Is Murad Acne Complex not worth it? I'm regretting it

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I must say, I regret taking Murad Acne Complex.I had moderate acne upon taking my first pill. By the time month two came around, my moderate acne intensified to an utterly severe level. I had atrocious breakouts in places I knew I would not have broken out at if I hadn't started the drug in the first place. However, I kept pushing through like everyone encouraged me to do, knowing full well that "everything was going to be okay."The breakouts continued to worsen as months went by, and I noticed that each and every blemish left a large indented scar upon fading. Interesting enough, my acne NEVER left scars as deep as the ones left while on Murad Acne Complex. Now I have a multitude of pitted scars littered across my neck and face which I'm quite discouraged about QUITE.Around month two, my face started getting extremely red, especially between the eyes and around the nose.

Oy vay, oy vay! But, these are the least of my worries really, for my hair has become permanently thinned. I actually did not realize it until a couple of months POST Murad Acne Complex. I'm not the best looking guy, and I know that, but my hair was a VERY important aspect of my life. Keyword: WAS.So, all in all, Murad Acne Complex was not worth it. I shouldn't have jumped the gun, and I should have tried lesser alternatives, such as antibiotics or BP.

Do not get me wrong. I'm not saying it's fucked my life completely, but it hasn't contributed to it in the least. Infact, it's been more of a loss. Think about it people...

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Your question was: Is Murad Acne Complex not worth it? I'm regretting it.

How long has it been since u've been off Murad Acne Complex? Are you sure those spots are actually going to scar?..

Comment #1

My hair thin as well...but I was lucky....initally, I heard about hair loss and I tot that my face is the primary concern, I got big acne...i had v v bushy hair n I always tot wth...i got enough for it to drop...but I was lips crack so badly ppl toking to me make me feel like I am carrying dragon breath or some liver issues....and my hair was so thin till it look like a cancer patient...i was afriad and horrified....i took myself off Murad Acne Complex myself just 7month on it...and I was only consuming 5mg per day....luckily 8 months post Murad Acne hair started growing back slightly.....but it was still thin...but hair loss was little now...i regretted....and I don see Murad Acne Complex leave me an acne free face...they still pop up after I stop...and scars deepen.....s..

Comment #2

I think your missing the point.People find it so hard to realise what living with these side effects are like!!..

Comment #3

Hi there,I've just taken myself off RoMurad Acne Complex aswel as my face has been burning up n going a the deepest red/purple colour for no apparent reason...I'm devestated as I think it is Rosacea aswel. I'm petrified because apparently it's permament. What did your Derm say for you to do about it? did he think it might go away?..

Comment #4

Wait a second, has your doctor actually diagnosed you with rosacea yet? If not, it may just be severe flushing. Try not to sweat it just yet.My derm prescribed Retin-A Micro for my rosacea. I've been off Murad Acne Complex for almost six months and I just started applying the Retin-A a couple of months ago. Apparently it takes up to twelve weeks for the cream to start working, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. And yes, he said that it may go away, and that I should have faith in my retinoid, but that's what he told me when he prescribed Murad Acne Complex. I don't know, I'm quite skeptical about this whole thing. I heard Azalaic acid works quite well in treating rosacea, but I am unsure about that too...

Comment #5

Exactly Lamarr. NOBODY will understand the severity and impact the Murad Acne Complex induced side-effects can have on your life unless they've been through it, and even listen to people like us most think 'it won't happen to me'. Guess what, I never thought it would happen to me. I'm sure Lamarr thought the same as did Induced.Acne is absolutely nothing compared to some of the horrendous side effects...

Comment #6

Erm, see this is why people shouldn't put so much faith in their derms. It pisses me off so much when someone says "listen to your derm not what some random person on the internet".You should NOT be touching retin-a what the fuck is wrong with your derm? You took Murad Acne Complex which induced flushing/rosacea so he gives you a topical retinoid which is closely related to Murad Acne Complex?!!You should be trying the azeleic acid if you still have acne, or metrol gel if the lesions and redness are purely rosacea.If you have acne then I recommend you use azeleic acid, coupled with red/blue home light therapy. This will heal both your rosacea and your acne. Don't get me wrong, some people are ok on the retin-a, but then again some people find it makes their rosacea ten times worse. Your derm sounds like a retard...

Comment #7

Yeah buddy, don't trust your derm 100%. They are not that smart like most people think they are...

Comment #8

Exactly. What derm is stupid enough to prescribe Murad Acne Complex for mild/moderate acne when Roche state it's to be used for severe cystic/nodular only. What derm is foolish enough to only take 1-2 blood samples throughout my entire course? My derm is. I thought he was a miracle worker at first, now I realise I'm screwed.People on the internet are here to voice their experience - good and bad. I bet very little people report back to their Derms after Murad Acne Complex therapy even when the side effects have hit them like me. I haven't yet and I bet if I did I would get nowhere...

