Is the Medifast Diabetic Plan 5 and 1?

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I ordered the diabetic plan online today and saw mostly information for the women's plan and the men's plan both 5 1. Is the diabetic plan also a 5 1? How is the weight loss with the diabetic plan? I have pcos and am hypoglycemic. I can get very cranky and dizzy when I don't have sugar balanced. Any advice would be very helpful. I want to commit to this knowing everything so I can be successful...

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My doctor and I believe I have PCOS and I am diabetic. This plan has worked out very well for me. I flex between 850-1200 calories a day. I go between loosing 3-5 pounds a week. Only once did I gain and it was because I choose to go off plan for one day. Oh, and now I don't always use the diabetic foods and I am still loosing at the same rate.

Good luck!.


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Poly Cisctic (sp) Ovarian Syndrom. Mostly you don't get your cycle with it..


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I have been doing the plan for a month and a half. I've done well, but I just feel so weak and tired. It's horrible. I had to come home from work early today. Please help. I have to Know that I can do this because nothing else has worked for me.

I have lost over twenty pounds, but I feel so weak...

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I've been on the diabetic plan and I think it's wonderful, but I have been feeling very weak and tired. I am a month and half into the program. I 've lost 25 pounds. Please help. I have to figure out what to do because I can't live with feeling so exhausted...

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Maybe it's time to go see your doctor about feeling so weak. Good luck!..

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I am a diabetic also and was doing Medifast last yr and lost 80 lbs in 5 mos. But alas went off the plan and then bam started to gain some weight. I am back on the plan, but my doctor was and is very supportive of this program, she had told me when I started doing it last yr to fax or bring in my bs readings ea week, if I had some lows which I did I would call her that morning and she would adjust my meds. I had the weak feeling too, she told me to monitor my bs, she didn't want my sugars dipping below the 100's, and she also said for my body to adjust to the sugar levels to hold off on exercising for awhile. But what I wanted to say is the weak feeling will pass and you will start feeling energized. But we are diabetics, our bodies work differently than the average person and as someone mentioned please please keep in close contact with your doctor while following this plan and monitor your bs...

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