IS the Medifast Diet good for diabetes?

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My question is IS the Medifast Diet good for diabetes? Looking forward for any response. Another question... Hi.

I'm only at day 6 but already I've stopped having cravings so that is a huge deal to me! I've also come to the realization that I need to change the way my body looks and I need to get healthy. I'll be honest here, I was only going to do Medifast for a month or two to lose as much weight as I could before my wedding in mid May. Now I am planning even further than that to stay on MF. I like it and so far it's convenient for me. I also do not want to cheat (at least right now) as I don't want to set myself back nor do I want to get sick. I have been sick the last few days and haven't figured out what it is yet.

This afternoon I had only my lean and green split up and 3 servings of soft serve and I've felt fine. Hmmm, I may have to order all soft serve! Good thing I really like it. has anyone made them into shakes?.

So I'm wondering what happens to those of you who have cheated. Do you get awful stomach cramps? Do you get sick right away?.

I was going to splurge on my wedding night but now I'm thinking I might not even do that..

I do expect however to splurge a bit on my honeymoon, as we already have reservations at some hard to get into restaurants at the DisneyWorld resort. I'm hoping I won't get too sick......

I told my fiance today that I'm going to bring our little Ninja blender with us on the honeymoon so I can make my soft serve!.

Any advice will be appreciated..


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Yep, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Thanks! haha, yeah those headaches I had the first few days of going on the program, ugh. Not fun!..

Comment #2

I've been on Medifast since October and recently took a trip to Germany and France. I brought my Medifast food and ate most of the trip pretty strictly on plan. However, I spent a 3 day weekend in Paris and ate off plan - way off plan. I started each day in Paris with a Medifast hot chocolate, just to remind me that the 'Paris eating tour' was temporary, but I did not go to Paris intending to eat on plan. I decided in advance that as I might not ever get back to Paris in my lifetime, I would eat what I wanted, but I also exercised A LOT. We walked all over the city for miles and miles, hours and hours each day.

The food didn't have time to sit around in my system too much..

Did I take a risk with this strategy - absolutely - and I completely own that reality! I could have gotten really sick, and I'm glad that I didn't. Other folks have reported getting really sick from eating off plan foods. I didn't weigh myself in Europe, but I weighed when I got home and had gained 2 pounds. I lost it within 2 days of getting back - I think it came off quickly because some of the gain was water retention/swelling from the plane trip. I've been back for 2 weeks and I've lost another 3.5 pounds since I returned. The difficulty hasn't so much been physical illness, but shifting out of the mental "groove" that I was in for so long.

Honestly, though, I was kind of relieved to get back to the structure of the program..

Would I recommend this strategy to other medifasters? Definitely not! But honestly, if I had the choice to do it again I probably would, but only because I know I am REALLY committed to this program. Such 'cheats' can really rattle one's resolve to continue on to goal. I very much believe that many folks (myself included) could end up derailed entirely by eating with abandon for 3 days, and then trying to get back on plan, and I am full of gratitude that I was able to get right back on and continue losing...

Comment #3

Like Steph said, you get knocked out of the fat burning stage. Then you have to go through that first week again (and that sucks). Plus you've just spent money on MF, which is not cheap..

I've cheated in the past and for me, it's just harder to get back on plan and stay on plan. Some people can go off plan and manage to lose a pound or not gain anything. But what can happen that's even worse than gaining weight.. is sliding into a off plan tailspin. It starts off with a planned cheat day that turns into 2 days, a weekend, a week etc..

It's your wedding and honeymoon. Major life occasions. I never suggest some to go off plan (unless medically recommended) so. I would try doing 4 & 2. 4 medifast meals and choose 2 of the HEALTHY lean & greens at your fancy restaurants. If you don't lose weight, at least you'll maintain..

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! So exciting, it sounds like you have a wonderful honeymoon planned!..

Comment #4

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the advice!.

