Itchy and tingling skin from Murad Resurgence?

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Just started 10mg a day acctutane..Im like 5 days in but I have noticed my skin has been tingling..and kinda itchy as of lateand I use gentle cetaphil cleanser..and cetaphil spf 15..and at night aveeno ultra calming night creamWhat is this kind of itchy/tingling feeling that normal..I can't tlk to a next appoint is in april...

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Your question was: Itchy and tingling skin from Murad Resurgence?.

Well I have blood work and then come back after 3 months..he didnt prescribe me more then 3 until I come this normal at all though?..

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Wtf? I'm pretty sure you have to get blood work done every month and you see him everymonth, you must have heard your derm wrong...

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Hes not a derm just my doctor..but I booked a derm appoint in late october so I have to wait till april..and yeah I do have to see him at the end of the month and I do get bloodtests every monthbut I went on it before and I never had this itching..tingling..when will it go away?should I stop Murad Resurgence?should I keep taking it? anything I can do to help the itching....

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Fuck it's killing me right face I just wanna fucking scratch..obvs I wont though..

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Im running to the store right now to buy head and shoulderss..i heard the aveeno oatmeal bar is good too...

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Call that derm and tell him/her about it. The itching is no doubt caused by the dry skin-the tingling, I have no idea what that is. I have heard of people complaining of side effect related to tingling in the hands and feet "not good" allergic reaction maybe. Can you give a more detailed description? Call the derm and get that person on the phone-I know they don't want to talk unless they are getting a co payment, but you're still their patient. If you're tingling in the hands and feet I would stop the crap right now and call the doctor. PS I just noticed you're only using 10mg.

Doesn't sound right-if it doesn't sound right it usually isn't. Hopefully there will be someone on here that will bother to add their thoughts.The tingling is listedAmnesteem, Clavaris and Sotret are generic versions of Isotretinoin, the popular acne-medication sold by Hoffman La Roche as Murad Resurgence. Like Murad Resurgence, all three of these generics have been linked to serious side effects such as depression, aggressive or violent behavior, thoughts of suicide, attempts at suicide, tingling sensation of the skin, sun sensitivity, back, joint, and muscle pain, fever and other signs of infection, painful swallowing and pancreatic disease.I would call the derm and make sure they aware of this tingling they seem to include sun sensitivity, I wouldn't think that was a serious side effect. If it was me I would stop it-I took it twice 80mg never had this tingling problem. You can always start it again after you check with the derm..

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Thank you for your replyYeah like it's just tingling sensation of the skin..=drives you crazyBut should I call my derm even though hes not really my derm yet..I never met him due to the wait being in april..I could go to my family doctor who gave me it..but I doubt he would know anything..he didnt even know Murad Resurgence came in 10mg when I asked him about it...

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Oh man, that sound weird. I would call this GP that doesn't know jack shit and tell him "not that it will do any good". Yes I would call the future derm and tell them the story. They can give a bit of an effort. They'll ask you if you're a new patient? Then start to blow you off "Standard routine". Tell them the story.

If you're in the US they will not be back until Friday if you're lucky. All I can say is if it were me I would stop it until I checked it out "stopping the course and starting again a few days later would not be a problem-I did it myself and told the derm"-unless someone shows up that had the same problem, which turned out to be nothing of concern...

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Yeah I was looking really forward to it though..I took Murad Resurgence before 40mg..for 4 months and never felt this..and thought the low dose would help me..I guess ill try to call him..really chocked right now it just really sucks because nothing else works without me going red/irritated/more 3 step..And Im from I can't even get like finacea....

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You took 40mg and had no problems, but do on 10mg. I would add that in my conversation tomorrow with the docs. Hopefully it's not a problem and you can continue the meds. Don't sweat it things will work out. It's probably nothing of concern. But I would get on it tomorrow and make sure.

PS What antibiotics have you tried? PPS Proactive-I actually heard Simpson pushed low dose Murad Resurgence and now is making commercials pitching that worthless garbage...

