Is Medifast safe for the kidneys?

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Hi All,.

I've been reading your posts - you all are very helpful so am hoping you can give me some advice. I've had some trouble keeping my b/g in control - my last A1c was 7. I have about 40 pounds to lose and obviously have to bring down the A1c. I'm currently on 1000mg Metformin twice a day, 0.075 Sythroid..

I'm not afraid of starting Medifast and complying - I know I'll be good at that part but I'm deathly scared of what happens after - so after you go to transition and maintenance and then you start incorporating some grains/veggies/fruit - what happens to your B/G?.

I have a friend at work (non diabetic) that went on medifast for 3 months - then she had a bad weekend where she ate whateve she wanted and then started to feel dizzy for a few days - had to go to the hospital and they diagnosed her with very high b/g numbers! I'm scared that this will only fix the problem for a little while and then I will have to go right back on it..

Also, is this safe from a kidney perspective? How do you ensure that you are not losing your lean muscle mass?.

Thanks for all your input in advance..


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I don't have diabetes or any blood sugar issues, so I can't speak to those aspects, but I can tell you that your friend's weekend binge is most definitely NOT in any way similar to transition/maintenance. Of course her blood sugar was dangerously high she went from a very controlled calorie, carb and fat intake to binging on whatever she wanted!.

Transition is all about a controlled reintroduction of healthy fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy into your daily diet. You do it slowly, in gradual amounts, and you take notice of how your body reacts to specific items. Worlds apart from the free-for-all your friend did..

Also, you ensure that you are not losing lean mass by eating the recommended amounts of protein and vegetables in your lean and green. Follow the plan and you will be fine. That includes following the transition and maintenance plan..

No need to be afraid. As long as you learn the lessons you need to learn and use this program as intended (as one tool in your weight maintenance and healthy living toolbox), you will be fine...

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I could not have said it any better than sflraven!!..

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Thanks sflraven/jbonner!! All good advice. I am sure with calorie restriction such as this, sensible transtion and maintencance is really important - but even after that, we all will have those days where we eat a pancake or have a slice of pizza. I'm just wondering how that affects a diabetic after they are done on medifast. To be clearer, I'm wondering if medifast, with it's strict control, can cause a worse problem if you go back to adding some grains/dairy etc. maybe i'm worrying for nothing. sigh...

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I imagine it would affect you much as it does now, with or without the extra weight. If having a large dose of carbohydrates at one time pushes your levels up now, it will probably do it after you've lost the weight, too. The only difference I can think of would be that with the weight loss you will probably have much lower levels to begin with, so pushing the glucose levels up won't mean they go into the danger zone. Again, though, I am not diabetic, so I can't say from experience. There are many diabetics on the boards, though, so give them some time to see the thread and maybe they can offer better insight...

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Thanks sflraven. I started today and I feel positive about it. I talked to the endo last night and my personal trainer and they are both on board and we are going to take it one day at a time. like I said, it's not the diet compliance but what comes after that scares me but I'm not going to let fear stand in the way of optimal fitness!..

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I don't have diebetes Tina, but you are not alone in wondering or being scared, about what comes after it. I feel that way too..

I think it's good to take it one step at a time with your doctors involved..

Not only does your body change being on medifast but also your mind and how you make decisions about food. Welcome to Medifast and the boards. There is a great thread called "Things I wish I would have known before starting Medifast" with great advice from people who have done well on the program. You can always search to find topics but here is a link to that thread~Kim..

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Kim thanks - I will definitely check out that thread and thanks for the welcome..

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MediTina, I strongly urge you to call Medifast and ask to speak to a dietitian. They can help answer you questions very specifically and especially about how T&M can work for you. They are very good about teaching you how to adjust the standard T&M to work with your specific conditions and to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Just be prepared for the understanding that there may be some foods you'll never be able to eat again. It's a harsh part of staying healthy, but it's so worth it. Congratulations on your decision to start Medifast I wish you much success...

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ME ME!! Waving my hand!.

I have been in tranistion since March and officially maintaining. I still eat 3 Medifast meals a day and 3 non Medifast meals. I read tons on low carb cooking. I eat La Tortilla low carb wraps as my grain. I keep to a very low carb diet still..

If you need help, I would be happy to talk on the phone to you!.

PM me anytime...

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I am diabetic. I had an A1c of 14.5 when I started MF. My BG is pretty much under control now, I use Long acting insulin for background coverage and very small to no insulin during the days. I know this will change a bit when I go thru transition but that is why it is scheduled so slowly. You add things in slowly so you can observe your bodies responses to different types of food and can make adjustments. It may advise a week of one food but there is no reason that you cant take as many weeks as you want on any phase of transition and maintenance.

I look forward to T & M. I am 7 pounds from goal and hope to get there by the end of june. Dont be afraid of the changes, take this opportunity to learn about what works for you. This is the learning process and most likely Medifast will be part of your life forever.

I wish you much success on this journey..


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MF fits nicely with my diabetic eating plan. I eat two meals a day rather than just one and I also add in various other foods like cottage cheese, omelets, veggies and dip, and jello occasionally. My weight continues to drop slowly but steadily and my A1C is in the 5s.

I have always eaten very little at one time and usually about every 2-3 hours. But now I have the Medifast foods to use in between my main meals. That's made a huge difference in my weight loss, which hit a plateau about four months ago and I couldn't budge the scales no matter what I did.

I started off slow, adding in Medifast foods a bit at a time so my body could get used to the different foods and I could make sure nothing new aggravated my GERD or spiked my blood sugar or interfered with my meds.

Good luck hang in there. Going low carb isn't something that will change when you transition off MF. I plan to continue using Medifast products to supplement my very low-carb diabetic food plan for life :-)..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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