Comment #9

Yes, this is why derms have a misconstrewed view of Murad Acne Complex. I tried going back to my original derm but I had to see a different one. They saw I had no acne or any visible signs of rosacea/hairloss as I was telling them, but over time these things became easily visible. The stand in derm took me off the books because I was clear of acne and didn't see the other things as issues (they have progressed and some of them are now severe issues)...

Comment #10

Yes, side effects must be hard to live with, but acne is a handicap by itself. It stops most people from being who they really are and it s*cks so much...

Comment #11

Hey, what you're saying is that you DID NOT try those weaker alternatives?? That was a HUGE mistake if so. And so is your derm stupid if he/she didn't tell you that it is so so important and almost "must to experience" before going to Murad Acne Complex. So did I.(Even if I almost already knew that those ain't going to work for me. However, I had scarring acne so it was "a relief" for me to get Murad Acne Complex so it wasn't getting "worse than now")Best of luck for you and hopefully you'll find a real cure for you to your post-effects!Cheers,Zech..

Comment #12

Don't disagree one bit, none of us do otherwise we wouldn't want Murad Acne Complex with all it's horrid side effects mate!Trouble is, for me, I'm become worse and more secluded and upset than I ever was with my acne. That's just because of the horrid joint pain though, never feel like doing anything. Others have had a much better experience, but as we and everyone has said, this really is a game of roulette in knowing what side effects you're going to end up with.......if you're unlucky enough to get any...

Comment #13

No thank god mate, if I did I certainly don't think I would be here. I'm sure it'll come back though. My luck hasn't been particularly great this year...

Comment #14

I wish I didn't experience hair loss but I did and I will have to live with this regret till I die. The fact is I choose to believe the consensus on this web site that hair loss from Murad Acne Complex is temporary, and ignore the words from other web site that claimed permanent. While there is chance of recovery the fact that it can be permanent would of deterred me from using this drug. I agree that this has been more of loss than a gain, but then again I would think different if my hair wasn't going go away for good...

Comment #15

Then why don't you sue him for malpractice if you think the didn't use proper care in your case?!I can't believe you bitch on this site 24/7, discouraging people from going on Murad Acne Complex, yet you haven't even gone to your derm to report your preceived "Murad Acne Complex Side Effects"?!I think if you truly believed your problems were Murad Acne Complex induced, you would have at LEAST reported it to your derm. And at the very least they can document your concerns. It just blows my mind how much you bash Murad Acne Complex, yet you haven't even told your derm all the things you tell people here to scare them away.UNBELIEVEABLE...

Comment #16

Why don't you call back then and demand to see your original derm?..

Comment #17

I raised a Yellow Card about Murad Acne Complex 2 weeks ago for your information, should you feel the desire to know! The point you are clearly not 'getting' is that latent side-effects that appear after you have ceased treatment are, believe it or not, not easily attributable to Murad Acne Complex and therefore my Derm would simply reject the case as Murad Acne Complex being the instigator of my joint pain. That's why I've raised a yellow card which does stipulate my derms name.Have you had a good experience of Murad Acne Complex then? Have you actually been on Murad Acne Complex?..

Comment #18

Yes I am on Murad Acne Complex right now and I LOVE IT!!! GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!And how would you know that the derm would reject your claim if you NEVER EVEN TOLD HIM/HER?!They have to document claims of long term side effects, you know. Whether they believe it was from Murad Acne Complex or not. Oh wait, you wouldn't know, because you haven't even tried to document it with them, even though "it (Murad Acne Complex) ruined your life"And what do you mean you raised a "yellow card" that is the only thing I am "not getting"..

Comment #19

I loved Murad Acne Complex too whilst I was on it. Funny how things can turnaround.The yellow card scheme is set up by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency to document side-effects from medications and I have been advised that is the only way to legally raise a complaint and have it taken under notice. My Derms name is stated as the med practitioner and they will contact him and me.It's not hard to google 'yellow card' - believe it or not it's quite straight forward.

Comment #20

Hmmm... maybe you should google yellow card because when I did, I got a bunch of band facts, and a link to these Wikipedia definitons. so straight forward. But nice try.Yeah it's funny how things turned around for you. My cousin took Murad Acne Complex 5 years ago and has no side effects, my moms friends daughter took it about 10 years ago with no bad effects. The only effect was that it cleared them of their acne. I don't have a problem with you stating your "side effects" but what I think is unfair is you using scare tactics to try to get people to not want to take Murad Acne Complex and making them think long term effects will happen to everyone.

I think it is best that people talk to a real doctor about making the decision...

