Is Nutrisystem time consuming or easy to prepare?

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Hi all, I will be getting my Nutrisystem in the mail later in the week, and was wondering about the ease of preparing these meals, and want to plan ahead so I can make time. Is it time consuming? Also my biggest problem is snacking and binge eating at work..I work in a daycare where the foods aren't so healthy and there are constant snacks. So my goal is to bring my Nutrisystem with me daily. Is it possible to prepare the food the night before, and heat it up the next day? Also what else are you required to purchase in terms of adding to the meals? Sorry for all of the questions, I'm just so excited, yet overwhelmed to hopefully see if this program works for me!..

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Your question was: Is Nutrisystem time consuming or easy to prepare?.

I work in a preschool also during the school year. Don't worry, you get your snacks too. Along with vegies to munch. Most of the meals are simply heat up, a few are dehydrated which means you heat a little longer. But they all have a fill line then a time to cook. After that they need to sit on the counter a while. The thing I noticed coworkers saying around the microwave at work was, "Something smells good"...

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This is some general Newbie Advice:.

1. Clean out your cupboards because a month's worth of food takes up a lot of space. You might as well shove all that other stuff to the side..

2. Here is a basic list of grocery items that will help you out at first. Of course you'll have to tailor it to your likes, but if you are overwhelmed, get these and you'll be fine the first week. Nutrisystem requires you to supplement their food with fruits, veggies, proteins, fats, carbs, and dairy..


Fat Free (FF) yogurt (find some that is 120 calories or lower with at least 7 grams of protein more is better, but no more than 3 grams of fat).

FF milk.

Low fat string cheese.

Turkey deli meat.

Veggies other than potato or corn.


Whole wheat rolls (120 calories or lower).


Peanut butter.

FF salad dressing (probably 2 kinds).

Lots of salad makings (no croutons).

3. Drink ALL the water. Nutrisystem says at least 48 ounces a day but I'd shoot for 64. Other drinks with no calories, caffeine, or sodium also count as water. Caffeine is allowed, but doesn't count as water..

4. Eat ALL the food. Leaving out any of the add-in servings will slow down your weight loss and is not healthy. A big part of Nutrisystem is learning about proper nutrition and portion control..

5. Weigh only once a week. Weight (espeically in women) fluctuates a lot from day to day. Waiting for a week helps ensure you don't get discouraged. Nutrisystem is NOT a quick diet plan. It is a very healthy way to lose weight slowly while teaching you how to properly fuel your body.

But it DOES work as long as you stay on plan most of the time..

6. This biggest tip to succes on this plan is to hang out on a support board (my favorite is the 50+ Support Group but you can find many others that may be more appropriate for you). It is the perfect way to get support and information and to be a bit more accountable.

7. Exercise is an extremely valuable tool on this program. If you can get even 15 minutes a day in, you'll be on your way. If you can build up from that at least 5 days a week, you'll not only lose faster, but you'll be amazed at how much better it makes you feel physically and emotionally in a very short time. This program works without exercise just more slowly..

8. Have FUN because once the pounds and inches start disappearing, this program is very exciting and your motivation will feed on your success. Good luck and WAY TO GO making such a fantastic choice for better health and fitness. Good for YOU!..

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Michelle gave you some great pointers. I find the cutting up of all the veggies and to some extent the fruit a little time consuming if I wait until the last minute particularly since I take my lunch to work. Be sure to leave enough time for slicing & dicing!! I can also recommend poking around all of these discussion boards because you will find all kinds of great information and good ideas ... and everyone is terribly supportive and rarely negative. Good luck!!..

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You're going to have to cut the binges and you are going to have to learn to plan (throw a BUNCH of veggies) into a soft cooler (buyone) and bring them to work for noshing..

If you don't conquer these tendancies, you will fail. Simply eating Nutrisystem does not make you thinner. Cutting crap makes you thinner...

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Some people take an hour on sunday and cut up vegies for the week. I roast a whole bunch of vegies so I have lots of leftovers and can make a soup or just to heat up with dinner. I can eat the same thing night after night though and I'm happy. I can stirfry sliced cabbage with Pam Spray and garlic powder, onion powder and Mrs. Dash every night for a week and love it. I guess I'm not a picky eater huh? The meals themselves are really simple but if you get the pizzas they are much better made in the oven than a microwave.

I bought a smaller toaster oven and I use it alot and it doesn't heat up the kitchen either. It makes better toast than my toaster. Anyway, read the boards and ask lots of questions if you have them. Lots of really nice people on here. They will help you all they can, Nancy..

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Most of the meals are nuked up in 90 seconds or less. Some you need to add hot water to. If you have a stove and a kettle, not a problem. In a real pinch, you can just send pure water through a coffee maker to get water hot enough for those.

Snacking and binge eating at work... you have to get those under control. Poly is no diplomat, but he's right about those.

If there's lots of leftover goodies and you're the last one at work and the Bad Things are calling to you to come eat them, just dump them in the trash. Then, throw coffee grinds on them. Problem solved, you won't touch them then.

If it's goodies during the daytime when everyone else is around too, OK then you can't just destroy the goodies when no one's looking. Then you just need the mental discipline to stop. Only one person on this earth chooses what you eat or don't eat. That'd be you.

I find raw veggies to be a very helpful deflection at first. I mean, no, they're not M&M's or Doritoes, but baby carrots are still good to munch on. Sugar snap peas work great too, raw straight out of the bag. Have your own veggie platter, just with some fat free dressing instead of dip. And hey, you can be an example for the kids eating good healthy stuff. You'll have some fruit servings too, so bring some of them in with you.

Pineapple chunks are good too, just make sure to read your meal planner for serving sizes...

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There are some that will boil over in microwave with the hot water. If you have that issue, next time heat the water separate then add it to the meal...

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Thanks Michelle for the newbie pointers. I just began this week and all the support on the forums is awesome......

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As you may already be able to see, we have amazing members here, full of support and advice! In addition to the General forum, you may also find it beneficial to check out the Food Talk and Tips forum to gather ideas and suggestions for working the program. This is where the Search feature may come in handy. Click on Search and then Advanced Search, as many topics of interest have already been discussed and feedback shared. Also, keep in mind that we have an incredible Dietitians corner where our experts will always be more than happy to answer any NS-related questions or concerns you may have!.

Feel free to contact us via email at , or visit us in the Ask the Mod forum, if you need any assistance at all while exploring the site..

Best wishes for a happy and healthy summer!..

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