Medifast recipe for Itty bitty shrimp? Shrimp cocktail??

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I'm new to this whole cooking seafood game, but I'm really trying to branch out with all the healthy options available. At the store today, I picked up a couple little bags of tiny shrimp, like large thumbnail size. Now, what should I do with them? I've heard people mention shrimp cocktail, but I honestly don't know what goes into a shrimp cocktail....

Suggestions for my itty bitty shrimp?..

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Shrimp cocktail is a pretty simple one! you eat the shrimp cold, dip them in cocktail sauce. I don't think cocktail sauce is actually allowed on this program in any volume, but maybe you can have a little bit or find one that is low carb..

Is your shrimp cooked already? If not, I like them seasoned with herbs and garlic and grilled or pan fried in a little Pam. That might be better for your itty bitty ones, if they are raw...

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Saute them in a bit of PAM and a squeeze of lemon and garlic, serve over salad and you have a complete L&G. Just so you're prepared, 7 oz is a lot of shrimp, those buggers don't weigh much!.

I too have heard people talk about a shrimp cocktail, but all the sauces I've come across in cook books and on the shelves have lots of carbs, sugar and calories. Wonder if someone has found a no carb sauce????.

Enjoy them..

I also wrap my shrimp in lettuce leaves with a squeeze of lemon, pepper, diced tomatoes and shredded cabbage..

Have fun with them...

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Thanks for the quick responses! Already some good ideas..

And I just checked, they are already cooked.

Walden Farms has a cocktail sauce, I'm currently waiting on my first order from them, but I've heard others on the boards mention liking it. I believe it's 0 cal/0 carbs...

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My favorite lean and green is grilled shrimp and a spinach/tomato salad. Yummm, but you are so right it's a lot of shrimp for 7oz. Add some cheese to the salad...

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Walden Farms makes a seafood sauce. I know a lot of people do not like the Walden Farm products, but I do not mind the seafood sauce. It *is* thin, but I like it on my shrimp!..

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