Is oatmeal ok in the first phase of the Medifast Diet?

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First of all Is oatmeal ok in the first phase of the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any answer. Another quick question... I know this is silly, ridiculous, but I just have to vent it out. I have lost sooo much weight,(see second ticker) and that is great, but I have a HUGE amount of loose skin. now, please understand, if you have alot to lose, do not let this dismay you in any way... I am 54 years old and was obese almost my entire life except when I yo yo dieted....

it's ok in the winter, I can hide it, but in the summer months, I am going to be upset for sure, can't wear spanx in the summer....


I just need to get over what the size tag says I guess....

Ugh, ugh ugh....

Vent over, hopefully the mood that goes along with it...


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Ye, however you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm this as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

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First congrats on your weight loss...AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT! I'm sure it's disheartening because you figure you lost all that weight you want to look awesome. Have you seen a Dr. and maybe discussed surgery?..

Comment #2

I'm almost to goal too! I can relate but I haven't exercised and think that now is the time. Perhaps it will help in some areas of my the stomach areas that doesn't seem to want to disappear...

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It can take up to a year or more for your body to truly "settle" and give the skin time to readjust. In the meantime, exercise can be a huge help. It can help provide healthy tissue for the skin to adjust in to.....

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I have been basically focusing on cardio for workouts, but am going to try and research some body toning workouts using weights, I am sure my age and diet history plays a big role, but I am going to try. I just can't do the surgery thing.... money and the risk... heck, I am in my 50's, now maybe if I were in my 30's yeah.....

Thanks everyone for your replies..

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From what I've heard/learned over the years, to improve your cardiovascular system, blood circulation, and lose inches rigorous cardio exercise is great - BUT to really sculpt your body and give it shape weight training (with heavy weights to full muscle fatigue every other day) is key..

But you do need to up your calorie intake to help with rebuilding muscle tissue, as too few calories will cause your body to lose lean muscle which is - of course - counter productive to wanting to build muscle..

I know I will have a lot of loose skin once I lose all my weight (already do), some will never fully snap back due to pregnancy stretch marks, but I am hoping that by weight training I can gain some muscle tone to help smooth things out as much as possible..

Have you heard of Body for Life? I think there's still a website up with amazing before and after pictures of people who greatly improved their figures with weight training - even many who did this after losing significant weight..

I've seen PX90 which is a similar concept to Body for Life I believe. It's a program specially designed to maximize results in a short period of time with intensive weight training..

I am sure I will need this once I'm at goal. But I admit, I'm dreading it as exercise and me have never gotten along. :-\ LOL!..

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Kay, I'm noticing that my arms are already looking a little better after just giving them some time. I have no delusions that they will ever look totally firm without surgery, but I can hope that I won't always have to wear longer sleeves to cover the flaps..

I also understand your complaint about the larger sizes in T-shirts. I'm right there with you. I DO wear my Bali shapers even in the summer because I have a roll of skin around the middle that reminds me too much of how I looked when I was over 250. It feels too sweaty sometimes and I get down about not being able to just thrown on a T and feel all breezy, so I understand where you are coming from...

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Heck we arein TEXAS LOL...this will be my first summer ever to be in the SPANX hahaha.......

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Just FYI, I went on a serious diet in Oct. 09. I decreased my calories and worked out religiuosly. (Everyday but Sundays). Mon, Wed & Fridays we did strength training for 45 minutes or so, mostly because we were laughing & visiting. Then Tues, Thurs & Sat we did cardio.

That was all we could handle, and still be able to do the laughing and having fun while still breathing at the same time..

I started that time at 272 lbs..

Anyway in that 3 month period I lost about 30 lbs. My body was firming up.

A lot!.

Yes, I still had the "chicken wings" and the "jelly belly", I call them wreckage of my past..

I then quit the plan and gained back lbs..

I Started a medically supervised weight loss plan that involves medifast. I had not been exercising cuz... the weight was going off without it, it's really hard and I would just rather not get all sweaty..

Well that mind set is what got me in this shape in the first place! Taking the easy way out, right?.

So Sunday I started working out. I am not doing the killer stuff (Yet) This is the plan:.

I'll keep it at 30 minutes of cardio, 30 minutes of weights and throw in a water aerobics twice a week (because I like it). The bad part is I am doing it alone and it isn't as fun. But today is Thursday and my body HURTS. So I know it is working..

I don't want the ugly squishy skin, but I earned it all on my own so looks like it will be mine for a while and maybe forever. I'm trading in the fat for extra skin I guess. I wanted to lose weight to look better and be healthier. I do look better (in clothes) everyone I see tells me so and my health is improving, the labs and the fact I don't have to take all those pills proves that..

