Medifast recipe for L & G tonight??

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Hey everyone whats on the menu for L & G tonight? I need ideas .....


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Taco salad. 4 oz 95% lean hamburger, 5 chopped olives, 2 c. romaine, 1/2 c. celery, 1 oz 2% colby and 2 tblspns fat free catalina dressing...

Comment #1


Okay... a turkey burger with Laughing Cow garlic cheese on an Medifast "bread" roll. Side of brocolli with Galeo's sesame dressing..

Nothing too exciting, but still yummy!..

Comment #2

I had shrimp kaboobs. With shrimp, zuchinni, tomatoes, mushrooms with a little bit of seasoning. It was a perfect dinner and my family enjoyed it with me...

Comment #3

I had a buffalo steak and a romaine salad with Galeo's FAB dressing...and a big glass of water...yummy..

Comment #4

I went out for lunch with a coworker. I got the Close Talker salad at Moe's. no shell. my fave. yum...

Comment #5

We're having curry turkey burgers with salad and sesame miso dressing. Delicious...

Comment #6

Well I fried the Shirataki noodles till crispy, made Medifast Chili (which I seasoned), little shredded cheddar cheese and salad. OMG, think I'm heaven...

Comment #7

I'm having grilled shrimp, salad w/ mushrooms and WF dijon dressing. I live in the perfect for this time of year..I also went for a 3 hour ride on my harley today!..

Comment #8

Grilled lamb chop, grilled vegetable kabob, sparkling water- outside under the mulberry tree with good linens and pretty plates, fresh flowers!.



Comment #9

7oz Sea Scallops sauted in tablespoon olive oil, 1 clove garlic, 1/8 tsp basil and slice of lemon and 1/2 cup diced tomato. Served on a bed of (2 cups) romaine...

Comment #10

Huge Salad and a diet Pepsi..

4 cups lettuce, 6 grape tomatoes, a couple tablespoons sliced pepperoncini peppers, 1 tablespoon thin sliced red onion, some sliced pepperoni (1/2 cup?), and 4 Tablespoons real Italian dressing..

I know I cheated on the lettuce and when I'm done there will be almost 2 tablespoons of dressing in the bottom of the salad bowl...

Comment #11

London Broil (top round?) sliced very thin, seasoned with pepper, some garlic, red pepper, cumin and other stuffs (I put the meat in a bag, tossed in the seasoning and let it set while I heated up the grill.

To go with my caveman portion of meat, I am having salad! (again because I really hate cooked veggies )..

Comment #12

I had a sandwich with Medifast COT "bread" 2 oz 96% FF ham, 1oz provolone cheese, lettuce & spicy mustard with 1cup of grape tomatoes on the side. Oh....and can't forget the HUGE glass of ice water.

I know ham isn't really legal, but the 96% FF is leaner then turkey!..

Comment #13

I got Mesquite marinaded fresh chicken breasts at Schnucks and grilled them and veggie shish kabobs. I put zucchini, cherry tomatoes and baby portabella mushrooms on skewers and then based them with Newman's Own Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette while they grilled. It was wonderful. I never pay $4 something a pound for chicken breasts but they were worth every dime. I hope to do lots of grilling this summer...

Comment #14

We had Angus Blue Cheese burgers from Costco - Yummy!! Lean beef with just a little blue cheese in them - just about 5 oz. They come fully cooked - just have to brown them up in Pam. Had it with a bunch of sliced tomatoes for a veg...

Comment #15

Tonites a simple nite - flattend chicken breasts rolled up with spinach and grilled. Sauteed (lil bit of olive oil and Mrs Dash), sliced mushrooms and some tomatos with Newmans Sesame Ginger dressing...

Comment #16

I'm having a grilled 4 oz. chicken burger flavored with mediterrian seasonings along with a tossed salad topped with lite italian dressing. I'm serving my husband & son some fabulous (and pricy) crab cakes along with streamed shrimp. I may have to sample a few shrimp, the crab cakes are mostly lump meat but I'm still a bit scared to have one, so I'll pass on them tonight..

Comment #17


If you really want crab cakes, my hubby posted a Medifast L&G safe recipe 2-3 weeks ago. Use the search function. I am sure you will find it..

Tonight I I had:.

7 oz. Pan seared sea scallops with a spray of olive oil Pam, 1/2 tsp minced garlic, 4 sprigs of fresh chopped cilantro, and a few turns from the pepper grinder. MMMMMM!!!.

(Did you know that 14 pan seared sea scallops = 7 ounces? This is an easy way to measure.).

1.5 cup of grilled zuchini and yellow squash..

Comment #18

Simple for me tonight 3oz leftover chicken breast - 2 boiled eggs on a salad of spring mix with 2T Kens Light Ceasar dressing!..

Comment #19

Pork Chop and Green Beans for me. Nothing special but good and it's what everyone else is eating tonight. (Except they get au gratin potatoes too!)..

Comment #20

First attempt at Medifast friendly Chili Rellenos! Very good!!! 2 Anaheim Peppers, 3 oz 94% lean beef, 1/4 cup lowfat cheese, 1 tomato.....

Comment #21

L/G tonight is a sauted mix of ground white meat chicken, peppers, scallions along with garlic powder, fresh ground pepper....made into a patty.....raw veggies of cucumbers and green beensBiggggggg bottle of cold water. YUM YUM YUM..

Comment #22

I'm just an old junkfood eater...all this meat better not be making me mean! My brother cut up the meat for me (only started back on meat about 2 years ago and because I'm still too squeamish to be touching icky stuffs he does it all for me ) and he said, this is more meat than I've seen you eat in a year!.

Sadly, it was 1 portion of boneless, skinless chicken breast, best was, he even came back in several times to see if I was actually eating it all..

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