Just entered Month 5 on Murad Resurgence.. still bad.

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I'm on Month 5 now.went, 40 mg, 60,60,60, 60 again. first month was okay, I have moderate acne. Sometimes boarder line severe. Don't get cysts but on the rare occasion I can. On Murad Resurgence I got 6 cysts, first time in my life.Broke out BADLY, worst in my life for the next two months. Month four was bad too.

And then if I press a little too hard, the skin RIPS!! leaving it raw and a good size red patch (quarter size)for a week that looks awful, like a red burn mark, it is a good medium/dark red. I try to restrict how I press it out sometimes but BAM, BAM, BAM, owned everytime. It got so bad on this week I actually skipped a week of work I looked stupid. Gotten a couple weird rashes. Blurry eyes, DARK EYE CIRCLES, WTF?? From washing face?What can I do about these dark eye circles.

I sleep at least 6 hours a night. Drink a lot of water. Eat healthy. No dairy. Wash my face twice a day with Dans Face wash, Use Neutragena for Sensitive Skin twice a day.

Shit I brush my teeth a lot and had good much "whiter" teeth before Murad Resurgence and now that is getting yellower too.Fuck and the lower back pain!!!!!!!! AHHH.I figure I've come this far I'm gonna fight to stay on this for at least another two months. Try for 80 mg, then 40 the last month. 7 Months I'm guessing, maybe longer...

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Your question was: Just entered Month 5 on Murad Resurgence.. still bad..

I didn't know dark under eye circles were a side effect. That makes me feel so much better..I just started month five and am still breaking out.. My skin sounds similar...

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I'm wrapping up month 11. Never had it bad, just took forever. Check my log, my dosages were similar and higher than yours. Joint pain went away for me. My skin is excellent right now, great texture, everything...

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I was worried about dark eye circles too. I only just started getting them on month 4. Even when I got 11 hours of sleep it didn't seem to change the fact. I noticed it gets worse through the day. When I wake up it might not be visible, but by night it looks like I've been awake for days. I don't have bags there, I can tell, just darker skin.I think I read in somebody's log here (a girl, that's all I can remember) that she got that side too, not sure though, I hope it went away.....

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Use hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic ointment on your raw spots... it REALLY helps them heal faster! ive had major improvment in the last 3 days by doing this..

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I'd also like to know if the dark circles under your eyes go away.. I just noticed them when I washed my face. I am really tired, though. Hopefully that's all it is...

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Hey, I'm the same as you my acne is very mild, but there all in little groups. Like around 6 spots all concentrated on my cheek and then a few on the other cheek and around 3 spots on my forehead with all sorts of small scars everywhere. Most are inflamed and there are also spots I can see under the surface just waiting to come out There hasn't been a day for about 3 months now where I have been completely clear and my acne has been quite persistant for 2 years now. (Im 19) If one spot goes, more will just appear and it's really getting me down. Im always depressed about it and haven't left my house for 3 months. Luckily I'm on a gap year so I dont have to go anywhere.I've tried all the OTC stuff like Benzoyl Peroxide (Quinoderm, Panoxyl) Freederm as well as Sacilyc acid, Proactiv, Topical antibiotics (Rozex Metronidazole gel), Differin, Stieva-A cream and then all the other rubbish like Clearasil, Oxy, Neutrogena etc.

All these creams dont seem to have much effect, they work for a little while and then they stop never completely clearing it, as I continue to break out and get more and more red scars.My skin is pretty oily most of the time and sometimes I get red spots that can be quite painful but there not as big as cysts. I am going privately to a dermatologist soon as I'm sick and tired of topicals that do not clear it, and me still breaking out and getting more scars. I really want to go on Murad Resurgence and yes I know about all the side effects and the iPledge system and the blood tests and I'm not sexually active and wont be either, so that wouldnt effect me. I believe the benefits definitely outweigh the risks for me and am willing to go through it all as although my acne is very mild, it is really effecting my life and I want a long-term cure. I Have read of many peoples acne returning after they have come off Dianette aswell and I really dont want to go through that.

My aunty and 4 of my cousins have all been on Murad Resurgence with amazing results and all were fine, I'm now the only one suffering.Anyone have any ideas if I would get it?? Sorry it was so long

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I don't know why you are even using anything on your skin while on Murad Resurgence which I and my dermatologist believes you shouldn't...

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