I will probably cheat the first night we are there but depending on how sick I get, that will determine if I do it again!! It will be no fun running around Disneyworld trying to find a bathroom every 30 min! yikes!!!! That alone will keep me from cheating!.

Oh Steph, in total I wanted to lose 25-30 pounds and I'm down 9 already, so 15-20 more and 6 weeks until the wedding! eeekkkkk!!!!..

Comment #5

Headaches are awful if you cheat. I have found cheating a little will not slow the weight loss. I am still losing, and they are tiny, silly cheats. Rather stay op...

Comment #6

Congrats on your wedding. To answer a question you asked-I love having my soft serve as a shake. It's so good, I just use 8 oz. water...

Comment #7

I would switch to the 4 + 2 during honeymoon week..

I went off plan on Saturday and Sunday I was SO sick. I just felt MISERABLE the entire day. Sunday morning right back OP and have been so for 3 days. The first two days I had the headache but advil fixed that. I was already grouchy from PMS so that made no real difference...

Comment #8

Congrats on the wedding!.

For me cheating itself isnt the issue it's the mental warzone afterwards. I have a VERY hard time getting back to Medifast after a cheat. I made a simular choice when I went on a little vacay with my little sister. We had planned it for years and things happened to fall into place for March 2011 with discounts and such that let us actually afford to go. So I cheated. I knew it was unlikely we could ever afford this again and we had always planed to eat at a few of the hard to get resturants.

But it took me 5 days AFTER she left to get back on plan..

I do get tummy issues when I cheat mostly it's when I restart I get even worse headaches than the first time and I am starving all over again until I get into Ketosis. Again problem with me and many others is that I struggle to stay on plan once I cheat. You may be completely different..

Its your Wedding and Honeymoon, I honestly would cheat on my honeymoon. Its up to you and my vote is prob a bad idea but it is honestly what I would do (good or bad)..

Comment #9

You may have migraines, be vomiting, or have really bad potty problems if you cheat. Personally, I wouldn't want any of that on my honeymoon!! Remember that it's the marriage to be focusing on, not what junk you can eat...

Comment #10

Pull this and decided to make it a blog post, since it's not completely germane the OP...

Comment #11

You already know how nice it is not to have cravings due to 5/1,,,,so maybe stick with a 4/2 during the wedding/honeymoon. I am sure there will be healthy options at these high end restaurants, and anything that has a sauce with it, can be served to the side. Just tap your fork in it, spear the food, and that way you get the flavor without an overload of extra carbs. We have found in traveling that higher end ones have more inclination to have healthy, diet wise,options offered.

Imagine how great you will feel to come home and start your new life together with you even a few more pounds lighter..

Whichever you decide to do, get yourself back to the boards for support, and a big congratulations on your upcoming marriage..

We travel to California in June for our son's wedding,,on a yacht in Newport beach harbor,,,very excited for him, his soon to be bride (love her !!) and to you and your soon to be hubby!..

Comment #12

If you want to say on plan, you absolutely can and have wonderful meals at high end restaurants. I went out with girlfriends a couple of weeks ago to a high end seafood place- the waitress bent over backwards to accomodate my needs (and those of my friend who is watching her cholesterol, so it strictly limiting fat). I had the yummiest scallops ever (hold the flour dredge) sauted in olive oil on a bed of swiss chard and fennel (hold the olive butter) - it was a great meal. I totally felt like it was a delicious treat even though it was OP. Another friend had the same meal but with all the trimmings and I thought mine looked as good or better than hers...

Comment #13

There are enough people with side effect horror stories about going offplan that I wouldn't want to count on feeling okay with it at my wedding or honeymoon! Not a time you want tummy issues. (And I say this as someone who made two planned "breaks" and got back on fairly easily both times, and basically maintained while offBUT I know other people have had vastly more negative experiences.) I only say this because if you're strictly OP until the wedding, you don't know if you'll be one of the people who has major headaches and stomach issues or not, and that's not a gamble I would take at that time..

