Isotretinoin success, taking 2/3 of course?

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Hi guys, long time since I posted!!!But I cmae off the isotretinoin about a month ago, due to not being able to focus and concentrate, but I was on 40mg a day, I cut down to twenty towards the end, and had took 2/3 of my course (not the full course to my mg/kg method)....And... i'm pretty much CLEAR apart from 1 spot every few days...Its SO NICE to be able to look in the mirror and be pleased with my skin, and for others to comment on it My regime for after iso is....EMU OIL (on and off = GOD SEND I would advise it to anyone, pure though just pure emu oil, my scars have faded immensely on this stuff and I'm sure my skin looks so nice because of it)Cetaphil moisturiser - GOD SEND ... using a non comedogenic moisturiser is a MUST it's amazing how much it helps.... I have been taking B5 (500mg) and b5 complex, but do not ake it every day now, giving my body chance to recover from it... will probs start taking it if my acne flares up again. (Probs not best to take if on isotretanoin)I have also been using differin on an evening, just a lil bit spread on my cheeks and chin, where I usually get acne (i used to get it on my forehead, but not so much anymore)...Once every other day, I will use benyzl peroxide just to help "cleanse" my skin, it oxygenates the skin, helping to kill bacteria and stop the "environments" for bacteria acne vulgaris to formI also think cutting out hydrogenated fats is a must, for me anyhow... I believe in the phrase - "eat shit, feel like shit" (excuse the french)and drinking lots of water is a must also?!Good luck with your acne battle, and isotretanoin..

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Your question was: Isotretinoin success, taking 2/3 of course?.

Hey congrats on your clear skin!! i'm on my 2nd month of 60/mg Sotret, slight improvement nothing too great yet tho. What is the name of the Emu Oil you use? I need to order it asap I hear good things about it, I hope it's ok to use while still on Murad Resurgence. also when do you apply it? let me know !..

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When on Murad Resurgence, I used 2 apply it at night with cetaphil moisturiser, now I apply it when I get in as I use differin on an evening, sometimes I bypass the differin and use it though (like I probably will tonight as my skin is not breaking out) it works better at night, your body absorbs things better when you are asleep...I just bought PURE emu oil, from ebay, just pure with nothing else in it...stick it out I just hope mine doesn't return but I'm doing a good job fending it off!xxx..

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Hey, what is wrong with taking vit b on Murad Resurgence? Iv been taking a b complex and didn't realise there was a problem.I also take vit c and zinc, psyllium, omega 3 so are ther probs with those?..

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I'm also wondering about the B vitamins. I've been on Tane for a month while taking a B complex and haven't noticed anything...

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Its jsut tane puts stress on the body, so taking b vitamin as well which can also cause damage in high amounts isn't good, when on tane, you should just let it do it's job and not really use any other fighting methods?Just my opinion though..

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Oh yeah.... some people do take b vitamins to help clear them, huh? I was just taking it because I'm not taking a multivitamin anymore and a lot of the vitamins in one are b vitamins. Haven't been feeling any different, but I think I'll cut back on the b vitamins just to be safe...

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Yeahh I take b complex,. with additional B5 (about 500mg) because it helps to keep your skin from producing oil, I dont take it every day though, just every other day...some people in holistic forums take about 5 or 10 X 500mg a day, plus the B complex! I thought thats what you meant lol, just taking it as a supplement and nt over-doing it might be totally different..

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Ah, ok. yeah, i'm taking it as a supplement. wow 5 or 10 times the 500mg amount is intense! i'll bring it up at my next derm appt and see what he says. thanks!..

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Congrats. Did your trouble focusing and confusion subside after you stopped Murad Resurgence?..

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