Is there something wrong with Amy on the Medifast commercial?

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My first question is Is there something wrong with Amy on the Medifast commercial? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question on my mind: So I have 30 lbs left until I reach my goal weight but I find myself slacking off rather pushing forward. I think all the compliments and clothes fitting better are making me feel comfortable at where I am at and not as motivated to keep losing. Now don't get me wrong, I will hit my goal weight and I will have a healthy BMI. Im sure I cant be the first to feel this way so i'm just looking for some motivation or even perspective for that matter...

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Yep, however you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

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BigYellow, I have gone through this twice in my almost 7 months on the program. Each time, I was getting too comfortable. I wasn't going off the plan as in eating off plan foods, but exercising too much, not drinking enough water and thinking it was okay to add a little more protein to my soups because I am at the gym too long. WRONG..none of that is OP. So, I just kind of go back to basics and pretend I am new again. I measure my condiments, I drink more than my fair share of water, I time my gym time and if I do use protein in my soups, it is borrowed from my lean and green.

It feels really good...

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I feel for you! this happens every time I go on any plan. I lose enough weight to feel comfortable physically and mentally and then it just doesn't seem as urgent anymore. I wish I could give you the magic bullet for getting past it. I'm bound and determined to see it through this time. what helps me is finding something I particularly want like looking at pictures of my face when I was thin - I'd really like to get my old face back or a race I'd like to run that will be so much easier 30 pounds thinner. Is there something you love that only getting to goal will get you? I hope you find the motivation you need!!..

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Big Yellow, You are not alone. I had lost 27 lb with 38 to go when I had to attend a week-long business trip. Nothing fit me, so I spent a lot of money getting nice business clothes. That new wardrobe knocked me off Medifast (of course I did not go through T&M), and now, 5 years later, I am starting over. I now realize it wasn't worth it. If I could go back and do it over, I would visit a used clothing store or consignment shop and find one suit.

I an determined not to repeat my mistake..

Good luck to you...

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Get in there and get 100% back OP and finish this!!!!! You will be so very proud of yourself for finishing what you started!.

Make a list, find an accountability partner, commit to finishing!!!!..

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Well, Dear, you just have to sit yourself down, and have a talk with yourself. You need to tell yourself to "Knock it off"! I think we all have this issue as we go down. I'm told constantly at work, "you look wonderful, you don't need to lose any more" or "I can't believe you still need to lose 80 pounds, you'll be a stick!" In most cases I think people think they are being complimentary, but I simply don't listen. My Medifast goal was to feel better first and get to the right number. Looking better was secondary. Well I do look better and feel better being over 100 lbs.

I know it's tough but stick with it! You're almost there! Good for you!!.


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30 pounds to go.... how much healthier, how much better will you feel, how much better will you look with those 30 gone? You won't know if you quit now... finish the race, finish the job...its just a little more left and I bet mentally you will be glad you did !!..

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Glad you posted this. I think that is what is going on with me too but I didn't realize it til I read your post. I have been getting a little cocky with the plan - I've been feeling and looking so much better, I actually like how I look, and I have 30 lbs left to lose. I've been taking a little extra here and there and still losing weight, but I know that the lower I go the harder it will be to get away with that. I hit the below-200 milestone on Monday and all I wanted to do was eat. It makes no sense!! I have no answers, but I do understand what you're talking about...

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OMG, U R ME~!.

If you will push through this and keep OP so will I!..

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The fact that you recognize you are beginning to slack off is a BIG means that you can identify and change those behaviors which could be considered "slacking"..

Make a list, right now, of those things that you are beginning to do, those behaviors which, if continued, will be detrimental to your success. In the next column, write down what you will do TODAY to change those behaviors..

You can catch this and you can succeed. To be different we must DO differently, and since hope is not a strategy we must take that "hope" and DEVELOP a strategy to overcome the obstacles that we so often place in front of ourselves..

You WILL do this because you CAN do this. So do it! =).

Wishing you the best success!..

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As usual you guys are all amazing! I had a talk with myself this morning and I am finishing this day 100% on plan. One day at a time. And to anyone else who is going through these feelings too, I will tell you something else I did that put my apperance back in perspective. I took a picture of me in only undergarments and that seemed to do the trick LOL!! Thanks again guys you are all amazing..

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Big Yellow as you can tell from all the answers here this is so very common! I really thought I was "there" 30-lbs ago, but like you knew I had to keep going to get to that goal. You'll make itit's just your inner brat talking to you telling you lies!..

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I was feeling pretty good until I saw a recent (like within the past WEEK!) picture of myself. I'm still the biggest one in the room. That put it into perspective for me too!..

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I think this is a common issue among us losers.

I remember reading about quite a few people who started feeling comfy as they approached goal, but then decided to actually buckle up and get all the way to goal. The advice people have given you is great. Good luck! Buckle up and go for goal!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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