I will say that for me, I think it helped because my "breaks" were both times I was away from home, and so it worked for me, psychologically, to say that when I set foot back in my apartment, I was back on plan, no question. But you have to know yourself and your own relationship with food to know if that's something that will work for you, or if a little cheat will become a slippery slope..

I think that one of the best things about Medifast is that it can pe sort of a psychological palate cleanser, that gives us some breathing room to figure out our own specific food issues, triggers, bad habits while having the structure of a very easy, streamlined plan...

Comment #14

If it were my wedding and honeymoon, I would watch what I eat.....but I would cheat. Getting married is a once in a lifetime thing.......celebrate your @%#$^$%& off....just make the healthiest choices possible. I doubt that you will have stomach issues if you just watch it. When it's all done get right back on plan. You will experience some effects when getting back to reality....but well worth it I say..

Many Congrats to you!!!!!..

Comment #15

I joined Medifast for the first time in Sept 2009 for my April 2010 wedding and lost 60 pounds. I still had about 30 pounds to go but I told myself that it would be silly to not eat cake on my own wedding day. The one piece of cake on my wedding day turned into about 8 months of free for all eating and 30 pounds of weight gain. I am back again now to finish the job. My only advice would be that if you're going to go off for your wedding day/honeymoon, only go off for that time and realize that it is a slippery slope. It is very hard to get back on plan once you go off! Looking back, I think I would have rather stayed OP during my wedding and be at goal by now rather than have struggled to get back on plan for so long and regained some of the weight I lost.

Everyone is different...

Comment #16

The first time I went off plan, I felt awful, immediately, but I went completely off the rails. I've had transgressions since then that were not as dramatic, with mixed results. Generally speaking, when I've gone off plan, I always feel much better when I'm back on..

My wife earned an all-expenses paid trip to Maui in about a month, and I have no intention of trying to stay within the strict confines of the plan during that time, nor am I bringing a scale. What I am going to try to do, however, is treat it like I would like to live after I lose the weight I want to lose. By that, I mean I'm not going to go bananas and eat whatever the heck I want, I'm going to focus on making better food decisions "in the wild," if you will. Focusing on eating things that are grilled, baked, etc, rather than fried, putting more emphasis on lean protein and green things, not having dessert at every opportunity, etc. I'm trying to view it as practice for the real world..

I'm sure most of you are familiar with "Eat This, Not That." That's basically the approach I'm looking to take, with a Medifast slant to it. Rather than having a 600 calorie Mai Tai, I'll have a 100 calorie scotch on the rocks. Rather than having fried calamari, I'll have the tuna sashimi. Rather than having a steak oscar with a twice-baked potato, I'll have a filet with a side of steamed asparagus. You get the idea, I'm sure. I do plan to bring some bars and puffs along to make sure my appetite is under control when I sit down to eat..

We've also got a 10 day trip to Disney & Universal planned in June. That's going to be a bit tougher, primarily due to a relative lack of quality protein as compared to Maui, where there will be tons of fresh fish that we don't have to pay for. I don't know exactly what our choices will be at Disney/Universal, but I'm not a huge fan of amusement park food anyway, so I expect it to be tougher. Our plan of attack in Orlando will probably depend to a large extent upon how things go in Maui, how far it sets us back, etc..

Please post after your honeymoon to let us know how you did at Disney I'm very curious myself!..

Comment #17

Unlike everybody else who has posted, I havent had any side effects or anything when I have fallen off..thank goodness! You will figure out by then what works best for you! Good luck!.


Comment #18

Or you can do what many of those of us who have to keep kosher for Passover will be doing... read Dr. A's Habits of Health and tailor your eating for your wedding day to follow the recommendations in Chapter 8. And if you tailor the foods served at your wedding to follow those recommendations not only will it be a fabulous day to remember, but you will have been a health benefit to everyone in attendance! The staff at WDW lives on a "please the customer" mantra, so just be sure about what you want to eat and you can easily get a two FABULOUS L&Gs and frankly, their snack foods are not only so bad for you, but so EXPENSIVE that you'll probably be thrilled to have your 4 Medifast meals and a big bottle of water (that you can refill at the drinking fountains) instead of paying through the nose for garbage!..

