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Oooookay. Here's the deal..

So, I've basically bombed the last 2 months. Not even going to lie. It was a combination of factors, but the reality at the end of the day was it was just bad choices. No reason to hash out all the details here, but that's the story.

I'm up 15 lbs over my lowest weight and my "skinny" jeans are tight. Kind of a suck-fest, but on the other hand, at least I'm back before they don't fit anymore. I am 100% recommitted and not punishing myself for bad decisions - just moving forward with a clear head.

I feel like I need to post this because I NEED to come back and be a part of this board/community if I'm going to succeed, and I will feel disingenuous if I don't update my ticker or tell you why I've been away for a bit.

I'm back on board. I am committed to being an active part of the boards/chat/blogs. That is SO key to my success. Maybe at some point I'll post a blog or something analyzing why I think I let myself detour and what I learned in the process. Guys, I'll tell you - I feel SO much better when I'm eating Medifast food than when I'm eating the junk I detoured on.

A detour isn't the end of the world. I got a flat tire. I'm not going to get out and slash the other 3 by continuing on that destructive path My ticker is up-to-date now, and I'm ready to get it down to goal!.

My #1 tip for people would be to KEEP COMING HERE DAILY. It is so important, at least for me, to keep that accountability. I completely see why veterans stay active, and I know that is going to be necessary for me. Thanks for your support, and I appreciate that you all will accept me back without judgment.

Also: I love the new cinnamon pretzels...

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Welcome back, I figured you just got knocked up and had to go off plan.....

Comment #1

I'm glad you're back. A similar thing happened to me for a couple of months, but I owned it and recommitted as well. The boards are crucial for my/our continuing success...

Comment #2

I like that attitude - a flat tire isn't the end of the world! Congrats on coming back! Good luck in your journey...

Comment #3

Yay! I've missed seeing you around here. I'm glad you're back and re-committed! Good for you!.

Hmm... maybe I should dig out your cauliflower pizza recipe in your honor.



Comment #4

Welcome Back!! I'm glad you made the right decision and that you are moving forward instead of dwelling on the past and letting it drag you down any farther. You are a wise woman!!..

Comment #5

Hey Kurz! Don't take this the wrong way but I don't feel so bad about my own detour knowing it happened to you too. I guess it really can happen to the best of us. Welcome back!..

Comment #6

If we don't make mistakes how ever will we learn such a hard lesson? Welcome back!..

Comment #7

Welcome back, and thank you for joining me in the tiny minority willing to speak out in favor of the new pretzels.

Good to see you!..

Comment #8

Well, you know, that too. I'm just an overachiever and got the gestation period down to 8 weeks rather than 40. Blam, take that biology! Yeah.

Thanks everyone...

Comment #9

Hmmm... looking around at my glass house of the last 30 years I'm thinking I won't be casting any stones... Glad to see you back, you were missed.....

Comment #10

Welcome back! I wondered what happened to you!!! Glad to see you...

Comment #11

...of course, had you said you liked the new HM Pretzels- I would have felt compelled to start throwing ; )..

Comment #12

Throwing what? Stones or the pretzels?.

(Pssst, you can throw the pretzels my way. I love 'em!)..

Comment #13

So glad you're back Kurz! Congrats on catching yourself before it got worse! You and Freya can have everyone's cinnamon pretzels..

Comment #14

Welcome back Kurz!! We missed you around here!.

...and I want in on those cinnamon pretzels. I love them too!!!..

Comment #15

Welcome back Kurtz.

The support here is essential to my progress as well. Even though my stupid job makes it hard to find time to log in every day - I force myself to do it anytime I get the urge to try to beat the system (i.e. "what's one bite gonna do?" etc.)..

Looking forward to more posts and recipes from you...

Comment #16

Welcome back! I completely relate to your need to confess and need to be here. Can't believe how important this board is to my own success...

Comment #17


Japanese Proverb:.

Fall down seven times, stand back up eight times..

Its never, ever, too late to come back to Medifast Diet/Journey. If you ever want a list of books that help immensely with this journey, please email me and Ill email this list back to you. Although these books are not a cure-all, end-all, say-all for food/weight issues, they do, however, provide lots of tools, strategies, logistics, and mental exercises for cleaning up with food and staying OP. And, they work great with the Medifast Diet/Journey..

Thats my 2 cents worth. Blather, rinse, repeat. Now I gotta get off these boards and get some work done in my studio..

Take care and welcome back..

I Havent Arrived Exactly Where I Want To Be, But By The Grace of God Im Not Where I Once Was..

Comment #18

Welcome back Kurz! Glad to see you are back and ready to re-commit. Don't ever beat yourself up about any of it!.

Also, even though I am approaching the final days of transition, and really just focusing on good decisions, I still come here to read on a daily basis. Its good to know I am not the only one.

I was just looking for your pizza post the other day, since my sister is coming to visit and I plan on forcing that upon her!!.

Good luck girl!..

Comment #19

Do you know what triggered you? Are things clearer so you can keep the path this time? It's such an amazing learning process. It's great to see you stopped it cold and never tossed the skinny jeans aside in favor of stretchy pants..............

Comment #20

Hi there!.

Its so nice when people come back!.

And it is good to know that you can...

Comment #21

Kurz...we really have missed you. Glad you are back to stay!..

Comment #22

Welcome back Kurz. Its good to see you back...

Comment #23

Welcome back. I've been wondering what happened to you. I read something the other day: Life is a series of adjustments". Good for you for readjusting and getting back on track. I look forward to watching your ticker go down...

Comment #24

A very warm welcome back and lots of (((hugs)))...

Comment #25

Welcome Back Kurz! I too have been wondering about you and I am so glad to see you back on the boards/MF! You have been missed!..

Comment #26

Welcome back. And congratulations on getting back on track. Nothing is ever a mistake if you learn from it..

Comment #27

I'm glad you're back. I just made another batch of your cauliflower pizza crust - definately a keeper..

I'm in week 3 of transition and finding it difficult some days. In the back of my head I'm always afraid that I will slowly go back to my old ways, it's definately harder than the weight loss phase..

I'd be interested in a blog, if you decide to post, on what happened to take you off track. I may find it helpful keeping me on track...

Comment #28

I remember seeing your califlower pizza crust recipe and enjoying it when I tried it. Good to have ya back, I learn a lot from reading different peoples experiences with Medifast. Im currently going through some of that not 100% OP experience and need to refocus again myself. Coming here and reading helps quite a bit to say the least.....

Comment #29

Great perspective. And welcome back - you were missed! Lots of us wondering where you were!..

Comment #30

Kurz: I heart you 15lbs heavier or not keep on keeping on and welcome back to the forums i'll be blog watching for all your updates! your honest story is a big inspiration for me.


Comment #31

Welcome Back! I, too, was wondering just the other day how you were doing, as I have been missing you on these boards. As so many others have already said, you are approaching your "detour" bravely and making a right turn back onto the path to success.

P.S. Can I share the pretzels with you and Freya?..

Comment #32

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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