But the best part is I feel better. I feel good about ME and what I am doing for ME! not my husband, or kids, or friends just squishy old me. I think I will let the skin be a reminder of where I was, how I felt and maybe I will have the strength not to go back..

Glad you vented so that I could too!..

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Congratulations on your losses! Give your body a year at your goal weight before you do anything. You body will continue to change once you hit goal and a lot of the loose skin disappears on it's own. When I hit goal I had two flaps of loose skin under my chin. Ewww... within three months I had 1 and a little. Now at 9 months I have one and it's much smaller and I'm a senior citizen so my skin doesn't recover as fast as it does for you younger folk. So be patient, keep working at maintaining and your body will take care of you...

Comment #10

Thanks for the advice MT! I'm already dreading what my skin will look like at goal. I'll be 140 pounds down by that point.....

Comment #11

Yeah I complelely understand. My highest weight was 268 and right now my stomach looks like someone let the air out of it..

I figure once I maintain for a year or so I might get a tummy tuck only because the chaffing etc that goes on. My thighs once in clothes look skinny, and I wear longer shorts...

Comment #12

OMG!! Won't that feel great! I would cherish extra skin if I got to goal...OK, maybe not..

Comment #13

It's not pretty and it's hard to look at in the mirror at times but it's really worth waiting. I no longer have this gaunt look about my shoulders and decolletage as I did when I hit goal. Even though my weight only fluctuates within a three pound range (I'm pretty strict about staying with my eating plan), I see a lot of changes. I look more evenly proportioned now and the loose floppy skin rolls are starting to firm up. If it's going that well at my age (I do moisturize daily), it must go a lot better for those of you are a lot younger. I'm glad I was told to weight a year, at this point I don't think I'll need surgery what little loose skin I have is acceptable to me.

Oh and while I can't wear a bikini and wouldn't at my age, I do look good in a bathing suit that's appropriate. That's good enough for me!..

Comment #14

That's great MT!! I have to say, I really appreciate women who wear their wrinkles with pride. It's always weird and unnatural when I see a mature woman with wrinkle free skin or a b00b job.....

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I started at around 205 (I don't know exactly. I quit weighing myself at 199.) I am now 167 and the sag is already there. I can't do cardio for medical reasons, so the only exercise I can get is slow walking (heart beat can't go over 100... EVER) and weights..

This week I haven't lost one ounce. No gaining, just a perfect 167. But I've lost an inch in my butt and that part of me is slowly crawling off the ground. I'm 40 and really surprised that it's helping so much at this age..

My upper arms, belly and boobs will never recover. I'm not deluding myself in that department. So that leaves me with two choices - surgery or accept it and wear clothes that hide the sag..

I am choosing surgery. Once I finish all of this work, I'm not willing to settle..

HOWEVER, I do want to tell you how it worked for my mom. She lost 100 pounds and had the worst saggy skin that I've ever seen in my life. She could grab handfuls of skin that draped over her knees and pull it up to her navel..

She didn't get surgery. She just kept lifting weights and wearing pantyhose. It took nearly ten years, but most of the skin bounced back. She still has a bit of loose skin, but it's nowhere as bad as it was. Her tummy is just a bit droopy..

She used patience and consistent binding and, in time, it made things tolerable. Not perfect, but much better...

Comment #16

Shay, thank you for that, it gives me some hope because I have been doing just that... working out with weights and though I didn't think about think about the panty hose. my skin hangs so much my belly button is closed up in between the flaps... I know that it's better than being obese.....

Thanks again.


Comment #17

My highest weight was 253 and I've been really heavy for 20 years.

Until last year when I started Medifast and lost a lot in a short period of time.

I'm 56 and I can attest that much of the saggy skin on my torso HAS tightened up in the past year. Part of it was taking on some strength training last summer and working on toning but I also believe the body kind of got adjusted to it..

I do wear a lower body shaper garment some of the time and it really smooths things out. Was wearing 22/24, now wear 10/12 as I'm not at final goal weight..

Your achievement is remarkable Kay!..

Comment #18

Shay.... what an awesome idea.... I didn't even THINK about the binding. I've got a brush on order to do dry brushing with, maybe adding the binding (which is actually a good idea for a nurse to prevent varicose veins as much as we're on our feet... and I USED to do it!) will help!.

I do exercise, both cadio and weights. I'm hoping to tone up as I lean down...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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