Is there any thing I could substitute cheese for on the Medifast Diet?

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Got a question... Is there any thing I could substitute cheese for on the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... So.... in the past 3 weeks I have lost only .5 pounds total. 100% on plan.

nothing too major. 20 minutes on the ellipitcal where I cycle every 2 minutes from a moderate revolution to a high revolution...

Never really considering my calories being burned by this... I am completely frustrated by the lack of pounds lost. In general... I lose anywhere from 2.5-5 pounds almost all of the time when I am 100% op..

So I look up a general calories burned based on weight, time excercising, and age. It tells me I have been burning 402 calories on average... which takes my total intake to about 500 for the day. Have I stopped losing because my body is starving? I want to lose atleast another 30 before I hit this crawling pace of weightloss..

I did not workout today.... ideas? Experiences? advice? I am confused!..

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The answer is Yes, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

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Ditto what De said on your muscles retaining water when you workout..

My loss is slower than I know it could be if I didn't work out (30 min stationary bike every other day on high resistance + a pretty rigorous 10-15min of weight lifting for my arms after)..

As the weight comes off I am beginning to see those muscles. I have made peace with the scale moving more slowly in exchange for the toned and fit body I know is being created under all the flab. Once the fat is gone all the working out will show and will be worth it :-)..

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You're burning 400 calories in 20 minutes? Wow! Maybe you should just walk instead. I do a combination of walking/jogging for 30 mins and only burn 150-200 calories (according to the machine- I don't know how accurate it is)...

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I stopped working out completely when my weight loss slowed and it did make the lbs. start to drop again. But then I started working out last week a few days to tone up and the scale hasn't moved AT ALL in almost 10 days! It happens every time I start working out and I'm not sure why I keep testing this, I know what's going to happen, lol. Everyone is different though and some people do just fine with moderate exercise but maybe stop working out and see if the weight starts to drop off again in a few days. Good luck!..

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Well I need to lose weight and get in shape. I personally see my biggest problem at the moment being weight, so I'm concentrating on that. Once I'm done with that part, I will more aggressively pursue exercise. Toning doesn't cost me anything, losing weight does. I want to get the most bang for my buck on the weight loss portion. Just MHO for me..


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Some people build muscle very easily, perhaps you are one of those! Get yourself a handheld body fat analyzer from Amazon. Omron is a good brand and will run you about $30-$40 depending on the model. They are all pretty accurate so long as you do it first thing in the morning before any exercise or caffeine..

You will find your % body fat decreasing, and your lbs muscle mass increasing I am sure. Then it doesn't matter what the scale says, you will know exactly how much fat you are losing based on the body fat analyzer. If you put on 2 pounds of muscle and lose 2 pounds of fat, theoretically you still weigh the same but are much more fit. I'd go for that any day...

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I agree with this! It's nice to see those muscles once the fat is gone...

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I have a hard time with this one since I am in the same boat. My losses have slowed to a crawl and with so much left to lose that stinks. I agree with Glen in that you are paying dearly for a slower loss now. I have backed off my exercise in the hopes things will start moving again. I do measure and see loss there, but I also NEED the scale to move personally and I need to not have to spend my oldest' college money in order to do it..

Fit and toned is nice when you are finished, BUT there is absolutely no reason you cannot work very hard at that after goal. Seriously. You will reach a certain weight and then as you transition pour on the muscle work. Your body will still be getting used to it's new weight and all that work will help you maintain that new weight..

Would it be nice to reach goal and be fit and toned, yes, but is it necessary, no. I guess you have to find your happy place on that..

First and foremost though try backing off the exercise and see if that helps your scale issues. At least then you know what your dealing with, right?.

Good luck!..

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My weight loss slowed significantly, and I had a few days where it jumped up for the first time ever, when I began a running program. My hunger level also increased significantly when I upped the exercise and that kind of sucked. My decision was to dial it back until I reached goal and then worry about my fitness level. Frankly, it's a lot easier to whip a thin body into shape than it is a fat one and I've seen real results in a fairly short period of time..

My choice was based on the fact that I felt that the extra weight was my most significant health issue and the one I needed to deal with first..

Your choice, of course, but you need to look at the whole picture. If the slower weight loss is going to effect your motivation to stay on-plan, then I'd stick with whatever exercise I could do that didn't do that. If you're ok with it, then go for it and look more to measurements and less to the scale for signs of progress...

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You know what? I really think that if the numbers are really important and it's soul destroying to not see the scales move, and you noticed this happened when you started exercise, well, you just might wanna stop and see what happens?.

Look I'm ALL about the exercise BUT I've been in your situation. Start a 100 OP program, add exercise, grind to a halt...soul destroying..

