes in them which make the dish even better but I cant have them so I either use just plain green beens or I just don't eat the potatoes if my husbands eating it too. I usally make a whole lot to last a couple days so I use two packages of the turkey sausage and a couple cans of green beens!! well I hope some one tries it out there and lets me know what they think!!!!!! enjoy!..

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Do you cook it on the stove or bake it?..

Comment #1

Sounds good.....I'll be giving this a try...thanks for sharing..

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Yes, please share how you cook it and if you do bake it on what temp...

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This sounds yummy, but are we allowed to have turkey sausage because of the fat and sodium content? Anyone know?..

Comment #4

You cook it on the stove, do not drian the green been cans just pour the whole thing water and all in the pot. cook on med for 15-20 min or untill the onions are soft. there is beef sausgage too if the turkey is to high in fat I guess I never thought of that. I know the calories are not bad I cant say what they are off the top of my head though!! I hope we can have this if not I will be soooo upset cause it's so easy and so yummy!! I guess I better ask huh! have a great day ladies!..

Comment #5

I get a chicken sausage at Trader Joe's that is low in calories, fat and carbs... I think Nutrisystem has said to just watch the sodium in these lean links, as in don't have 'em every day..

Thanks for the clarification, this sounds so easy and yummy!..

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