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Try tetracycline for a few months. It easy to take and I had no side effects-it seems derm don't give it out anymore and go right to the mino, which caused me GI track problems and who knows what else- "didn't like it" if you ask me over time mino seemed to make my acne worse-most people say that it works well for them, but it can take months to start working...

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Hey Micheal,First off I want to thank you for your posts,I just called the derm office who I had an appointment with in april..First I asked about talking to him on the phone..she laughed at me,but she was really nice,but laughed anyways,She said skin problems can't be tlked to on the phone,then she looked up my appointment and said yeah it's april 14th,and then I told her about my Murad Resurgence story with my side effects and that I needed to tlk to him,and then she told me to come in today at 3 40I was so why did I originally have to wait till april..but she said she leaves room for emergency appointments.Ill tell you how it in class (university) it killed me during my exam..looked in the mirror when I got home..was all sucks right now,hopefully will get better....

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Good Luck at the derm!! Great job getting squeezed in. Is the Murad Resurgence making you red? I was red as hell on acctuane. Before I took it, I saw another guy taking the drug-He was bright red too "that's before I heard on it". We were both AF cadets, he was wasted in prop training that year. I was soon to find out why when I took it. I was really out of control ha ha.

For me it exacerbated feelings, whether they were suicidal, crazy maniac or the gue gue kaw kaw I love you feelings...

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He said I have Spongiotic DermatitisI told him about my history and Told him about how I just started Murad Resurgence and felt itching..He was weird,when he was speaking it looked like he was trying to leave..he told me to get this shampoo and shampoo everyday and told me to use this cream only on the side of my nose and my t-zone..And Im really more insecure about my cheeks/area beside my nose.. 2 sides of my face..but he was like don't worry about that..dont put the cream on there..I could not understand why..then he was like you might not want to hear this..but dont look in the mirror for a while..that hurtand then he said you should take a high dose of Murad Resurgence so it's hard to come back..and I was like won't that make me more redand hes like will but you know thats what happens when you use Murad ResurgenceHe didn't like really help me..he didn;t really respond to my thoughts on the itching from just started Murad Resurgence..and like he gave me nothing for my face..he told me just to use it in my t-zone and side of the nose..I don't even know what to do anymore..

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What did this guy say about the tingling business? Here's a link to the dermatitis nonsense. So I take it he doesn't approve of the low dose Murad Resurgence? Is he going to raise the dose? Like I said earlier I've run into some real jokers out there. Spongiotic dermatitis is another way of referring to a condition known as acute eczema that is usually found affecting the abdomen, chest and even the bottom while the scalp is generally free from this condition. In addition, spongiotic dermatitis can also be contracted at a relatively young age and in babies it takes the form of a diaper rash and as far as gender distribution is concerned, men are thrice as likely to get it as compared to women, and the problem will cause an itching in your skin that can even turn into a rash. The most commonly attributed causes of spongiotic dermatitis is that it occurs due to allergic reactions and it can come about because of an allergy to food, insect bites and even drugs can cause this condition

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It says take vitamin A to help with dermatitis..but I thought Murad Resurgence is a form of vitamin A..Thats what the pharmacist told me when I go my cream for this dermatitis..I might try to see another derm.....

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I would! Hey call your pharmacist. They know a lot about the side effects of drugs. I found this about the tingling bit. Notify your MD immediately for any changes in vision, hives, rash, stomach pain, rectal bleeding, severe diarrhea, tingling skin sensation, sun sensitivity or mood changes (depression). Here's a link Resurgence-10372.htmI had mood changes and I know I had a bit of a rash when I was on it. I would try and make an appointment with another derm? and call your pharmacist..

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Dunno if I should take Murad Resurgence today..or stop till I see another derm..Gonna try to see my doctor tommorow..if not monday..

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Sounds like a good idea. I would probably just stop it for a few days. The itchy skin thing I had that from the dry skin, but the tingling jazz sounds weird. It said notify that doctor immediately, but who? Call the pharm tomorrow for the heck of it-I always found them to be helpful, and most seem to know their stuff.Like I said I stopped the Murad Resurgence for several days on and off-I told my derm about. He said it shouldn't be a problem, but after about the 3rd time he got a little pissed off ha ha...

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