The other thing too is that calories burned and TEEs and all that are really an estimate. I know, I'll probably get jumped on for saying that, but I've found it to be true. If I do the maths on my calories burned, my TEE and my intake, I SHOULD lose 1 lb every 2 days. But I don't. And I've found that those body fat analyzers are really OTL, with a huge huge HUGE margin of error. The only really accurate measure of body fat percentage is a dunk tank, unfortunately.

I think you'll have to go by how you feel and by your personal experience. It might be superstition, it might be temporary, whatever, the bottom line is that IF you are adding exercise and the numbers aren't moving the way you want them to, then you might just want to hold off on the exercise for a week or two and see what happens and reassess then....

HANG in there! It really is, in my experience, ALL about the diet. Exercise can be added at any time and don't feel bad if you choose to delay the exercise until you get your numbers down to a more personally acceptable level..


Comment #10

Thanks peeps! After reading posts and talking with several others... I am just going to cut back on the workouts and hope that allows my losses to pick up again. The thing is that I actually feel like working out... it feels good... it's not painful... But right now, I just want to lose the pounds...

And it will also help when adding the extra calories back into the mix in t&m..

I so appreciate the responses!..

Comment #11

My wife had the same problem and she went on the 4&2 to get her net calories up. She started losing again...

Comment #12

I don't know how that thought has never occurred to me. I'm so cheap, and having to spend longer on this diet than I should have to is one of my primary motivators to stay on plan. That's a pretty good way to look at it...

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I haven't been on the plan for very long, but I've started working out more and I just play a little fast and loose with my lean and green. A little extra protein and a generous portion of greens..

I am not just fat, but out of shape and fat. I want to build up my strength and stamina while loosing weight. Its nice to not get tired as easily and to feel the muscles building up under the melting fat..

That's just how I feel though. It also makes perfect sense to get rid of the weight first, then work on the fitness. Once you lose all the fat you want to lose, don't be afraid to put back on a little bit of weight in muscle. The number on the scale isn't the only thing...

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I've gone to working out every other day and I'm only doing muscle work. No aerobics at all. When I first started, the scale stopped dead. I know I was retaining fluid from the workouts. Everything was swollen and hurt. So yesterday I took a day off to rest.

I'm going to continue with this every-other-day routine for awhile and see if it works for the long term..

I want to be healthy and to feel strong and good. That's why I'm working out while loosing weight. I'm willing to let the scale slow a *bit* (not too much!) in order to get this..

But I agree with freiamaya 100%. If it's demotivating you, then you might want to consider stopping. Pick up the exercise after you loose. Right now I'm content with a little weight lifting to add a bit of strength and tone, but if it starts to seriously undo the weight loss, I'm going to wait!..

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Sara, you know I've BTDT (been there done that)! Quitting exercise is not an option for me. As I have shared so openly on this board, I have Bipolar II and intense exercise is just as important of a factor in managing my symptoms as diet and medication. A 45 minute walk doesn't do much for me upstairs, but 45 minutes of aerobics and strength training is a powerful mental tool for managing my Bipolar Disorder. If I didn't need to work out like that, honestly, I probably wouldn't while on Medifast because it does slow down your loss and it does mess with your head when you see the scale refusing to budge. But it is your decision. I think exercise is an important part of getting healthy, but people have to be mentally ready for it possibly slowing down their weight loss, especially if it is intense. Maybe dial it back to just walking and see how it goes?..

Comment #16


, that is exactly the strategy I've used too. And it's worked..

In the past, I feel like I took on too much by attempting both weight loss.


Increased exercise and that was my downfall. This time, for me, it's worked great to focus soley on doing MF, staying OP on the Medifast program, losing the weight I needed to lose, and simply looking forward to the time when I can start focusing on more vigorous exercise..


, good luck with your new plan, it sounds like a smart thing to try!.

Best wishes,.


Comment #17

Getting into an excercise routine sooner rather than later is probably the best approach so it prepares you for maintaining your weightloss. For me, I needed to really reinforce healthy habits now. I did hit a plateau for about 2 weeks. Part of it was a stomach bug that threw me off, the other I attribute to the excercise. I may not have lost pounds but I certainly lost some inches in that time. That was hard to swallow, but I am also estatic for dropping another pant size.

Keep it as simple as walking, but keep moving. If you really like your strenuous workout, then try messing with your intake a bit. Like De said, utilize maintenance bars, a 4 & 2 plan, or simply by adding an extra 2 ounces of lean on workout days. Of course, check with your health coach or Medifast about the best approach...

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If you WANT to exercise, I'd suggest trying a 4-2 week and seeing if that has an impact on your losses..

I don't want to stop exercising. I'm back into the habit of it, and I feel better for doing it. I'm hoping that it helps give me a solid base so that I don't end up with as much loose skin and that it's giving me the healthy habits that will make transitioning easier..

I'm not a fast loser to begin with, so even if my losses slow, which I'm expecting at this point anyway as I get closer to a healthy weight, I'll be ok with it mentally. I can see and feel the muscle changes, and that also keeps me happier...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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