Comment #19

You guys are all awesome!! Thank you for all your advice.

I know I can stay OP until my wedding date which is 6 weeks away. I can probably also stay on track for my wedding day as well as I know my nerves will be high and I have a hard time eating when I'm really really excited. I was actually married once before when I was in my early twenties, and I remember how nervous and excited I was, I could barely eat a thing at the reception! I'm thinking it will be like that this time around too so I'll probably be ok with my L&G. As far as the cake goes, we're having a cupcake display with a tiny cake on the very top for us to cut. I'm thinking I will make the cake on the top myself so I can make it gluten free and made with stevia instead of sugar, that way I can eat a tiny piece and I probably won't get sick. Also, we don't leave for our honeymoon until 10 days after our wedding so I might cheat one day to see if I get sick or not, while we're still home.

Today is day 6 for me and I feel the best I have so far on MF. I have hardly been hungry at all and actually have to remind myself to eat a meal!..

Comment #20

I know that in a pinch, as in an absolute pinch and I"m not saying anyone should go off plan and this is not meant as an OK you don't need to be 100 percent if you want the best results BUT....

I've followed the Atkins principles on the odd unavoidable occasion. Choose protein, then watch your fat and minimize your carbs. You can do this pretty much anywheres at any time at any eating event because there are enough choices out there to work..

You see, the key is this: Medifast limits your carbs and keeps you in a state of metabolic ketosis, where you body burns fat instead of carbs for fuel. Atkins is the same principle. The big difference is in the number of calories and the amount of fat in the diet..

SO having said that, if you eat Atkins way, you will stay in ketosis, avoid the sugar rush/headaches and so on wrt going into and out of ketosis. However, your weight will probably either stay the same or go up a bit, which is normal, because unless you know know KNOW your fat grams, your body will burn dietary fat instead of body fat during this time. The other advantage is that because you aren't going to indulge in serious carbs (which is a huge temptation when one is off plan, you know "just one bite" becomes "just one plate" and so on) it's going to be easier to get right back OP again. You'll be looking forward to the shakes and brownies after Atkins, let me tell you LOL!.

Again, ONLY in a pinch, and this isn't an endorsement or anything, it's just one suggestion for coping with a life situation and it's how we manage the curveballs life throws at you that counts. That and getting back OP right away...

Comment #21

Oh and the unavoidable situation was when I packed for a 4 day trip at a 5 star resort with my DS and forgot the small bag with all my Medifast food in it. And up here, there aren't any Medifast drop in centers or anything. 4 days without my Medifast food. Over a weekend. DH ws out of town too visiting friends cause I wasn't home. Meaning I couldn't even get my food Purolatored to me as no one was home!.

So I ate Atkins for 4 days eggs for breakfast, protein and salad with dressing on the side for dinners, lunches were a challenge but I didnt eat any bread or carbs. No desserts. 4 days on Atkins, up 2 lbs BUT no problem going back right OP when I got home because I stayed in ketosis and didn't have the carb issues that people get when they go off plan. And that week, no weight loss BUT 3 lbs down the next week....

So IN a pinch, NOT meant for the beginner, NOT recommended, just my experience for what it's worth.....

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I am also getting married in FL in early May. Like you, I just wanted to lose as much as possible before the wedding and then quit MF, but now I think I will keep going afterward because I will still have more to lose. I have already modified my diet to include store bought foods. I eat an occasional "normal" meal like, once I had spaghetti, another time I had a slice of pizza. I don't do that every day, but once or twice a week. I have felt fine throughout it all.

I started out with about a total of 60pounds to lose. I think everyone is so different, you will have to find out what works best for you. Good luck and congrats on your upcoming wedding!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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