Is there any hope for me with Murad Acne Complex?

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Im 22....and i've finished about 1 month and a week or so. and my skin just keeps getting worse, worse than before I even started. my acne was mild but persistent, now I always have these big red painful bumps that don't go away for weeks, and cysts popping up everywhere, which i've NEVER had! and black heads like crazyy!! ugh this is so frusturating. is there any hope? does this happen to anyone else besides me? I think i'm looking for encouragement.... lol..

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Your question was: Is there any hope for me with Murad Acne Complex?.

Im in the same boat as you....just finished month one on 20 mg. I have seen no improvement just the same as I usually have only a tad bit worse. Blaaah. My face doesn't look smooth either it looks indented and scarred....which it never has before...

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I still break out as well however the really big cysts have gone down a lot. This medication is primarily for cystic acne anyway so this is to be expected I suppose...

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And now my nose is oily? this is new too. urgh, this is nuts. I praaaaaaaaaaay it works... thanx for the help guys.......

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Your acne was mild???? I just dont understand this. Did your dermatologist insist you go on Murad Acne Complex, or did you insist??I feel terrible about your reaction to it, but I just cant see a competent dermatologist putting you on Murad Acne Complex for mild acne, it's malpractice and he should be removed from practicing immediately!!..

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I wanted Murad Acne Complex, she really didn't think it was severe enough as well but I was getting so many bad side effects from antibiotics that she decided to give it a try, id been on antibiotics for years and it did nothing to help. I stopped taking the antibiotics, and acne just kept coming. yes it was mild, but very persistent and a few weeks before that time of the month was the worst, NOTHING has helped to take it away. i've tried so many topicals,birth controls and antibiotics, so I went to the last resort...

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First month is the worst, 2nd month is bad too, 3rd month should be when you see results...wait it out...

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Since you are already on it theres nothing really for me to say...except lol...because nothing worked for you, does not mean you tried everything.Hope it works out for you...

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Thanks, I guess? but what else should I have tried? my back and face are all covered in scars, if I kept on with the same antiobiotics and products I would have just kept getting worse scarring...

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Bluefordmustang- just because her acne is mild does not mean she SHOULDN'T or CAN'T go on Murad Acne Complex. if she has tried a number of things, and her acne is very persistent, then of course she is a candidate.her derma shouldn't be in practice for giving her Murad Acne Complex? huhhhhhhhhh???????i have mild acne as well and have tried everything for the past 5 years! (all topicals, all antibiotics, spiro, chemical peels, etc.) nothing made my acne go away and I was sick of spending A SHITLOAD of money out of my own pocket for things that weren't working. my derma (i've had the same one since day 1. I spent more time in her office than I did at my own home) gave it to me FINALLY when my cysts kept coming back no matter what I was taking. so just because someone doesn't have severe acne doesn't mean they shouldn't be given Murad Acne Complex...

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