Issues with the Medifast pancake mix?

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Anyone else out there having issues with the pancake mix? It's my first day on Medifast and I wanted to try the pancakes. I mixed per the instructions and poured some batter on my griddle. It started cooking, but was very thin, like a crepe. I never got it to flip...I just made a big mess and had to settle for a dutch cocoa shake.....

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I had that happen once and had to eat it like a scrambled egg!..

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Make sure your griddle is super hot. Also, use a scant 2 oz. of water. I use my glass measuring cup so I can get an accurate measure, and then pour it into the shaker..

Good luck!.

You can always make it in a coffee cup like a muffin if you want. I think it's 3 tablespoons of water, and about a minute and a half in the microwave. Double check. It's been a while since I make it that way...

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It's one of my favorites. To avoid the crepe and making mush of it, I prepare it a few hours before, stir a bit of baking powder with it, it makes all the difference. I try to prepare two at a time this way. I spray pam and heat it while I am pouring the batter on. Turn it when you see some bubbles. I use a low flame because I'm tired of burning it a bit and it cooks rather quick...

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Yes...preparing it ahead of time and the addition of baking powder is a big deal. I also shake the devil out of it...none of that 5 shakes crap! If you dont have hours to wait for it to set up....stick it in the fridge for 15-30 minutes...I promise it will be rich, thick and make nice pancakes. I usually make a "muffin" out of mine though just cause I don't want to take the extra time to wait. This morning I even made "bread" out of it and had a grilled cheese sandwich! YUM!..

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I don't put it on a griddle, I make it in a 10 inch skillet.

Spray your pan with butter flavored PAM and get it heated up. Put exactly 2 oz of water in your shaker jar and dump in the pancake power, shake it hard for 2 or 3 seconds and then dump it in the pan. It will take up the whole pan. Let it cook a few minutes, test it to make sure the edges are cooked and then flip it.

I have never gotten it to work as several small pancakes... just one big one but then I cut it up into 4 quarters. Good Luck!!..

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There are several of the medifast meals that you will learn to adjust to your own liking. Some you will like more water, some less water...

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I eat them daily. I mix with 2 oz water and let sit for a few minutes the batter starts to thicken immediately. Also be sure to spray skillet with pam between each pancake. If batter is thin I get 3 once it thickes just 2. Love them..

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Hi all,.

I just thought I'd share my blooper with the pancakes. I tried making a serving in the coffee mug like a muffin, as many have suggested. However, I accidentally misread the instructions & put too much liquid. LOL!!! My hubby poked fun at me & called it pancake soup! It was more like pancake jello to me, or as someone above described "like scrambled eggs"..... Yes, I did eat it, if you can believe it! LOL! The flavor was actually fine, but the texture......definitely off! Ah well, better luck next time, right?.



Comment #8

I have a hard time with the pancakes, too. I mix mine with a packet of the Medifast oatmeal and 1/4 tsp baking powder and just enough water to make a thick-ish batter. (about 4 ounces) Then into a lightly sprayed sandwich maker. 4 scones/muffins=2MF meals. Great for on-the-go! (Which as a 'medic (EMT) I always am!) The Maple Brown Sugar tastes like french toast, no syrup needed. The blueberry tastes like a blueberry muffin..

I've tried making the oatmeal muffins with the scrambled eggs but like them better with the pancake mix.

Anyway, welcome to the MF-world, and best of luck to you...

Comment #9

Got to thinking that I actually haven't made these in a while, so even tho' it's 0345 in the morning! I got up and got a batch of the pancake/blueberry oatmeal ready for when the alarm goes off in a couple hours. Happy Wednesday to all!..

Comment #10

Mine come out perfect in the microwave....

I use the exact ingredients on the package (just 1/4 cup cold water) then mix in the shaker for 5-6 shakes. Let sit a few minutes (2-5). It won't get thick (that only happens if you use baking powder) but that's fine. I pour into an un-sprayed large coffee cup (I promise it won't stick) & nuke for 1 minute & 45 seconds. Remove immediately onto plate. If I want it sweeter, I just add 1/2 packet of sweetener...

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I make mine in the microwave everyday! 1/4 cup cold water, pinch of paking powder and nuke for 1:15. I found using a small bowl works best. A couple of sprays of ICBINB and SF syrup! mmmmm. Easy and delicious!..

Comment #12

Just make ONE big pancake, none of this preparing hours in advance! Shake five times, wait a couple minutes, if that and cook on a preheated pan sprayed with Pam. Medifast meals should not take that much time, I don't believe they were made to be difficult! Just make sure it bubbles up like a regular pancake, then flip over. Or make in the microwave, add 2 TB of eggbeaters, a little bit of baking powder, and nuke 50 seconds. Enjoy!..

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