Is Wall Vitamin Shoppe still open or torn down?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Is Wall Vitamin Shoppe still open or torn down?.

My 2nd question is: I know I'll probably get jumped on with 'YES!' answers ... but, do you really have to add in everything they say? For example, if I don't want to add in a protein or dairy for the breakfast/lunch or something similar....

Honestly, I'd rather just eat some steamed veggies with my lunch and dinner, and perhaps add some cheese to a breakfast.

Will cutting out some of the dairy or protein servings drastically effect the meal plan? If they will, I'll find a way to add it in.

I'm sure the question was asked before as well, just didn't see any threads similar.

Thanks guys and gals!..

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Your question was: Is Wall Vitamin Shoppe still open or torn down?.

Thanks for the quick answer. Sometimes I'm the queen of the land of 'Don't Wanna!' so I need someone to jump in and tell me to do it...

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Yeah, kittykat...we'll kick your butt if you don't!!.

I just had to force myself to eat my veggies tonight...I was full, but I ate 'em...

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It is your brain/emotions telling you that you are dieting and you are "full" with minimal food. DON'T listen to this bad advice from yourself!!! You NEED, NEED, NEED to eat ALL of the is only 1200 - 1500 calories a day and the minimum you need for good health and wellness.

PLEASE listen to me on this, it is a serious problem with a lot of well-meaning dieters and only gets you more and more into the dieting yo-yo. Your body will go into starvation mode and hold on to each and every calorie for fear you are starving it to death...AND, you will get hungry at some point and blame the diet for making you tired, frustrated, not losing, etc.

The way this plan works is to eat ALL of your food, drink ALL of your water (and then some), and move your tush with at least a bit of exercise (i.e. walking).

If you are "full" and don't want bulk, then have 3 prunes instead of a whole apple for your fruit. Have one stick of string cheese instead of 8 oz. of yogurt. Have a glass of low-sodium V-8 juice instead of 2 veggie servings. Have 1/2 cup of low-sodium V-8 juice instead of a salad. Spread your meals out and eat a little every hour or so (not everything at once). But, whatever you do...EAT!!!..

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I've found some soy chips that fit the protein serving and will sometimes have those at any time of the day that I need an extra charge. Same for hard boiled eggs or even beef jerkey (although I don't have that often because of all the salt)...

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Jumping in to say YES!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

You know you don't actually have to eat the dairy/protein with breakfast, right? You can move the foods around any way you like. They do recommend you eat dairy/protein & fruit together to avoid sugar spikes but if you don't have that problem you don't necessarily have to.

Just don't skip foods thinking it'll help you lose. It really doesn't. When my calories are too low I stop losing. Also you won't be getting all the proper nutrients. People have reported hair loss and gall bladder problems for example when they don't get the fat serving.

You really can pick add-ins that aren't really filling if that's an issue for you.

But you really need to eat all the foods. Feel free to move them around if you like. Have a yogurt in the evening watching TV or snack on 2 ff hot dogs for your protein serving..

Good luck!..

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Thanks for the quick answer. Sometimes I'm the queen of the land of 'Don't Wanna!' so I need someone to jump in and tell me to do it...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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