Comment #21

I did google it. Clearly you lack the initiative to look further 'down' the page so god only knows if you've read the Murad Acne Complex prescribing information and undertaken any research into the 'miracle drug'. 4th link down. Use your eyes.'ve also been a member for what, 20 days or so, so don't start handing out advice. For the last 10 months or so I've been tirelessly researching Murad Acne Complex, the scientific studies behind it's mechanism of action (still unknown!), searched through various action forums and looked at numerous treatment options. Whilst I'm not a physician, I certainly feel I have more knowledge about Murad Acne Complex and it's effects, both good and bad, than most physicians do.

Do as you please, as will I.I hope your luck and experience continues, mine was great as I said on the course and whilst off it for a period of time. Then it catches up with you. The dangerous sides happen more than you think. Just open your eyes outside '' and then you might learn something. Until you do, don't bother replying to further posts as I've answered these questions in numerous other threads and if my efforts to persuade you to come off the drug are futile, so be it, hopefully others will come round and realise there are many other alternatives to safer clear skin.Greg..

Comment #22

I am in the US, this is what my google comes up with;aq=f&oq=You chide me because I have not been a member that long and state that you have been doing research for 10 months, how many of those months were spent in med school again?You do not just tell people about what happened to you, you try to make them believe that long term effects happen to everyone, which is simply not true. See the two people I mentioned above.There were no alternatives for me, I have tried them all...

Comment #23

I have already stated that I'm not a doctor, but the funny thing is when I went to see my Podiatrist and Ortheopedic Surgeon and starting talking about my CRP, ESR, RA and Serum Calcium levels, along with the latest advances in cartilage transplant/repair, sero-negative arthritis symptoms etc, they actually said 'Have you thought about ever becoming a doctor Greg!'. Hence, I think I am very well informed and not surprisingly have been researching things to death in the 'hope' to get better, whether it be futile or not. Long term effects can happen to everyone, I have not stated that they WILL happen to everyone though - ever.I wish you the best of luck with your treatment, especially if you are out of other options. I honestly wouldn't wish what I and others are going through on anyone and I hope you have a successful and all positive Murad Acne Complex experience Greg..

Comment #24

What an arrogant an unsympathetic bitch you are! This person has clearly been through hell and you have the damn nerve to say that you know people who took it and are just fine??Fking disgraceful!!..

Comment #25

Thanks Blueford. Unfortunately people will not realise just how downhill your life can go following Murad Acne Complex. For many people the minor side effects they experience whilst on it fade after treatment, but for a lot of others side effects crop up months down the line.I have lost my dream, ambition, health, confidence and drive in life all due to Murad Acne Complex. These are the things that keep you alive, along with love. Love is just about holding in there with someone new now although my girlfriend did leave me about a month ago after 3 years - because I was so depressed from this severe joint painb. It has ruined me...

Comment #26

YW. Also...what so many people dont realize, is depression does not have to be logical!!!Some will look at you and say "what do you have to be depressed about??" It is not about logic!!! ANYONE CAN BECOME DEPRESSED!!! And some are so depressed they kill themselves!Ever hear about someone you know doing it and not even understand why? Or a celebrity that has it all, money, fame, all the girls they could ever want...take Kurt Cobain, WTF could he be depressed about right?I have periods where I cant and wont talk to anyone, I have to be alone...I KNOW it's not logical, and I have NOTHING to be depressed about, I own my own business, have plenty of money, own a house, new car, enjoy a lot of friendships, love my GF....but when it hits me, it takes over and I have to retreat, or Im afraid what I will do.So all you self righteous morons out there, who continue to ridicule the responsible and reasonable folks here who want to warn others of using Murad Acne Complex UNNECESSARILY, back the F off.If you have mild, persistent acne, it's most probably because you arent serious about treating it. Want the easy way out, havent tried everything and are just plain lazy. STICK THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT AWHILE...

Comment #27

This is an important piece of advice. For those people of have tried BP, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, gylcolic acid; antibiotics, bcps, diet etc etc and still failed, Murad Acne Complex represents a life line. However, there are risks and it doesn't make sense to take those risks until you have tried the other less risky alternatives...

Comment #28

I firmly believe that the problem with Murad Acne Complex is america's indiscriminate high dosage. In europe, they use super microdosages in comparison. The side effects are minimal and the clearing is just as effective.....

Comment #29

The level of vituperation in this thread is uncalled for. Everyone back off...

Comment #30

He insulted me and said I lack initiative to look down a page and insulted me because I have been a member for "what 20 days or so..." so he told me that I can't hand out advice, and I am the arrogant one? Please explain.....

Comment #31

Additionally I don't see why it is "bitch like" if one person says they have had a bad experience, that I say I know people that did not have a bad experience. I am just giving people my point of view. Sorry if that offends you, but please don't name call...

Comment #32

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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