Is there any Medifast Diet recipe out there w/out syrup??

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I keep browsing all the great recipes, and all the ones for cookies, muffins and the like all have syrup!! I dont want to buy a bunch of SF syrup, I know it will probably rot in my pantry... any suggestions? I really want to make something! Thanks!..

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You can make the no-bake brownies without the syrup, just use water and some splenda instead...

I'm using the SF syrups more since I found out they use the liquid form of Splenda, which has zero carbs...

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You don't have to use the syrups in the recipes you can use spices, like cinnamon & a little extract, and some splenda. However, I would point out that I started out buying one bottle of chocolate and one of french vanilla sugar free syrup, figuring I'd still have the bottles when I was done with the diet in a year. I am now over 9 months into the diet I've gone through several bottles, and I now have 8 bottles in my cupboard (chocolate, french vanilla, caramel, cherry, peanut butter, butterscotch, gingerbread, and another chocolate in reserve). Once you start using them, you realize how good they are and find many uses for them. I'd suggest you try them. But - if you don't want to you can still make the recipes without the syrups!! Give it a go...

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Most of the time I just eliminate that part from the recipe. No harm done...

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And where do you FIND all the SF syrups??..

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I had to order them online, from The stores near me don't have it, except I did find one lonely bottle of vanilla at Walmart. Davinci sells the large 700 ml bottles so I think it's a good buy. The shipping is a lot for one bottle so I found the break point on the shipping to be 3 bottles. I use them every day and just placed a second order for the chocolate...

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Another good place to get the syrups is.

They only charge $5.95 for shipping regardless of the size of the order...

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I cannot help but wonder what is the carbohydrate count on these syrups? Whenever something is sugar-free, there is usually a trade-off somewhere. I just leave it out of my recipes. And I do not use the splenda, either, because most of the Medifast packages are sweet enough for me!..

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According to

"No Calories. No Carbs. Sugar Free. Great Taste. Sweetened with SPLENDA Brand Sweetener, our Sugar Free Flavored Syrups have the same worldclass flavor as our Classic Syrups, but without the calories."..

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