Is Murad Acne Complex more or less risky than antibiotics?

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Have their been any scientific studies on the side effects of Murad Acne Complex?Any surveys or relevant data at all on side effects?Do you deem Murad Acne Complex more or less "risky" than antibiotics?..

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Your question was: Is Murad Acne Complex more or less risky than antibiotics?.

There's been plenty of scientific studies on the drug FFS. Just take a look in the Murad Acne Complex action studies forum, you're looking in the wrong places.In answer to your questions:1. Yes.2. No. The full impact of Murad Acne Complex on the body is not known or understood. There are literally hundreds of potential side effects many of which can be permanant.3. Ha, this is surely a joke? Comparing Murad Acne Complex to antibiotics is like comparing a nuclear weapon to a potato spud gun...

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Antibiotics were terrible for me. Plaque buildup, deteriorating vision, stomach viruses, etc. Murad Acne Complex does not kill your internal friendly bacteria so I wouldn't have the plaque or stomach viruses...

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Sheefa- You probably should have discontinued use the moment these side-effects escalated. I do not doubt at all that Murad Acne Complex is responsible for your problems but please look at some other statistics. There have been thousands of people who have taken Murad Acne Complex and only a very, very small percentage go on these forums. I would say that 75% of the people on here alone that have taken Murad Acne Complex, have no regrets and have very minimal life-altering side effects. I have been told that there are a lot more people on Murad Acne Complex than most think because more and more people are having success. This increases a derm's willingness to prescribe it. Not mention that if a drug was extremely harming to the masses, it would not be FDA approved.Also, antibiotics can be just as damaging as Murad Acne Complex if taken for long periods of time (2+years).I think it is very kind of you to issue a fair warning to others before they embark on their Murad Acne Complex journey but please understand that many will not have the same problems as you did...

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Basically Murad Acne Complex is like having your body OD on vitamin A which is why you should not take any vitamin A while on it. I can build up in your body but that's why they test every month. Once you get off it does not take long for your body to get rid of the excess vitamin K.I did Murad Acne Complex but I wont do Antibiotics overall Antibiotics are probably safer, but they leave your immune system vulnerable and I haven't seen any that work after you stop taking them. Also, for females they lower the effectiveness of Birth Control. Check medical sites for info on Murad Acne Complex. That's how I know about the vitamin A part!..

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Joinlafiesta- how did your Murad Acne Complex treatment go? I am probably going to start it since I am sick of being on antibiotics. For me, antibiotics have worked enough where I am content with the amt. of acne I have but when I get off them, the acne comes right back. So I figure to stay somewhat clear, I will have to stay on antibiotics which can't be good...

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